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Last Operating Day for 2020 is Nov 1st!

Kings Island is now closed for 2020.

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  1. I swear my stuff is not all SOB stuff i do help the public on their to and do poke some fun and SOME SOB.
  2. do you think thry will unblock me?
  3. i know they could delete post but i didnt know they could block you from their wall. need i say more...
  4. didnt what to make a new thread but can KI block people from posting on their FB page?
  5. nothing has been officially said it would be closed or open this year.
  6. i get ya but it is very confusing.
  7. got a email from KI and the first paragraph said: Kings Island’s 40th season will open Saturday, April 30 and offers new world-class thrills, fun and family entertainment. isn't 40th season next year? 1972-2012
  8. SOB will only need about 10-15 employes for each day
  9. not for me but the ride. okay its more like hibernation
  10. it is life or death for a ride or even a new pair of pants.
  11. have to eat for a reasonable price to! KI food is not averaged priced. (it is for a theme park though) Not really. Quite frequently Disney, Universal, Busch and even Six Flags have more reasonably priced, higher quality food than does any Cedar Fair park. For instance, last weekend, BGW was offering an all you can eat pizza buffet with Caesar Salad, pudding and pasta, all you can drink included. Price? $9.99. $8.99 for passholders! Very true, also Universal has Meal Deal for $22 all you can eat food yum! going their in 6 days!!! (not the first time)
  12. Cedar Fair Would that be the same company deciding the fate of Son of Beast? Terp, who likes to ask questions aleast now your saying DECIDING instead of CLOSED.
  13. have to eat for a reasonable price to! KI food is not averaged priced. (it is for a theme park though)
  14. Hey TH13TEEN, Where do you work? WELCOME! the forums are very fun, but some of them can lead to "LONG discussions."=
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