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  1. Much of the old guard has moved on to other hobbies and other forums. Folks like you and I have to pop in every now and then, just to keep these youngins on their toes!
  2. Six Flags Great America is an hour's drive away from both downtown Chicago and downtown Milwaukee and doesn't really connect to either of their transit systems (Chicago maybe has a bus that runs to Gurnee, but it's about as useful and frequent as the one running from Cinci to Kings Island). Gurnee is pretty close to Kenosha, which has been the site of some recent political unrest. But that was an extenuating circumstance and I don't even think the park was open when that was going on. The problem isn't so much a class thing as some have suggested in comments on articles like this as it is an uninvolved parents thing. Kids from wealthy families and kids from poorer families are both going to turn into little jerks if they have the kinds of parents who will just drop them off at the theme park frequently to be rid of them for a day. Now, there is some correlation to involvedness of parents and class just because obviously married single-income families are better equipped to spend time raising their kids, but the married single-income family is an incredibly rare thing even in the upper levels of middle class. Additionally, the chaperone policy equally prices people out. You either pay more for your kids' passes which costs more money, or you have to buy passes for mom and/or dad, which costs more money AND requires them to spend their time accompanying their kids to the park. So you either increase the cost or you increase both cost AND hassle. Raising prices is the better solution for everyone. Especially that sweet, sweet "one visit a year but we bring two kids and buy one of everything" demographic that theme parks LOVE.
  3. American Eagle at SFGAm to literally anything aside from "peeling chips of decades-old paint" color.
  4. I think we need a poster of the one, the only #Jonathan. You young whippersnappers won't know what I'm talking about, but if you're reading this thread, you've seen it even if you don't know that you have.
  5. The problem with this is that training will not stick if it relates to a program that will be used so rarely. When I was at Valleyfair, the employee at one of the stores commented "ooh, a Platinum Pass" when I scanned my pass for the discount and said that mine was only like the third she'd seen all year (probably because there are no Cedar Fair parks particularly close to that one so locals certainly won't buy Platinum very often). If employees at the smaller more distant parks rarely see platinums, Prestige+ will be even more rare and you can expect a hard time getting them to give you a promo that was probably mentioned one time in their first week of employment, if at all. Heck, my first visit to Valleyfair I bought Fast Lane and I asked which rides required Fast Lane Plus (not realizing that all FUN parks didn't have FLP) and she literally said "what's Fast Lane Plus?" If the Valleyfair people don't know what Fast Lane Plus is and rarely see platinum passes, you can't expect them to know about the front-of-the-line pass when the extremely rare Prestige+ passholder shows up.
  6. As a big, big Whizzer fan, this looks like it perfectly captures the essence of the old Schwarzkopf model on which it's based. Very cool addition. If not for the fact that the park's closure is already planned, I would say that this would be an awesome addition to California's Great America too, especially since there's not anything of note in the spot that once housed their Whizzer.
  7. You get one per visit. I really don't think it will affect the length of Fast Lane lines much at all. First off, only Prestige Pass holders get the perk. Second they get to use it on only one ride per visit. Once they've chosen their one, it's gone until tomorrow. So you're only adding the Prestige Pass people to the Fast Lane queue, you're spreading them out amongst all of the Fast Lane rides, and once they've used their one and only skip, they're out of the pool. The effect on the length of Fast Lane lines will be negligible at best. MAYBE one additional cycle if you are very, VERY unlucky.
  8. So at first I was like "who's this for"? But then I realized, most of my visits are just a quick little one-hour or less visit after work, where I grab a meal and maybe catch a ride. But that means I ride almost exclusively rides like Racer, Adventure Express, The Bat. Things that rarely have any line at all on weekdays. But the single skip-the-line pass per visit means that my quick little half hour visits will allow a ride on literally anything I want. So I can maybe ride Backlot or Invertigo more than once a year. Or Flight of Fear. Plus, if the perks are good at every park, I can use my skip-the-line pass during my annual CP visit on Steel Vengeance and buy just a regular Fast Lane because I don't find the other Fast Lane Plus rides all that appealing (especially since most are part of ERT already). In the past I just suck it up and stand in line because I don't want to pay for Fast Lane Plue, but regular Fast Lane doesn't feel worthwhile. This changes the equation entirely. VIP area is meh, unless they are significantly better than what's offered this year.
  9. I've seen many, many Skillet shows and I'm pretty comfortable saying that the oldest songs you'll hear will be from the Comatose album. The last time I heard anything older was at a show in 2015 in which they played a single song from Collide (Forsaken specifically)
  10. A big part of their marketing though is that your Great America pass gets you in the gate, which is something many people in the area will already have. With that benefit being gone, Gilroy has more incentive to entertain offers from other park operators. Regardless, there's no reason to believe the park will cease to exist - new management is certainly possible. To be honest, I'm not even sure how much money operating that park brings Cedar Fair. They certainly don't talk much about it.
  11. Personally, I hope Six Flags reaches out to them. We all laugh at Six Flags a lot, but Six Flags Great America in particular has made great efforts to preserve the history of their park and other regional parks. I would really love to see the Skyride return to Six Flags Great America and the carousel become a parts donor for theirs to make sure that at least one of them exists as long as possible. If, somehow, they still own any spare parts at all for Whizzer, I desperately hope those wind up with the other Great America.
  12. Canada's Wonderland is landlocked but at its current size, is still roughly the same size as Kings Island or Cedar Point. They can't expand, true, but the land they already have is more than most parks could ever DREAM of filling. Wonderland is at no risk.
  13. The Adventure Express final tunnel audio was my ringtone for a while thanks to the audio gallery on KIExtreme. I'm so, so happy that they're being preserved.
  14. Kentucky Kingdom has a newly-redesigned logo. Big improvement over the rather childish-looking old one
  15. That is what I was getting at. Cedar Fair has never, to my recollection, ever referred to a ride by an outdated name on any official channels. The only context I've ever seen them use an old name is in a little historical blurb to the effect of "Invertigo opened in 1998 under the name Face/Off". To see an outdated name on official merchandise is basically unheard of. Either they are breaking from their usual norms and using the name Beastie since so many people still call it that anyway, or the name "Beastie" will no longer be outdated in a few months.
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