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  1. homestar92

    Kings Island Steakhouse

    Part of me loves that idea. But part of me is also so loyal to the Kenwood Texas Roadhouse location that it would feel like cheating on a significant other to ever eat at a different location.
  2. homestar92

    Kentucky Kingdom

    ^It wouldn't surprise me if that were true. Most people aren't like us. Most people go only to the park that is closest to them with maybe the occasional trip to a destination-type park. Kings Island and Kentucky Kingdom really don't compete with each other, so an agreement like this costs both parks nothing and gives them a nice perk that can help with recruitment. Kings Island dollars are much more threatened by movie theaters, the Cincinnati Reds, and other entertainment options in Cincinnati than they are by Kentucky Kingdom. When I was at Silver Dollar City an employee there told me that they have an agreement so that they can get into SFStL with their employee badge, so I know that agreements like these do exist.
  3. homestar92

    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I think Cedar Fair just hates racing coasters that share names with great classic rock anthems.
  4. homestar92

    Bengals Game PBS

    Paul Brown Stadium is the most unappealing stadium/ballpark/arena that I've ever been to, including D1 college venues. Great American Ballpark has beautiful concourses and is always lively and exciting even when the Reds are a dumpster fire. Paul Brown Stadium feels like a parking garage on the inside. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  5. homestar92

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I'd rather have Batman, personally. Banshee is fun and all, but honestly, I think it's one of the weaker Inverts I've ridden. The only one that comes to mind that I'd put below it is Patriot. FWIW, though, both Banshee and Patriot kill it aesthetically. Both are extremely beautiful coasters.
  6. homestar92

    Cedar Fair additions 2018

    Looks like Timbers is the new Hawk...
  7. homestar92

    Kentucky Kingdom

    If it helps make your decision, every trip to KK that I have ever made has been on a Saturday and I've never felt like I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do. Do in a Sunday, you should be fine. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  8. homestar92

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Sundays are weekends, so it's one of their busier days, but the fortunate thing is that they only have a handful of really popular rides, so you should still have lots of time to ride everything you want regardless of how crowded it is. I've seen rides have full queues and then not even two hours later be station waits, so it can also change pretty dramatically as the day progresses.
  9. homestar92

    Adventure Express Trains

    You could make it last forever, in theory. Every piece on a roller coaster is repairable or replaceable for the right price. One could argue that once every single piece has been replaced, it is no longer the same ride, but honestly the layperson won't know or care either way. The ride seems to still be pretty popular. It regularly has a line on busy days, even if it's a short one (a short line, all day long and a long line, all day long, equate to the same number of riders, as any line at all means that more people want to ride the coaster than its hourly capacity allows). Given that it still draws a sufficient crowd and there is plenty of land available for park expansion, I'd guess that as long as popularity stays where it is and they don't find themselves in need of any repairs too crazy or too expensive, it will be around for many years to come.
  10. homestar92

    The Vortex Poll

    So then what of Firehawk and Flight of Fear?
  11. homestar92

    Current wait times

    ^That pretty much hit it on the head. I won't stand in line more than 20 minutes or so for anything at KI, but that definitely does not apply at any other park.. It's just that at KI, I've ridden everything dozens of times and they just aren't worth it to me because, as Goble said, I can always just come back some other time (it's an 8 minute drive from work, so that's even more true for me than it is for him). Not to mention, many of my favorite rides often have very short waits, while rides I don't like as much are often longer. I won't stand around 45 minutes to ride Diamondback when I can go to Banshee or Vortex or Racer (all of which I find much more thrilling) and wait 10 minutes maximum on most days. I see this trend develop in lots of parks that I frequent. SFGAm is practically my second home park at this point, as I go about twice a year typically and I'm seeing this happen there now. Sure, I'll wait 30 to 45 minutes because I can't just come back any time, but put a 3 hour wait for Goliath in front of me and I'll skip it. The ride will likely be there next year, I can try again then. I've also noticed that as rides become stale, the other parts of the park start to shine for me. I used to go full ride warrior on every visit to KI. Now, I'd almost rather just take a nice walk, blue ice cream in hand, and people watch. Maybe catch a ride on the carousel or read a book by the I-Street fountains. Kings Island is my happy place and I love being there. Not wanting to stand in line isn't a matter of being a whiny millennial, it's just that, there are other theme park experiences that I value more. I could live without roller coasters (if I had to... I guess...) but I'd be very very sad if I suddenly lost my ability to go to the park and just enjoy being there.
  12. homestar92

    Origins: a Cirque Experience 2017

    Didn't care much at all for the 2016 version of Origins. I went twice compared to probably two dozen times seeing Cirque Imagine in 2015. I was expecting disappointment when I went to see Origins again. I have never been happier to be wrong. I think the show is very much improved and is finally the Cirque successor that I wanted all along. The parts I actually liked were kept and even improved upon while the stuff that I didn't much care for got replaced with acts that were much, much better. All in all, this is a show that I will definitely watch again and again.
  13. homestar92

    need opinion: meal plan

    I saw that happen in the early days of the dining plans, but I think it's died down as the plan matured and the kinks got worked out. I even remember one park in the chain putting on their social media that there are X number of operating days and therefore you could potentially get 2X meals from the dining plans. So the parks are almost encouraging such "abuse". I think now that the dining plans have had the kinks worked out and seem to not be changing much year after year, people seem to have gotten less persnickety about them.
  14. homestar92

    need opinion: meal plan

    I think this thread is worth revisiting with the opening of the new Smokehouse. That is seriously the one factor that made me glad I decided to opt for the meal plan (I wasn't going to this year due to poor quality and service last year). The smokehouse is very easy to get to and the food is good and the service is fast, plus it's usually easier to get a good parking spot in the Soak City lot than the dry park lot. I literally went to the park after work today just to eat dinner because I want to try all of the Smokehouse options while they are still honoring dining plans for the entire menu.
  15. I also think I read on a CPFoodBlog article that parts of the menu will be changing. Perhaps they only permanent offerings are the chicken tenders and shrimp and therefore those are the ones that get put on the sign on the door, while it's easier to just make a cheap posterboard sign to indicate that you can get the other items when the menu changes.