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  1. Some of us absolutely pinned down Banshee. I pretty much assumed that was the name as soon as I saw the sign referencing "Bone-chilling screams"
  2. The Goody Shop in Colerain Township on the corner of Hamilton Ave and Springdale Rd has blueberry soft serve that's dead on. The Dip in Fairfield has blueberry as their flavor of the month for June (so hurry, there's only a couple days left) and the flavor is dead on but the color is completely wrong as it's the actual purpleish color of blueberry juice. You won't easily find something similar in a store because it's soft serve and not ice cream, so you can't exactly go buy a pint of it.
  3. The vast majority of people who visit Kings Island have never been to (or likely even heard of) Holiday World so that's not even going to be a factor in deciding what to build. Only enthusiasts care about whether a particular ride model exists at a nearby park, and enthusiasts are such a tiny minority of Kings Island visitors that we don't even register as a blip on the radar. The general public only cares if it's good. That's why the 285-296 foot height of Project 2020 won't matter. They will market the ride with its 301 foot drop and as long as the ride is fun, the general public will love it. There are a great many rides at Kings Island that wouldn't have been built if nearby parks' ride lineups were a deciding factor in what to install at the park.
  4. Yeah, from what the ride ops told us when they climbed the lift to check on everyone, the ride e-stopped. So either some sensor malfunctioned and didn't think the next block was clear or else someone shook the gates and e-stopped the ride. That definitely can happen and that's why the ride ops are so persnickety about not shaking the gates. If they get jostled enough that the sensor detects them as open, it will e-stop the ride.
  5. I realize this is very pedantic, but it's Congo Falls, not the flume. Those signs can only be seen from inside of Timberwolf.
  6. Weird issues last night. Obviously, Diamondback being down sucked. Especially since SpiritSong Saturday is probably the single day with the highest number of non-passholders who don't get to come more than once a year. Worst possible day to have a flagship ride down the entire day. Aside from that, I was on The Vortex train that got e-Stopped at the top of the lift for about 10 minutes. Didn't get an evac, so that was a bummer. After that, I rode Woodstock Express and halfway up the lift, the lift hill light went out. When we got back to the station, all the lights were out and the crew was loading the next train by flashlights. Oddly, the ride controls, lift, and on-ride photo camera all worked fine. The only thing that quit working was the lights. Weird.
  7. The Bat is sitting on a really undesirable plot of land. It's not remotely flat, and its location way off the beaten path is no doubt a huge contributing factor to Bat's apparent lack of popularity. See Vortex at Canada's Wonderland, which is an essentially identical ride but is located right off a main midway and is still very popular. If The Bat goes, it will probably be due to the ride becoming difficult or expensive to maintain rather than because that land is needed for something else. Granted, Vortex at Canada's Wonderland may also be more popular than Bat because the other coasters at CW that hang below the track are hot garbage. That's not true at KI. Even Invertigo is better than those two hunks of junk, and I hate Invertigo.
  8. Don't you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby. Now as for the premise about there not being much left in B&M's catalog we could get, I think two things need to be said: 1) Just because Cedar Point has a certain type of ride doesn't mean we aren't ever getting one. GateKeeper is absolutely not preventing us from getting a Wing coaster. It's a great ride and has quickly become a Cedar Point staple, but I seriously doubt that anyone considers it a flagship ride at that park. I'm not even sure it was in 2013. 2) B&M's existing catalog is almost certainly going to be expanded to new models at some point in the future. It's silly to think that B&M will never design a new type of ride ever again. IIRC, they recently trademarked a name that very well could be a new coaster model they have in the works.
  9. Well neat. Now the only thing to sort out is connecting my watch to the park Wi-Fi so I can leave my phone in the car and still have limited messaging capability. I don't really want to pay for a data plan for a watch when the only place I'd need it is KI (I'm less likely to visit other parks on a whim after work and therefore not have zipper shorts, so at other parks, I can bring in my phone). Since the park's Wi-Fi has that captive portal login page, connecting a smartwatch to it is an issue. It really shouldn't be, since WearOS and Samsung Gear both have web browsers available that could get past that, but stupidly, all of the major smartwatch OSes will disconnect from Wi-Fi immediately if there is a captive portal. So I'm not sure how to best go about getting it connected. Am I correct in my recollection that you only see the login screen once per season? If so, I think there are probably ways to get that done. I'm assuming that if I brought a laptop and spoofed my MAC address to match my watch for long enough to get connected that I could then use my watch all year. (Paging @malem. Maybe there's a better way that I'm not thinking of. This seems like the sort of thing in your wheelhouse.)
  10. I've never tried this, but I'm curious. Will KI allow you to scan a QR code from something that isn't the official Kings Island app? I had an idea for my days at the park and I was curious, if I saved an image of my QR code from the app and stored it on a smartwatch, would they scan that and let me in? I see no reason why not since my picture will appear on their terminal and there's no way I can cheat the system or anything, I just have never tried it and am curious if anyone else has. My idea is to get a smartwatch that supports Google Pay and then I could basically leave my phone and wallet in the car and still do anything and everything I could ever need to do inside the park! I don't know that I'd want to be without my phone on an all-day trip, but for those spur-of-the-moment after work trips when I don't have my zipper shorts, it could be a great idea for a quick little two hour trip without fear of losing my phone due to lack of zipper pockets.
  11. The thing is though, "height" is very subjective. What are we measuring "height" by? Is it the joint that connects the support to the track? Top of the rail? Floor of the train? Height of the seat? Eye level for an average rider There's lots of ways they can fudge the numbers to pick up that extra five feet without really lying. If KI decided to measure height based on eye level of the typical rider, the height will likely come out to 301 or 302 feet easily. The drop of 301 though, is definite because no matter what the point of reference being used to determine height is, as long as it's applied consistently, it will always be 301. If the heights on the blueprints are the bottom of the track,
  12. For Cedar Fair parks, they usually go vertical in late July or early August (their recent B&Ms have gone vertical shortly after the official announcement) and are finished with the track several months before the season starts - Banshee's track was completed in mid-January. Now, if you're Six Flags or Kennywood, you start in October and finish track construction halfway through the following season, it seems.
  13. You're right about the differences in design, but the argument the guy was making is that it can't possibly be 296 feet because B&M wouldn't call it a Giga then - but they don't call it a giga anyway so his claim is moot. Yes, the design ideology will be vastly different from a ~200 foot hypercoaster, but whether it's 296 or 301 won't affect B&M's branding when Apollo's Chariot and Fury 325 are both considered to be the same model in B&M's catalog.
  14. Lol B&M doesn't even consider it a Giga anyway. Their product catalog on the website mentions hyper coasters, but not giga coasters, and if you look at the photo gallery on their product page for Hyper Coasters, there are pictures of Leviathan in there...
  15. I tried the Impossible Burger yesterday at Brewhouse. I will concede that it does not taste like fake meat, but it's definitely not anything close to what I would describe as GOOD meat. I was pretty jealous of the real burger that they guys at the table next to me got.
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