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  1. Aha, thank you. I went to https://www.visitkingsisland.com/frequently-asked-questions and opened the + for Security Procedures and saw nothing.
  2. They sure do sell bags bigger than this! I did go to Guest Services and ask to get a complaint form. She said "you can just talk to security." No, I'm not talking to a 21-year old you just hired. I said I wanted to write it down and she grabbed a random scrap of paper and a pen. I was angry at the time but that's pretty funny now.
  3. The bag thing was a surprise. I keep up with KI and even their website doesn't have this Many walking back to their cars, probably some leaving.
  4. I wish it was working too. It seems like a bit too much breaking. If my stuff broke 30 times I'd be removed from the project.
  5. This thing has been down 8x while I'm visiting and 30x is a reasonable extrapolation. Someone dropped the ball on this. Sensors and PLC's are a pretty mature technology, in any weather and any situation. When the ride opened 40+ years ago, was it down 20% of the time? If I'm driving a car and it's broken 20% of the time, all the parts of it should be mature tech. And those which are new should "break" 1-3x during the testing phase.
  6. Lots of fans here and I hope you can put up with me being a critic. It's for the good of all I'm at KI 2x a week since days started. I'd say 50% of the time Beast is down. We'd like to be safe... yes of course. From my limited attendance, I'd say Beast was down 30+ times since starting the daytime season. Here's some options to consider - the same thing broke 30x... sensors, wires, brakes, whatever. But same thing 30x - 30 different things have broken From an controls engineering standpoint, this is nuts. If it's the same thing over and over then it's a no-brainer to fix it. If it's different things breaking each time then why the heck didn't we figure this out two months ago. Would like to hear someone "make lemonade" out of these lemons. But IMO it's a bit unacceptable for a [former] main attraction to be this unreliable. Even if it's redundant systems disagreeing. Plz forgive my criticism but this isn't ho-hum oops stuff breaks it's all new
  7. AHA! My pass is gold. I didn't realize there was another level below. That clears things up.
  8. Did you get the email about new terms for the passholders? It's pseudo-legal stuff. But it appears that a pass won't be good for Haunt or Winterfest in the future?
  9. I rode Beast a few times after 7PM on Tuesday 8/10/21. For a while, there's a maintenance dude at the valley after the first left turn. The place with the new lumber. He's looking at the trains go by at a place 20 feet further down from the repair. Hmmm. HMMMMMMM. Off topic, but if you want to see a track bend, watch it when a train descends the first hill on Diamondback. Quite a surprising flex. Yes yes yes metal bends and flexes. But still...
  10. (went to Reddit thread) Is that even new? Is it valley after the very first left turn? I could swear that was already done. It doesn't look like more than 15'. Looks like supports sinking or shifting is pretty common.
  11. Unfortunately KI keeps a lid on everything, a very tight lid! If you worked there, I'm sure there's threats against you commenting on downtime, etc. So we have more speculation. Let's look at the individual parts and more can be added 1) the track 1a) foundation or support structures 2) the shell of the cars and wheels 3) the brake fin of the cars (whatever it's called) 4) the latching system for the bars 5) the chain on either lift hill 6) the motor for either lift hill 6a) gearboxes for either lift hill 6b) compressed air systems 7) the humongous bearing/cog at the top of the lift hills (which has sensors to indicate off-center) 8) the brakes anywhere, midway or at the end or in the station 9) sensors or switches to indicate the location of trains 10) wiring for the controls or remote PLCs (putting several sensors into a single remote and connecting to the front) 11) whatever big PLC/computer operates the entire thing 11a) the buttons on the control panel, or the screens 12) hackers! 1, 1a can be fixed in days 2, 3, 4 just don't run all the trains, it doesn't affect them all at once 5 probably some spare chain links sitting around but not an entire chain 6) POSSIBLE... guessing the motor is 50-100hp and it could be a obsolete frame/mount 6a) POSSIBLE any gearbox may be obsolete and it failing could damage other things 6b) should be an easy fix 7) POSSIBLE would probably be custom made in a machine shop 8) spares for brakes, no 9) sensors are probably off-the shelf and easy to replace, if there's not already spares 10) can fix the wiring quickly, maybe if an animal ate them or whatever 11) POSSIBLE even if upgraded since 40 years ago, it's still going to be old and maybe tough to program 11a) just replace the buttons those are standard 12) no hackers on such an oldass system I am leaning towards 11, that the entire control system took a dump. If you guys know controls, A/B SLC 500 series is very very common and probably hasn't changed in 20 years. Same with programming the thing. Guys at my workplace can do this... it's very maintenance friendly. The program can't be that difficult but would be horrid to start from scratch.... really not any timing involved because everything happens in sequence including how much to trim the brakes or release cars into the next zone. WHEW wordwall. Comments?
  12. Row 16 for me... interesting so many of us have a fave row. Pic: XVI If that first valley after the first left-turn is damaged, you'd throw a bit of lumber on it and be ready sooner? Still seems odd. Was gonna slip in a couple weeknights this week, but really it's for Beast at 9:05pm.
  13. "It must be a demon inside the mechanical room. We've had stories about it rattling around at night." That's the kind of answer I usually get. Saw on queue-times that Beast was down but thought I was just lucky on timing. It's been down for days? There's a few obvious answers. The track itself is ok, so we have the mechanical things (chain, brakes, bearings) and the electrical things (motors, control systems, sensors). The mechanical stuff they probably have spares. That leaves us with wiring issues, probably sensors. Sensor store isn't open on weekends? I only go on weekdays because I can, and because less crowd. There are only a handful of weekday 10PM closes remaining. Beast night rides are done.
  14. Seems like a LONG LONG time ago there was no Beast close before fireworks. And for the last 5-10 years it's been 9:45pm. For our safety, I assume. In 2021 we're pushed back to 9:30pm or so. Even more safe? I'm curious if anyone can confirm these times. And if 9:30pm is safe... what is even more safe? If you're only available weekdays, like I am, we have 6-7 weeks of 10pm closes.
  15. Good answers, thank you. But it brings up more questions! 1) if closing the park early saves money, why open it at all? 2) if closing early saves money, why is this the first year for it? I'd think there are fixed costs daily and you'd want to extend the day as far as possible for food and drinks, etc.
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