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  1. As a big, big Whizzer fan, this looks like it perfectly captures the essence of the old Schwarzkopf model on which it's based. Very cool addition. If not for the fact that the park's closure is already planned, I would say that this would be an awesome addition to California's Great America too, especially since there's not anything of note in the spot that once housed their Whizzer.
  2. You get one per visit. I really don't think it will affect the length of Fast Lane lines much at all. First off, only Prestige Pass holders get the perk. Second they get to use it on only one ride per visit. Once they've chosen their one, it's gone until tomorrow. So you're only adding the Prestige Pass people to the Fast Lane queue, you're spreading them out amongst all of the Fast Lane rides, and once they've used their one and only skip, they're out of the pool. The effect on the length of Fast Lane lines will be negligible at best. MAYBE one additional cycle if you are very, VERY unlucky.
  3. So at first I was like "who's this for"? But then I realized, most of my visits are just a quick little one-hour or less visit after work, where I grab a meal and maybe catch a ride. But that means I ride almost exclusively rides like Racer, Adventure Express, The Bat. Things that rarely have any line at all on weekdays. But the single skip-the-line pass per visit means that my quick little half hour visits will allow a ride on literally anything I want. So I can maybe ride Backlot or Invertigo more than once a year. Or Flight of Fear. Plus, if the perks are good at every park, I can use my skip-the-line pass during my annual CP visit on Steel Vengeance and buy just a regular Fast Lane because I don't find the other Fast Lane Plus rides all that appealing (especially since most are part of ERT already). In the past I just suck it up and stand in line because I don't want to pay for Fast Lane Plue, but regular Fast Lane doesn't feel worthwhile. This changes the equation entirely. VIP area is meh, unless they are significantly better than what's offered this year.
  4. I've seen many, many Skillet shows and I'm pretty comfortable saying that the oldest songs you'll hear will be from the Comatose album. The last time I heard anything older was at a show in 2015 in which they played a single song from Collide (Forsaken specifically)
  5. A big part of their marketing though is that your Great America pass gets you in the gate, which is something many people in the area will already have. With that benefit being gone, Gilroy has more incentive to entertain offers from other park operators. Regardless, there's no reason to believe the park will cease to exist - new management is certainly possible. To be honest, I'm not even sure how much money operating that park brings Cedar Fair. They certainly don't talk much about it.
  6. Personally, I hope Six Flags reaches out to them. We all laugh at Six Flags a lot, but Six Flags Great America in particular has made great efforts to preserve the history of their park and other regional parks. I would really love to see the Skyride return to Six Flags Great America and the carousel become a parts donor for theirs to make sure that at least one of them exists as long as possible. If, somehow, they still own any spare parts at all for Whizzer, I desperately hope those wind up with the other Great America.
  7. Canada's Wonderland is landlocked but at its current size, is still roughly the same size as Kings Island or Cedar Point. They can't expand, true, but the land they already have is more than most parks could ever DREAM of filling. Wonderland is at no risk.
  8. The Adventure Express final tunnel audio was my ringtone for a while thanks to the audio gallery on KIExtreme. I'm so, so happy that they're being preserved.
  9. Kentucky Kingdom has a newly-redesigned logo. Big improvement over the rather childish-looking old one
  10. That is what I was getting at. Cedar Fair has never, to my recollection, ever referred to a ride by an outdated name on any official channels. The only context I've ever seen them use an old name is in a little historical blurb to the effect of "Invertigo opened in 1998 under the name Face/Off". To see an outdated name on official merchandise is basically unheard of. Either they are breaking from their usual norms and using the name Beastie since so many people still call it that anyway, or the name "Beastie" will no longer be outdated in a few months.
  11. I will give one more hint. When I used the phrase "out of character", it may have had more than one meaning. What they did was fairly odd, by Cedar Fair standards.
