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  1. Instead of having to navigate away from this wonderful website, how much are the season passes for HW? PKIboy, I actually saw you up there this summer. I was holding our place in line for Voyage when you ran into Jasper. This was before I had became a member of this site, however.
  2. I like Google Earth. It's the only map where you can find SOB. *fighting31irish sobs*
  3. Closing day was full of some notable KIC'ers that were pointed out to me. I hope to meet a lot of members next season.
  4. Wow. That's all I can say. I plan on making a few trips up this coming season. I will have to find her and express my respect for her!
  5. I hope much of the same. I was actually just having a conversation with one of my buddies about how the Walton sons took Wal-Mart in the exact opposite direction that Sam Walton would have wanted them to go, what with importing more than they bought at home just to save/make more money. I pray we do not see this with the Koch kids (not the exct same but just doing it for money). From what I've heard about that family I doubt they will let that happen. Is it true that Dan and Will's mother is a greeter at the park as well?
  6. Glad to see it's staying relative. I was very impressed by the friendly atmosphere the park supplied in my one and only visit. It is EXTREMELY difficult to NOT have fun at Holiday World. They have something for everyone. Hopefully Dan will continue with much of the same in years to come. How do you think Dan not living locally will affect anything...if at all?
  7. Thank you Terpy. It's good to know that someone else passionate about coasters doesn't want to jump the gun just for another park, not taking in to consideration the repercussions. I'm not even sure why Kentucky Kingdom is an issue at this point. Shouldn't we worry about the states 10% unemployment rate, or the fact that Kentucky is the 4th poorest state in America before an amusement park's opening on the taxpayers dime? It honestly sickens me, despite the fact I would love more variety...it's just not worth the cost.
  8. Righteous...still gonna have to go with Skyline. If need be, I'll pay the price. Gotta have my three coney's, no onions, order of fries, and of course a Mountain Dew to warsh it down.
  9. Oh, no doubt. If it worked I'd go...but I really don't think Kentuckians should have their money spent on Kentucky Kingdom. Our state is too poor for that...
  10. I watched it and I don't really care what he has to say...MY money is not going to Kentucky Kingdom....MY money would rather be spent on gas going to Cedar Point and Kings Island. A sure thing...for now.
  11. I'm an operations guy...not a finance guy (tehe), but let me get this straight: If this passes, myself, as a taxpaying citizen of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, am going to be putting MY hard earned money into a park that has failed twice already??? That's it, I'm moving to Ohio... Feel free to correct me if I'm misunderstanding.
  12. ^^I was thinking about that earlier. Plus you have to constantly walk on that rotating platform.
  13. Don't worry everyone, only (approx.) 15,354,600 sec until ERT starts on April 30th. or .4866 years or 25.39 weeks or 177.72 days or 4265.16 hours or 255909 minutes
  14. I bet FOF is an employee favorite in the middle of the summer when it's 90+ outside.
  15. Not to take away from the original question, but I would also like to know what ride is the most FUN to operate? Maybe it's just an outsider looking in but I imagine The Beast would be fun just being in the atmosphere of one of the most prestigious coasters in the world, as well as seeing the "cult following" as Wikipedia describes it's riders. Also Diamondback seems amusing purely because it's one of the features of the park, and with the new technology I imagine it's not one of the most difficult (not to mention getting to see one of my hero's an average of 2,000+ times a season). Again, just an envious outsider looking in.
  16. Let's not bash WIki too much. It's a great way to find reliable sources, you know, if the idiots that post on their know how to cite. Anyway, If I could just get one more ride on SOB, just one more, as it is right now (excepte the trees that have overgrown on to the track and all other minor repairs) I'd be happy. If it never re-opens, it will burn me forever that I didn't cherish my last ride and took it for granted. I now ride every ride as if it were the last.
  17. I'm pretty interested to watch the progress of this construction.
  18. I haven't been to very many parks, but the ones I have been to were extremely fun. A day at all of them beats the heck outta sittin' at home. I really can't say which one is the "worst." The ones that I look back on that may not have been the greatest were staples in my young childhood and it would kill me inside to "diss" them. So I'm gonna say no answer.
  19. Agreed. Beast was, well, a BEAST during the Haunt!!! A few of us were lucky enough to get to ride The Beast after the park closed on the 31st, as a "thank you" of sorts, I guess. They took us by surprise and had the fog turned on back in the woods. I will never forget getting that smell in my nose and just as I realize where it seemed familiar, we were consumed in a cloud of white. Man, what a ride...
  20. Terp-daddy is all-knowing...I had to Google who the heck that was.
  21. Nevermore, nevermore. Fellow Poe fan. However, I must say I'm more partial to "The Cask of Amontillado." Interesting dude Edgar was...very mysterious, like some one else I know of. *Clears throat*
  22. I know it is a chain, but Skyline is one of my favorite restraunts period...let alone in the park. The prices inside the park are quite...errmmm....high. That's all I'll say about that in the "negativity free zone."
  23. I chose other. I LOVE the Haunt. KI is open so, duh, I'm gonna be there. But most of all, it's PERFECT weather.
  24. I went up this summer and I have to say Voyage is my favorite. Raven however, took me by complete surprise. When I first looked at it it didn't impress me much. However, I will never look at it that way again...
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