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  1. Next week: Our amazing new ride, WindSeeker is a one-of-a-kind experience only found at Michigan's Adventure! Typical Cedar Fair?
  2. Cedar Fair may be trying to save money; you don't know what they're thinking about opening so late. It could possibly be because of the weather; they might want to start out the season on a nice warm day.
  3. Sadly, I have not ridden a B&M invert, yet, I plan to next summer when I go to Cedar Point.
  4. Well, according to news sources, the Mayans were wrong about the world ending in 2012 (surprise surprise) so we will most likely get something new!
  5. One thing that might scare you is behind the Eiffel Tower. There is heavy fog, and people chase after you. Another kind of creepy thing is when you're near mazes all you are is screaming. But, it's not "scary". People just jump out at you, but for some reason it's hilarious and addicting!
  6. I know, I know, another gold pass question...but it's KI's fault for not saying this on their site. I was looking at the hours and KI opens at noon today, right? Now I look at Gold Pass VIP Benefits and it says "ERT except for Haunt Fridays". So....when's early ride time when it opens at noon? 11 o'clock?
  7. I am wondering what's triggering the attendance this year for all amusement parks. I heard Holiday World hit its highest attendance record for the whole year in their history. Cedar Point has 60,000 people in one night. Kings Island has been outrageously crowded the past several months. Wonder what's triggering it?
  8. See, here's the problem. I wish for a nice small ride or roller coaster too. Yet all amusement parks are fighting too hard for the "coaster crown". We all know we won't get our wishes unless this dumb coaster competition is done with.
  9. Holy...crud. That's about the most crowded I've seen an amusement park in awhile. Reminds me of Disney!
  10. I don't like the idea of opening two hours early...mainly because some indoor mazes aren't really indoor. When I went, for some reason Slaughterhouse opened at 6. There was a ton of light coming through, because there was a space between the walls and the roof. Anybody know what I'm talking about?
  11. Hold on a second; it's not "kid" appropriate just because of a word that really isn't a swear word...a minor version of the other one. When people say it isn't kid appropriate, what do you guys mean by that? I consider myself a kid, yet I don't see how it's inappropriate at all.
  12. I was just thinking that. Just because Cedar Point doesn't have as much coasters as another amusement park doesn't mean it's going to get less visitors. I visited Holiday World over Cedar Point (in all honesty, I did). More coasters isn't always the best!
  13. What just happened? All of a sudden, three new roller coasters, changing records, and adding amazing new things. I didn't see this coming. But, honestly, wouldn't you rather have Cedar Point build one really good roller coaster instead of three kiddie ones? Which is what some people are suggesting.
  14. I chose Other. Why? I LOVE the season of fall, and my perfect day is to spend it at Kings Island. Riding The Beast in the red and yellow leaves, going to Howl-o-Fest with my little sister, and enjoying the perfect weather. Although, I also go because of Haunt.
  15. ^Exactly. Disney has crazy crowds, and it's shoulder to shoulder in lines. The longest a line would be on a normal day at KI is an hour and a half. Disney can get up to three hours.
  16. I am glad someone finally agrees with me that Massacre Manor is awesome. Did somebody try and stop you from leaving at the end? That's what happened to me. I freaked out!
  17. I change my vote. Panda Express. I just ate it and it is AWESOME. I've always loved Chinese food, but especially Panda Express! Mm...orange chicken....now I'm hungry!
  18. Maybe not a giant Ferris wheel, but one like at Coney Island. A nice, maybe 70 foot one?
  19. Best Amusement Park - Holiday World (only been to Kings Island and Holiday World) Best Theme Park - Disney World, of course Best Wood Coaster - Voyage Best Steel Coaster - Diamondback Best Flatride - Delirium Best "New" Ride - Diamondback Best Park Food - Holiday World Most Beautiful Park - Holiday World Best Water Ride - Pilgrim's Plunge Best Waterpark - Big Surf (Missouri) Best Park Staff - Holiday World Best Kids Area - Planet Snoopy, Kings Island Best Park Show - Snoopy Rocks! On Ice, Kings Island Cleanest Park - Holiday World Best Halloween Event - Can't answer, only been to
  20. It was just this year (at twelve years old) that I started riding roller coasters. Don't put pressure on yourself to ride them, but you seriously do need to ride something a little higher in thrill, such as Flight Deck or Backlot Stunt Coaster.
  21. Ahh. Now I can say what everybody else is saying. Legend has awesome laterals! But, at the same time, I don't like the roughness of Legend, which is why it's last of the three coasters.
  22. It's like a German restaurant in Tennessee with a Chinese culture.
  23. Off topic, but can someone explain to me exactly what a lateral is? Obviously I've probably experienced it before but never known what it is!
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