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  1. I think it is 301 feet tall for the riders. Or else it wouldn't say "Riders fly up to 301 feet" or whatever. If it isn't 301 feet for the riders, then I would say the rider level height might be at 280 feet. Although, I'm not very good at looking at things and automatically knowing how tall they are.
  2. Only been to two parks. But here's my list. #1. The Voyage #2. Diamondback #3. Raven #4. Flight of Fear #5. The Beast
  3. Jackson was interviewed on WLWT about the new ride! Haha!
  4. Yeah. I'm weird. I just wanted to start over with my posts. ;)

  5. I know this is the official announcement, but we need to keep this discussion to one topic...it's all over the place now! (four topics and counting.....)
  6. I just thought of something I like about the ride. Over the shoulder lap bars. I rode Pilgrim's Plunge this weekend, and I LOVE those lap bars. I don't know why. It just makes me feel safe.
  7. I will ride it. But I'll probably be taking the *thrilling flight* on my own, due to me dad being afraid of heights. On opening day, of course, I will go to Diamondback first; next on the list? WindSeeker.
  8. About four hours ago I saw that the time had changed on the website. Every post says it was posted an hour earlier. If I'm not mistaken, it's not time to change our clocks yet. My setting has it on Eastern Time. Just wondering what happened.
  9. That's $30.00 off! Which for some reason, I'm thinking Don was talking about the regular season passes. I mean, $30? After they're building a $5 million ride? Lower the prices by that much? Seems pretty crazy to me.
  10. It doesn't go in and out though. All WindSeeker does is go up and spin. Which is why to me, it doesn't seem to thrilling. Sure, it may be 301 feet tall, but are there any Gs, any airtime, or any feeling of weightlessness? No. Doesn't seem to amazing.
  11. Did you hear the music stop then everybody got quiet, then it started again and everybody says "Awww"
  12. I got the video. They're playing some good music.
  13. I find it funny that WLWT is getting all of this news from US. We're the only reasons for all this hub bub about a Wind Seeker. I know, I'm bragging about how awesome Kings Island Central is.
  14. Now since we're getting a new ride next year I doubt we'll get one in 2012. That's how Kings Island rolls. We never get rides two years in a row. Or do we?
  15. I'm going to be very disappointed when it's a Wind Seeker. I just know it is. Even in the interview by WLWT, when the interviewer said "Is it a Star Flyer?" Don smirked, and said "I cannot say". That smirk was just so suspicious...to me, it gave it away.
  16. The press conference should be on NBC during prime time. It will be called "The New Ride". It's an hour long special, where we interview Don Helbig. Ring a bell?
  17. If the ride is in fact 400 feet tall, I think that's tall enough to change the skyline. I'm not too good with perspective, nor do I know how to perceive it, but in my mind a 400 foot tall ride will look taller than everything on the skyline, including the Eiffel Tower.
  18. This reminds me of a Parachute Drop. Has anyone been on one of those?
  19. As long as you don't look down, I wouldn't consider this a thrill. It would be better if it went in and out, while spinning, going up and down, very fast. It seems more of a gentle, relaxing ride to get good views of the park. Like a highly upgraded sky ride.
  20. All I know is there's going to be a lot for the janitors to pick up if this ride is happening.
  21. Hey. Since I'm weird, I made a new account. I'm CincyMan98. I think I may have OCD, because I didn't like that I had 2,000 posts. So, I want to refresh. Just letting you know.
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