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  1. Not online. You can get discount tickets at Kroger (at least in my Kroger). It's $5.00 off. ($29.99)
  2. Is that a joke? If it isn't, where did you get that picture from?
  3. Whatever it is, I hope it will bring me back to Holiday World next year instead of Cedar Point. If it's a roller coaster, I will automatically with no hesitation drop my plans of Cedar Point and go back to Holiday World. That's how great the place is.
  4. Holiday World posted on their Facebook this video announcing their new contest where you can win 4 season passes to Holiday World! Check it out! I am participating in this by making a music video of a parody of Holiday Road, changing the lyrics to Holiday World. Anybody else interested?
  5. Anybody else agree with me when I say: I hate the name. Also, the press release is hilarious stating that it's such a dare devil ride when it goes the very fast, *blistering* 52mph. Wow, I bet you a lot of people will be too afraid of the near 100 foot height. It sounds like a fun coaster though. Just a funny press release.
  6. Do they play Rob Zombie?
  7. I have a question. How did we get this topic from an annoying complaint about safety concerns, to how The Crypt sucks and how it should change? I am officially stumped.
  8. I found the video for the song from Independence Day. But, I do not think it is the same. Sounds a lot like it though. Do you think Kings Island composed their own music for it?
  9. ^They wouldn't dare. If they did, I would forever shun Kings Island and I would just...just be horrified. Who did they put out last year? Michael Jackson?
  10. Me and my mom were riding White Water Canyon on Thursday, and one of the watch tower guys squirted us with a fountain, and says "Ha Ha Ha". My mom said "Thanks" and he replies, "Your welcome". And starts laughing again.
  11. I'm turning 13 in January, and I guess I would consider myself mature and all, but do you think it would be OK for me to go? I really badly want to, but at the same time...I don't want to.
  12. What are the height restrictions for stand ups like Mantis and Chang?
  13. I was just thinking, if Son of Beast were to be replaced with steel, would it be any fun? It doesn't do too much for a steel coaster. Although, I guess Phantom's Revenge is really fun after it got rid of all its inversions. But really, do you think it would look fun?
  14. Must-rides for the day (no matter the line!) Voyage Raven Pilgrim's Plunge Liberty Launch Legend
  15. There was one crazy guy on Diamondback yesterday. Once we got on the brake run, he's screaming and laughing. When we got off, he's still screaming and laughing. He was laughing nonstop for literally five minutes.
  16. Worst park I have been to is Kings Island. Compared to going to Holiday World and Kings Island at least. Holiday World is just so friendly. ahank, I'm sorry you had a bad experience.
  17. I am honestly afraid to ride this. Drop Tower scares the crap out of me already. Now, this, staying up 300 feet in the air for almost a minute. Eek!
  18. Don't stop Don't Stop The Music! Stopping Don't Stop The Music will stop me liking Don't Stop The Music!
  19. I forgot to say we went on Eiffel Tower. The girl next to the elevator was explaining to us that tomorrow is supposedly supposed to be empty.
  20. When I went last Saturday it was crowded in the waterpark, but I waited five minutes for The Voyage in the morning. Then at about four The Legend was a fourty five minute wait. So, mornings at Holiday World are empty, and the afternoons are packed.
  21. What's the advantage of me starting school so late? Being able to go to Kings Island with no crowds. Me, my mom, my sister, and my grandparents all went to Kings Island at 9:30 and got there at 10. My grandparents took my sister to ride Planet Snoopy rides, while my ride warrior mom rode everything else with me. It was scary looking there. It was like a ghost town! We first walked to Diamondback and walked right to the gates. There was an empty seat so we just walked right onto it. This was my first time putting my hands up on the whole ride. I've always had trouble doing it on the drop. My
  22. Hmm...and better film. The animation looks terrible. It looks like it's homemade. Why can't they just make it like the regular cartoons?
  23. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience at Epcot. Not anymore. Captain EO is there now: http://disneyparks.d...y-world-resort/ Wait...that's one of my favorite rides! I remember crying when I went on it (Honey, I Shrunk The Audience) because of the spiders. Ahah!
  24. I think it is 301 feet tall for the riders. Or else it wouldn't say "Riders fly up to 301 feet" or whatever. If it isn't 301 feet for the riders, then I would say the rider level height might be at 280 feet. Although, I'm not very good at looking at things and automatically knowing how tall they are.
  25. Only been to two parks. But here's my list. #1. The Voyage #2. Diamondback #3. Raven #4. Flight of Fear #5. The Beast
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