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  1. I'm really surprised they didn't lay out the queues in such a way that the Firehawk queue could serve as overflow for Flight of Fear OR for the Giga based on which of the two needs overflow. On opening day, you can rest assured it will be the Giga, however, the rest of the time, it would more likely be Flight of Fear. The Giga will be a people-eater and if it's anything like Banshee, may move people so quickly that it almost never has a line at all. The best thing about our Giga is that if Banshee is anything to go by, we can expect relatively short waits most of the time. That thing is extremely popular but has very short lines on even the busiest of days due to its capacity.
  2. In all likelihood, the ride design was being worked on before the marketing and PR teams had all of their plans finalized, so it was designed (and had zoning and permits filed) using a temporary and generic name. All of those details are probably known to the park now, but may not have been when those permits were filed. And even if they were known, there's no good reason to put them on the permits. The city doesn't need to know that information and putting it on there just means it will be known as soon as the permits become available as public record.
  3. I consider it a Giga automatically if it has a 300 foot drop, regardless of height since it is the drop and not the height that determines all of the characteristics of the ride. Same with a hyper but with a 200 foot drop. So Phantom's Revenge is a hyper despite the tallest point being 30% smaller than the biggest drop. If drop is less than 200 or 300, then I consider it a hyper or giga based on whether it is "within reason". I think 10% is a good benchmark. This way, things like Magnum are still a hypercoaster, but we don't have to count things like High Roller on the Stratosphere Tower, which obviously shouldn't count. as a 909 foot coaster.
  4. Lol, where did he get the 305 foot drop from? I saw one post here that initially speculated 330 and was corrected and then since then the consensus has been 301. I don't think I've seen anyone on this forum give 305 as their estimate.
  5. Leviathan didn't have a tunnel when it opened.
  6. I have no doubts that our Giga will be better than the one at Cedar Point. That said, it is my opinion that "better than Millennium Force" isn't a very high bar. I've always felt it's the weakest North American Giga by a mile (yes, I've ridden all of them) and I absolutely do not think that is changing in 2020.
  7. The blueprints aren't fake. Filing fake blueprints with the city would, at best, be extremely uncouth for a large international corporation, and at worst result in possible legal issues. If the "leaked" (I hate using that word for things that are public record) blueprints are fake, I'll eat my left shoe.
  8. I realize this is a several weeks old post, but the name was not a coincidence, but that's not where it came from. After Cedar Fair bought the Paramount parks, it remained a seafood restaurant for several years and was called Outer Hanks. The pun is not Tom Hanks's name, but rather the Outer Banks. After changing it to Mexican food, they kept the Hank's name, likely due to people already referring to that building by that name. I initially thought the same thing, that it was a pun on Tom Hanks, but I put two and two together when I noticed Outer Hanks at Carowinds. I'm sure the pun is a lot more immediately recognizable to people in that region.
  9. ^Anyone have pictures from similar angles from the KIC event back in 2012 or 2013 when we got a behind the scenes Firehawk tour? I'd like to see what 5 or 6 years of wear and tear to the paint looks like.
  10. I am glad Vortex is your #1 favorite steel coaster it is mine too! I actually see Vortex getting vekoma  trains soon!

  11. I have one and only one problem with this coaster. "Let's make a fun little wooden coaster for families to enjoy together" "Great idea!" "But give it a name that, when Googled, turns up almost exclusively alcoholic cocktails" Brilliant.
  12. Took what could end up being my final ride on Firehawk tonight. It was a bit sadder than I expected it to be. It was never one of my most favorite rides in the park, but I've always liked it. I just hated waiting in line for it. These last few seasons when lines have tended to be short, I've really grown to like the ride a lot. It will be very dearly missed. I now know how it must feel for my many friends who still think back fondly on Son of Beast. Except with this ride, we were fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to say goodbye. I also noticed something in the shops around the park: The fact that the ride being removed was Firehawk was right under our noses the whole time. Look in the shops at the various pieces of merchandise that represent all the coasters. Vortex is present in all such pieces. Firehawk is conspicuously absent from many. If, by some strange miracle, the rumors of Firehawk going to Kentucky Kingdom end up being true, then I look forward to a great many rides on it in the future at its new home. Just be aware that counting on this possibility is almost certain to leave you disappointed.
  13. The only place that a Zamperla Volare belongs is the footnotes of a theme park history book. They are the worst coasters on the planet. I would rather marathon Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags over Georgia or Predator at Darien Lake in exclusively wheel seats than to take even a single ride on one of those pieces of hot garbage.
  14. Not to nitpick, but wouldn't Kentucky Kingdom have been the closest SIX property to KI? I guess it's not that much different of a drive though. Either going north on 71 or south on 71 to get to one or the other from KI.
  15. The portion of Firehawk from being lowered in the station until you made it to the lift hill always reminded me of the dentist. I was never a fan of that. Love the rest of the ride though.
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