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  1. Good answers, thank you. But it brings up more questions! 1) if closing the park early saves money, why open it at all? 2) if closing early saves money, why is this the first year for it? I'd think there are fixed costs daily and you'd want to extend the day as far as possible for food and drinks, etc.
  2. Too bad the pass preview day was cut short I like going to KI on Tuesdays, and I also enjoy Beast night rides. Get in line by 9:15 to beat the fireworks. But there are only six Tuesdays with a 10PM close. It used to be more like 10 per year, starting Memorial Day when school is out. 1) I know the season ends earlier each and every year 2) what's the deal? Why in the world would weekday closes at 10PM only last six weeks. Six weeks of summer?
  3. If shorter hours are to cut down on labor costs (vs. sales) then how does the place operate at all? I may be missing something. A few more 10PM closes would be nice but this is the new normal.
  4. Actually the opposite. I've had the misfortune of standing in line through three breakdowns in the last two visits. I wouldn't ride in a car that reliable, but also my mechanic would diagnose and share the issue. Thanks! I'll keep listening...
  5. I took advantage of the late close on Sat, but to my disappointment, the line for Beast was exceptionally slow. Then I noticed that the first one or two cars of *every* train were empty. Of course nobody knows, it's a mystery but maybe someone here has some information. I can't imagine why the first few cars of every train would left empty. I ended up leaving... didn't want to spend the last 70 minutes waiting for a line that should have been 30. Any info on the closure? Are they still loading the trains like this? Why can't Beast stay operational past 10PM? It broke twice on
  6. Me: energetic Kings Island patron. I'm nearly a fanboi (bless your hearts, fanbois) but that's a fine line. Problem: Beast shuts down. 7:20PM on the last weekday of the season. Thursday. Amazing day otherwise. I'm gonna sound like a broken record here, but I hate those blank stares from the Ride Ops. "Yeah, this ride is a complicated thing, and it's gonna be shut down the rest of the night until some maintenance dude gets here and blesses it." No. This is not right. It's a sensor. It's a seat belt. 7:30PM, 7:20PM, I don't know. Beast is done for the season. This is the premiere
  7. >blushing< I know a Vortex/WindSeeker ride op but he doesn't talk shop much, I'd love to hear it. I also know a cop who works 3rd shift Winton Terrace (the hood) and he doesn't talk shop much. Coincidence?
  8. Rumor had it that my friend "JD" did the voice of the organist. I find this hard to believe as he's not a voice actor but keep hearing this over and over. Oh hell, it's John Dillon, there's no need to keep some sort of anonymity is there? Can anyone vouch for this rumor?
  9. There's a worse problem: the sign numbering. Say you enter from the south adn are driving in the center driveway towards the middle and you take a left turn (toward the marquee) before the 51 WindSeeker sign. You find a spot on the right and you're parked on the south side of aisle 51. Then you go to the park and forget which side you parked on. When you go back to find your car, do you walk down the aisle between 50/51 or between 51/52? Well, the latter of course, because this is just an example. But in real life it's easy to forget. Each of the numbered signs should be split in half,
  10. Breaking in late, I agree too and doubt many folks check the website. Or maybe they have few choices... "hmmm, Diamondback down, we'd better have the relatives drive back home." Would be touchy for me buying $200 of admission tickets. Even as a passholder I was a little ticked that I couldn't get from The Beast entrance plaque to *any* seat before the 9:45 shutdown last night and this should be easy. Officially my fault for cutting it close, arriving at 9:15 although just one queues was open! But the ops seemed a bit slow, and irritatingly chatty, with LOTS of fast pass folks jacking up t
  11. Speaking of brakes and trims and stuff, how about Flight of Fear? The full stop in the middle of the ride is old news, but riding 5/22 I got the feeling it never quite reached full speed. It could be my imagination, but I swear they hit the brakes even before the first loop, just after launch. Anyone who's ridden, tell me if it seemed a bit slow to you. Reprogramming the thing for slower speeds would be a big deal. But... I'm usually in pain from being tossed around on FOF and no such thing happened. Definitely slower.
  12. Yipes, I got to see the WindSeeker modifications firsthand and I was surprised. Shocked, even. Looking at glass half full, 98% of the ride works great (the lights, the music, restraints, it lifts, it doesn't fall over, etc) but that last 2% must be all the seats crashing. CF should have some heads on a platter for this thing.
  13. I looked at the pic and I don't get what's going on there. Certainly there's a big piece of metal, but it's attached to a moving part. The blueish colored thing at the top is pushed against a moving surface (like a brake) and this couldn't be correct. Maybe this is some sort of storage fixture for winter? It would be interesting to see the same picture zoomed out a bit.
  14. Link please, all I get is nothing on the regular webcam page. Figured I had Javascript turned of or something, but no. THANKS!
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