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  1. During today's Covid-19 update from Governor DeWine (and Dr. Acton and Lt. Governor Husted), there was a brief aside from John Husted that may be of particular importance for Kings Island and Cedar Point. Essentially what he said is that even after they start opening businesses back up, the social distancing requirements (6 feet between people, etc) will remain in place for a while longer to make sure we don't create a second spike. Obviously, it is not exactly possible for amusement parks to operate under those stipulations, so I would expect KI and CP to be among the last businesses in the state to reopen.
  2. Your home park is whatever you want it to be. In general, the park that you visit the most would be the most reasonable thing to call your home park. If your home park is the park closest to you, many people on this forum (myself included) would have Stricker's Grove as their home park. I'm pretty sure that if you polled the entire forum, nobody on this forum would unironically call Stricker's Grove their home park.
  3. I think it would be a good buy for Six Flags. Hear me out. First off, if they bought it, they should NOT "flag" the park (as in, put "Six Flags" in the park's name). Having "Six Flags" in the name of a park implies that there will be high-thrill rides, licensed characters, Flash Pass, etc. If it's owned by them, but does not bear the name, then the expectations are tempered a bit (see Great Escape, Frontier City and former SIX parks such as Wyandot Lake which did not bear the brand name). Not putting "Six Flags" in the name gives them some license to operate and market the park differently from their other properties. They have backed themselves into a corner in that they can't really discount season passes any further to drive sales. They must tap into more markets. Getting IB would help them twofold: first, another park means another market in which to sell passes. That angle is obvious. The second is the Indianapolis market. Most people in Indianapolis probably consider their home park to be either Kings Island, Holiday World, or maybe Kentucky Kingdom. But consider the following: Indiana Beach isn't a terribly long drive from Indianapolis. Sell those folks a season pass, and oh, by the way, that pass is also valid at Great America, and you might manage to pull a significant number of those peoples' occasional "big park" visits away from KI, KK, or HW and get them to instead go to Great America since it's included with their Indiana Beach pass. Heck, you also have the Gary and LaFayette markets who may visit Great America occasionally, but will likely visit more if they get admission free with their pass for another, closer park. More season pass sales and somewhat higher attendance at one of their flagship parks would certainly be welcome considering their recent stock performance. Profitable acquisitions, better sales, and higher attendance all look good on earnings reports and would make the investors happy. And if Apex is truly wanting to sell the park quickly, they might be willing to sell it below its true market value as well.
  4. Sadly, I don't think there is any hope of saving the Woodies. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain is weird and unreliable. The other two share a support structure in multiple places and would almost have to be relocated together. Steel Hawg will find a home. It's modern, compact, and still highly marketable at a smaller park. Until Thunderbird opened, it was the only inverting coaster in the state. Tig'rr scares me though. I don't want to lose another Schwarzkopf, but I just don't imagine who's going to spend the money on a nearly 50 year old Jet Star.
  5. If you're willing to relocate to Charlotte, you may be able to get a job that would allow you to work on its trains...
  6. *The Incredible Hulk has entered the chat*
  7. That's not necessarily true. Beast is wooden. You can prolong the life of a wooden coaster basically indefinitely. Beast will almost certainly be at Kings Island as long as the park continues to exist. Now, a day will come when there is no longer a single individual piece of lumber on the ride that was there in 1979. That day is probably not too far away. That day may even have already come, but I doubt anyone can say conclusively.
  8. I got my Vortex from a scalper... I overpaid by like 15 bucks, but in a month, I won't miss that money at all. I will, however, be tremendously upset if they discontinue the model and I don't get one. So I figured the scalper markup is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  9. Whoever's making these complaints is also probably the president of an HOA. They just seem like the type.
  10. That was part of the fun of the Banshee cam. You could see the entire ride from the camera's position so it felt significantly less pointless.
  11. Unless there are under-the-hood differences in the trains such as different wheels or differences in the way they articulate, they are the same style trains as Vortex. Same body, seat, and OTSR design at least. I kinda doubt there are differences at all though. There's really nothing inferior with Arrow's looper train design when compared to anything else that existed when they were in business. The headbanging reputation that Arrows have is more due to Ron Toomer's design philosophy than the trains. In fact, having ridden Tennessee Tornado and Phantom's Revenge, I would say that their trains are among the most comfortable out there (excluding vest restraints which are an obvious improvement) when a modern track design is used. Tennessee Tornado is less headbangy than many B&Ms with the old restraints and definitely less so than most Vekomas.
  12. Is... Is there an intentional reference in there to a certain KICer who I think we all miss?
  13. Great trip report as always, and thanks for all the nice pictures of Vortex (both in this post and in the past). Vortex is really special to me. I sure don't have anywhere near 1200 rides on it, but it's my most ridden ride by a landslide as well. The park is sure going to be different next year. Vortex has always been my constant thing that I ride every single visit to the park. Maybe it's the emotions talking and things will change in the coming months, but for now, I don't see this hobby ever being the same for me. I already renewed my platinum pass for next year, so I'm going to try and keep enjoying the park, but it might be time for me to move on to a new hobby now with Vortex gone. We will see what the future holds. Since my #1 and #2 rides have been removed over the last two seasons, I would just like to announce loudly and publicly that my favorite coaster is now Invertigo. Yep. Definitely Invertigo. Golly, I sure love that ride bunches and it sure would be a darn shame if it were the next coaster to leave.
  14. There is though because a US dollar is worth 1.31 Canadian. That's a pretty hefty savings even with the sales tax being more than double what it is in Mason.
  15. I will enjoy my Vortex rides, as I always do... But I can tell you that for me and probably many others, it will probably not be a happy day. There will be tears, and probably not only from me.
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