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  1. I say replacing The Howler to make a kids coaster that doesn't make your head fly off on the first turn.
  2. Any type of wild mouse (spinning even) would be a nice addition to Kings Island. I've never tried one of those rides out before, and I'd like to. I'm not too sure about the ride in the video posted...it seems like that cost a lot of money, due to its length and theme.
  3. Cedar Point does have tons of rides. Before anybody disagrees with me, I'm pointing this towards major amusement parks (not Coney Island or places like that). While Cedar Point may be getting the most "attention" as a lot of people here have said, they have to. For an amusement park to keep getting visitors and to keep them coming back, AND to keep the general public excited, they must come out with things at least every two-three years. If they don't make a ride within ten years...well, the park is going to get less attention and less visitors. Which is why I like how Kings Island has been a
  4. Do you think a show without music would be good? I personally think it would be great, maybe something with some action in it. Of course, I don't know how they'd do it, they don't have the money like Disney World to add a car stunt show.
  5. ^That gives me a question. Why did everybody call it Paramount's Kings Island? Why didn't everybody just call it Kings Island? Why don't we call Kings Island now Cedar Fair's Kings Island?
  6. How did Paramount do anything bad to Kings Island? They brought a lot to us, if it wasn't for them, we probably wouldn't have the best kids area in the world!
  7. ^I meant a waste of money for Kings Island....or was that sarcasm?
  8. I don't understand what's so offensive. What I find offensive is that people are going to watch people getting *fake* beat up, blood all over the place, and extreme gore. I don't get it. No offense to anybody on here who does want to see it, but it just seems useless and a waste of money.
  9. I hate how the lift takes three minutes! The ride looks very fun though. Not sure how they could retheme it. I think space would be fine.
  10. Planet Snoopy got ticketed? Was Flying Ace Aerial Chase going too fast?? Anyways...congrats to KI! Ten years...wow, that's a real accomplishment. Next goal: 15!
  11. Can't wait to show my family this. My sister will be so excited! I love fall.
  12. Even though the WindSeeker isn't a ride I've wanted, I consider it the biggest and most important event of the year. Any new attraction is important! I voted: Average: Same old same old, nothing's really changed with Kings Island for me. Hope for an awesome year next year. Announcement of WindSeeker: Like I said before..... Good, But There Are Some Irks: I don't think anything can be perfect. If it was, we'd have 18 roller coasters, ten major flat rides, and better food prices.
  13. If there was a dollhouse factory, I would have to bring an extra pair of pants with me to Halloween Haunt. ....because, you know, I don't want fake blood to get on my pants!
  14. I hear Taylor Lautner is supposed to make a special appearance as one of the scare actors.
  15. No. It still hasn't be announced. Has it?
  16. Come on Holiday World! They have PLENTY of kids stuff. A huge fort, a kid's roller coaster, two water forts in the waterpark, numerous other waterslides, plenty of family rides, and the train. How about one more thrill?
  17. I guess I'm kind of misunderstanding the guy. Honestly, I don't know how he is explaining how loud it is....so sorry if I got carried away with my post.
  18. Whoever wrote that is an idiot...sorry. He just is. You shouldn't not like an amusement park because of how loud it is. That's dumb. He better stop complaining, and don't even bother with amusement parks if he thinks they're too loud. I don't care about anybody who disagrees with me, but I'll say it again: That's a stupid article with a stupid complaint.
  19. What if its blue? Then I'll be happy!
  20. I agree when you say Kings Island is the most crowded park. I have a feeling it is this summer. Last year, I could come on Saturdays and be able to get 5 rides in in 3 hours. Now, it's almost impossible to do that. I've had one day that I've gotten to ride a lot of rides. That's it.
  21. I'm really hoping they will have a huge shiny logo in front of the ride. Really long too. I just love logos!
  22. It is a very cold day (compared to the rest of the summer). I'm surprised they won't close it now. Of course there's probably nobody at the waterpark right now anyways.
  23. I've never actually thought about something going in the place of Thunder Alley. In my opinion, they're the worst go carts I've ever been on. I think a spinning wild mouse would fit there, then Action Zone would have a little more love.
  24. I doubt they'll make it any taller than 301 feet. When they come out with the press release, and even have a conference/speech about it, I doubt they'll change it all. New for 2012: New kid's coaster in Planet Snoopy! April 17, 2012: "Whoa Dad! Look at that huge 300 foot Intamin!"
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