  12. Kings Island has launched some neat new merch on their online store: https://www.kingsislandgear.com/collections/new-apparel?fbclid=IwAR2dGRGLhzv0U0mpBlMY1ID3_0MurAhrdPRV_Piq9RVxdKKtx90vHzwKw6A This is a pretty regular occurrence. Not normally worthy of a topic here on KIC. But, of note is that there are at least two things about the new merch that are out of character. One is a semi-official acknowledgement of the Son of Beast station's continued existence in the photos for the GPS coordinate signs. This is definitely not a hint or a teaser, just something unusual that made me smile. There is another piece among the collection that is particularly interesting. In the name of keeping things fun and interesting, I will only mention that one of them has something extremely... out of character... and I speculate that it may, perhaps, be an accidental (or maybe not so accidental) spoiler of a 50th anniversary plan. See if you guys can figure it out. The only hint I will give comes from an old Sesame Street classic:
  13. The way I see it, I can always make more money. There are only so many pieces of my all-time favorite ride and once they're gone, there will never be any more. I realize that I am more fortunate than some to be in this position (and I PROMISE this isn't meant to be braggadocious) but I would have been willing to pay essentially any price they asked, even if it meant spending the entire pile of cash I have sitting in my bank account for a PS5. My track slice will become my most cherished worldly possession and will likely keep that title for many, many years or even decades to come.
  14. I realize this is an older post, but another reason for the warnings about "not protecting the wearer" is pretty straightforward (other than putting that warning on there as a C.Y.A. to prevent litigation of course). There are three known points of ingress for viruses that spread via respiratory droplets: nose, mouth, and eyes. Masks only cover two of these three, so one point of ingress is still exposed. However, there are only TWO points of egress: mouth and nose. Both of these are covered. So a mask will successfully block particles at all points of egress but only at two of the three points of ingress. For this reason, even the best mask in the world that filters 100% of respiratory droplets can never PERFECTLY protect the wearer, even if they never touch their face. However, this theoretical perfect mask could completely prevent an infected person from spreading the virus. This is one (of many) reasons why in a situation where only one of the two parties is wearing a mask, the virus spreads less easily if the infected party is the one wearing it. Of course, if both parties are wearing even a mask that is just okay and are good about never touching their face without washing their hands first, the odds of any disease spreading between them become astronomically small. Smaller still if they are standing several feet apart.
  15. Keep in mind that these are all the rides from the Orion teaser campaign and at the time of that campaign, Vortex was still in operation as well. These are just the rides they decided to implement in the "themeing" for Orion. I wouldn't use it as a sign that something else is going away. One of the rides in there was never even at KI.
  16. On the rides where there are an even number of rows, they are skipping one extra row somewhere near the middle of the train so that the front and back seats are both available. I may be wrong and there may still be three available (if so, the one I'm missing would be 5-2) but they are not using a simple "every other row" system. The one exception to this rule that I've observed is The Bat, which seats only in odd numbered rows. But really that's no loss since nobody over 5'9" would want to sit in a back seat in an Arrow train.
  17. The only drink stations that I observed being closed were the Freestyle machines. The refill stations in Planet Snoopy and Tower Drinks were both open.
  18. Those masks do not protect the wearer from any virus. Nobody has ever claimed that they do. If you think that the purpose of wearing a mask is to protect you, the wearer, then again, you are demonstrating that you've missed the entire point. They protect the other people around you. They can stop you from expelling droplets. They cannot stop you from touching a contaminated surface and then touching your face, thus, the warning on the box is accurate, but not relevant to the conversation that anybody is actually having. But do go on believing that they don't do anything. You might want to inform all the surgeons of the world that they've been doing their job incorrectly for several decades, though since medical professionals universally wear exactly that style of mask during their procedures.
