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  1. Steve is the top left. He's awesome! Nice review of the haunts. I agree with everything you said about Massacre Manor and Slaugherhouse, both which I did last night. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Besides no German food, they don't have German atmosphere. During the summer they play country music on the TVs. Does that make any sense? Either change the theme completley or make it German like it ought to be.
  3. I had to make a trip report for this because it was my first time at Halloween Haunt and my first time at a haunted maze thing. We got there at 5 (with my friend) and our plan was to ride rides. Hour and a half wait for Diamondback...and pretty much every ride in the park. So we went to Slaughterhouse which was a 20 minute wait. This was my first haunted maze ever. As I walked in I freaked out. The lady had blood all over her saying "Do not touch anybody in the maze or you might end up in my fridge as some nice meat". Whoa I was basically fast walking the whole time, checking every corner b
  4. I just watched the show. It was one of the dumbest/funniest/pointless things I have ever seen. It was very humorous. The midget (Puppet) kept whacking his opponent with a garbage can lid. They also stapled papers to the midgets tongue. No blood, but it was still pointless...
  5. This comment made me laugh so hard I started crying: Obviously just a troll. I can see how people are afraid of roller coasters, but to consider them death traps, and "yeah I fear death"...well that's just too far. About the article now. I find it weird that people have to have physical therapy to ride a roller coaster. Eventually in your life you're going to ride one. My mom's first roller coaster was when she was 16. That's no crime. I partly agree with the comment above (besides the death trap part....), because it is definitley not a phobia you need to conquer. Make your own decisio
  6. The thing I'm not liking about midget wrestling is it's in the Festhaus. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, if I go to Halloween Haunt, I guess I'm not going to eat at my favorite restaurant (Panda Express) .
  7. Voyage all the way. Breathtaking, airtime, speed, and sharp turns...all in one. It was amazing! But Raven is a close second because of its amazing terrain and consistency in its speed.
  8. I don't even like the idea of werewolves scaring you. It's different when there's a guy with a cut up face chasing after you with a chainsaw.....then, a werewolf, just going "rawr" seems a little stupid. Even before you guys rated it, I still didn't like the idea. Who knows though, maybe Wolf Pack will be better as the season goes on? It was only the first night, maybe they just weren't ready to scare people.
  9. That video really made me laugh! I love how he wants to tell us to stop complaining (which we are) and come see the show! Good job, haha....
  10. This post isn't really about the fire, but, I would like to say something - it's a shame Mean Streak (in my opinion) has such a good layout! I don't know about you, but it looks so cool and fun. Alas, (yeah, I used that word ) it is very rough and uncomfortable to most people.
  11. ...but do Kings Island listen to park guests when we say that midgets bleeding isn't a good idea? No..... While I'm disappointed it's not a new ride for this year (I mean thrill ride) I'm at the same time really excited to go next year! My sister will have so much fun in the new waterpark area and in the Santa's sleigh ride!
  12. Here's the thing - my vote will probably change after Halloween. Howl-O-Fest and Halloween Haunt always bring me into a great mood, and I love the fall season. That may change my vote for "How good was the year". I enjoy Howl-O-Fest more than my little sister!
  13. Kroger. Or online might have better prices, I don't know. Usually during the summer prices are $5.00 cheaper at Krogers near Cincinnati!
  14. Who says there's no inversions? They showed about 12 seconds of the coaster. That could be the ending/beginning. The middle might have several inversions. For all we know, it could possibly be 200 feet tall. You can't judge the coaster when you've seen a brief amount of it.
  15. I wouldn't really consider Skyline as a restaurant at KI because it's a chain, so.....I pick Jukebox Diner. Their bacon cheeseburger was awesome! And so was their chocolate milkshake. Mmm.
  16. It's not the wrestling part that's bad it's the blood and gore part. Especially paper being stapled to someones head....is that really needed? Wrestling on it's own is ok with me! PS this is my first post on my iPod. Haha.
  17. I'm excited now. Awesome new forums! Only problem is, I hate getting used to things. This will take me awhile to get used to!
  18. Even if there weren't midgets, this would still be a terrible idea. I just had a thought. Since when does blood and gore have to do with Halloween? I thought Halloween was a holiday where kids go Trick or Treating and have fun. Instead, everything now is this bloody massacre, terrible Halloween movies (except for the classics), and especially this stupid "show". I wish Halloween was only Trick or Treating. It would be so much better.
  19. jdawg1998

    The Beast

    Sorry for everybody who loves The Beast...but, I think it's pretty much lame. Haha. I don't know, it's just boring for me. Just a bunch of slow turns and only two airtime hills. I rode it at night and really didn't see a difference.
  20. I don't like the valentine's idea very much because of the lack of ride names. Except for the "Heart Attack Coaster". Which isn't very family friendly.
  21. What's on my mind? Writing this status, that's on my mind.

    1. CoasterGeek101


      Well, makes sense!

  22. Every time I go to an arcade, the first thing I play is skee ball. It's such a unique game. Although I'm not very good at it.
  23. So. No coaster. So many other possibilities. Somebody suggested something really cool on Facebook. How about a swinging ship ride in the Thanksgiving section called "The Mayflower". It makes perfect sense!
  24. Edit: Just now realized I double posted. Whoops!
  25. The train looks weird. It reminds me of a motorcycle coaster. Hmmm.
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