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  1. I just wrote my first trip report sir. :)

  2. Being new to this site this is my first trip report. My buddy (better known on here as Jasper...I believe) and I took a trip to Holiday World last Saturday. Their three coasters, all of wood, were exceptional. The Legend, the middle of the three in size and length, was a disappointment but fun none the less. The world famous Raven was AMAZING. Looking at it I didn't expect much and wondered how it had held it's title from 2000-2003. Once I rode it...I knew why. I am a HUGE Beast fan and this is in the same class. Helluva ride. The ride of the day, no doubt, was The Voyage. It undoubtedly lives up to the title of Best Wooden Coaster on the Planet. As I mentioned earlier...HUGE Beast fan, it's my roots, what I was raised on. This ride gave me a new perspective on Wooden coasters. As much as it pains me to say it...It blew The Beast away (during daylight at least). It's 90 degree banked turns were, in lack of better words, a mind-f***. I'd have to say my favorite part of the ride was the underground, tunneled triple down. If you are a coaster enthusiast, which I assume everyone on this site is, and haven't ridden this amazing, wooden God, I recommend fueling up your respective automobile and heading in the direction of Santa Claus, Indiana. In other news, the park as a whole is mainly based around the waterpark and it was evident. The only water ride we rode was the monstrous construction of steel they call Pilgrims Plunge. I had never felt so intimidated by a ride in my life! It's 165 foot drop, however, was far from the climax of the ride. The most thrilling part is the elevator ride to the top, tilting when the track expands. After the plunge, you skid on top of the water a good 60 ft til you hit a WALL of water that absolutely drenched me. I was wet for the rest of the day and well after we left the park. The only other notable ride is Liberty Launch. Another underestimated experience. Though small in stature, the overpowered hydraulics more than make up for it's height. at the top I was flung in the air so hard I darn near hurt my shoulder hitting the restraint a good 4 inches. At the begining of the day the lines were slightly overwhelming but the masses seem to funnel towards Splashin' Safari just after noon. I am still more than partial to Kings Island over this park but there is something to be said for free drinks. (incase the right person is reading) Like all other experiences, it can be made better by the people you go with. I would like to thank Jasper and his family for inviting me to share in the fun.
  3. Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Aside from chopping legs off, they've produced lame rides and not many thrills. It used to fun as a kid but I went up there shortly before the "incident" and wondered why I ever enjoyed it...musta just been a kid thing.
  4. ALL KI _____ #1 The Beast after dark #2 Diamondback #3 Flight of Fear #4 The Beast #5 SOB
  5. EVERY...SINGLE...RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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