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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. The North cementery isn't the only one on K.I property. There's the Indian Burial ground behind Boomerang Bay.
  2. So much for Global warming, where 10 inches above normal on rain fall. Me and 15 friends are still going to BB tomorrow. The Flowriders open, The weather doesn't matter
  3. I've killed a black snake in line at Pipeline Paradise with a Bodyboard. there's one warning to knowing you have a Copperhead around your presence is a smell of cucumbers. for some reason Copperheads smell like Cucumbers. And don't go out smell for Cucumbers, I just know someone on here will try next time there at K.I
  4. I don't think their going to take out BB, I heard just the opposite from manament. Pipeline Paradise is getting new pumps and rewiring and resurface this spring, The Aussie twisting slide is being redone the plastic is cracking and ripping bathing suits, there was talk of having a resturant chain come in and take the food and that would be great if the prices aren't to bad. BB is here to stay this is the 4 year since they done any changes on BB and since the park is on a 4 year cycle it's BB turn for changes .
  5. No need for a rumor, Because if there's gonna be anything new it will be the Waterpark. it's been 4 years since any upgrades, and the parks on a 4 year cycle. The new waterslide could be taking the place of the Awsome Aussie Twister or the Bondi pipeline I heard one of the two was in need of bad repair . And the Flow riders at Pipeline Pradise are to be totally redone next spring , Pumps ,Surface , and landscape.
  6. Sorry didn't see them, I knew you guys would know something thanks.
  7. I heard a rumor yesterday that Kings Island is back Up for sale . Along with the other Cedar Fair parks , Because their going Bankrupt. Has anybody heard this rumor , I hope it's not true.
  8. Congadulations Don, The guys at Hecklers Grove may want to see hockey on the International pond come October. Eh!
  9. That's the ride, I guess everbody has there favorite ride in the park including the the cheesy people . next time your in the park come on over and meet the cheesy people .
  10. In BB the big Flowrider has been down since last Thursday anybody have a clue whats wrong with it? and how long it's going to be down. Thanks
  11. Long live the Flow Rider, Nothing like the first day, Winds howling 30 mph waters -10, skins purple. Tourist are looking at their parents saying where the penguins mommy. Yea I'm looking foward to it.
  12. Pipeline Paradise and the 857 friends I've made in line. Labor day is the last day I step foot in the park until the end of May. this year is different I'll have to go back to get my 2007 pass hopefully,if they sell them.
  13. My wife went to the park yesterday and she was told they didn't know the price's of the passe's so they couldn't sell her one, She told the girl there on the web page and the manager said they couldn't sell any passes. she told the manager there advertising them on tv for sale, the web site, and Radio. and thanked them for wasteing a tank of gas. Not good start for a new companies take over.
  14. I heard that one of the turns was only suppose to only sway 7 degrees and it was swaying 14 degrees and thats why it was close it's first month, I never would ride it it after I heard that, Even after it was corrected.
  15. I figure I go about 99 days a year and my pass cost $69.00 and $49.00 for parking pass. break it down to 99 cents day .
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