  19. 1. Not ideal, but it really doesn't render the mask useless as the purpose of a mask is to reduce the travel of respiratory droplets. It doesn't cease being able to do that the instant it's touched. What happens when you touch your mask is that your hands may become contaminated, however, the moment you wash or sanitize your hands, it's effectively as if you never touched your mask at all. 2. Obviously that's not ideal, but it still effectively stops respiratory droplets that exit via the mouth in this situation, and becomes completely effective once again the instant it's placed back above the nose. For sure, doing this reduces a mask's effectiveness, but it doesn't reduce it to zero and it certainly doesn't reduce it permanently. Not even close. 3. This is only relevant for N95 masks, which are only meant to be used in contaminated environments and are meant to protect the wearer, not the individuals around them. Surgical-style or cloth masks are meant to protect others around you. If someone is out and about wearing an N95 mask, they are likely wearing it wrong anyway as they have to be properly fitted and by choosing to wear an N95 mask, they are also demonstrating that they missed the entire point of wearing a mask in public. The purpose of a mask is not to stop the virus from getting through but rather to stop the transmission of respiratory droplets. However, since the virus travels predominately via respiratory droplets, the end result is that stopping the transmission of the droplets almost entirely eliminates transmission of the virus.
  20. Unfortunately, only two such seats are available this year, which makes it very difficult to get a "good" ride.
  21. It's up in the top left, but it is ONLY visible when images from multiple dates exist from that spot. If there is only one, then it will not appear. I'm on a desktop web browser so I have no idea if it's different on a mobile device.
  22. Is Diamondback running at half capacity or full? The way they were doing seating for Orion yesterday was very similar to how Diamondback's train is naturally designed (inner two seats in odd rows, outer two seats in evens) so I'm curious if they are just letting DB use its full capacity since that's basically the same thing. Also curious if Banshee is being filled in the same way as Orion.
  23. Old street view images are archived. When multiple photos exist, there will be a clock icon you can select to change the image date
  24. If we assume that having and recovering from the virus results in immunity (anecdotally, this seems to be the case, but there haven't been any controlled, peer reviewed studies yet so we don't know for sure) then places where it was already widespread would be at little risk for a second peak. Take L.A. County, where potentially half the county or more tested positive for antibodies if you extrapolate the random samples. If having the virus brings immunity, then logically, they couldn't have much of a second peak as potentially half of their population has already had it. It's also tough because we know that for people who are young and have none of the risk factors, it's possible to get this virus and never show any symptoms at all. It's part of what makes it so scary, but it's also part of what gives me hope that we may be at a lessened risk of a resurgence. My diabetic mother-in-law had a really bad respiratory illness in early February that her doctor was never able to diagnose. It took a couple weeks for her to get better. Was it the novel Coronavirus? Seems possible to me. My wife and I, who are obviously younger and are also less at risk were around her at that time, so is it possible we were exposed to the virus and never got sick? Who knows! Antibody testing is finally starting to become available to the general public, and it could teach us a whole lot about what the next few months are going to look like. We've obviously been doing not nearly sufficient testing. Intuitively, there are a lot more people who have gotten the virus than the numbers suggest. It will be very interesting if some randomly sampled antibody testing studies are done and can reveal numbers that are a lot closer to our actual reality.
  25. I think there are a number of reasons to believe that they won't become the *permanent* new normal. One concern is accessibility. People wearing masks is very difficult for the deaf community where people rely on lip reading and facial expression as a critical part of their communication. Which means in all likelihood, the deaf community will be among the first to ditch masks. Then the folks who don't like them, but are wearing them anyway will probably be next because, hey, if they can ditch them we can too. Then community by community, masks will start to disappear. I predict this will happen after the second peak but before the threat is gone. I hope the six foot distances at grocery checkouts stick around forever though. We could eradicate every pathogen in the universe and I still would prefer people stand six feet away from me. Why? Because some people don't shower and I don't want to breathe in that stank. I believe that as restrictions are loosened, we will see a series of smaller peaks. I think the next peak will come this summer and will be higher than our current peak. Even, St. Louis, the "model city" in the 1918 pandemic, had its second peak end up a bit higher than its first. Then as we get closer and closer to the "old" normal, we will see a series of progressively smaller peaks, not unlike an old out and back roller coaster. As with all roller coasters, the odds are much better than not that we will eventually arrive back at the station where we started. EDIT TO AVOID A DOUBLE POST: They don't really need to block off every other urinal. The universally accepted but unwritten restroom code already mandates that you not use a urinal immediately next to one that is already in use.
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