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  1. The way I see it, I can always make more money. There are only so many pieces of my all-time favorite ride and once they're gone, there will never be any more. I realize that I am more fortunate than some to be in this position (and I PROMISE this isn't meant to be braggadocious) but I would have been willing to pay essentially any price they asked, even if it meant spending the entire pile of cash I have sitting in my bank account for a PS5. My track slice will become my most cherished worldly possession and will likely keep that title for many, many years or even decades to come.
  2. I realize this is an older post, but another reason for the warnings about "not protecting the wearer" is pretty straightforward (other than putting that warning on there as a C.Y.A. to prevent litigation of course). There are three known points of ingress for viruses that spread via respiratory droplets: nose, mouth, and eyes. Masks only cover two of these three, so one point of ingress is still exposed. However, there are only TWO points of egress: mouth and nose. Both of these are covered. So a mask will successfully block particles at all points of egress but only at two of the three
  3. Keep in mind that these are all the rides from the Orion teaser campaign and at the time of that campaign, Vortex was still in operation as well. These are just the rides they decided to implement in the "themeing" for Orion. I wouldn't use it as a sign that something else is going away. One of the rides in there was never even at KI.
  4. On the rides where there are an even number of rows, they are skipping one extra row somewhere near the middle of the train so that the front and back seats are both available. I may be wrong and there may still be three available (if so, the one I'm missing would be 5-2) but they are not using a simple "every other row" system. The one exception to this rule that I've observed is The Bat, which seats only in odd numbered rows. But really that's no loss since nobody over 5'9" would want to sit in a back seat in an Arrow train.
  5. The only drink stations that I observed being closed were the Freestyle machines. The refill stations in Planet Snoopy and Tower Drinks were both open.
  6. Those masks do not protect the wearer from any virus. Nobody has ever claimed that they do. If you think that the purpose of wearing a mask is to protect you, the wearer, then again, you are demonstrating that you've missed the entire point. They protect the other people around you. They can stop you from expelling droplets. They cannot stop you from touching a contaminated surface and then touching your face, thus, the warning on the box is accurate, but not relevant to the conversation that anybody is actually having. But do go on believing that they don't do anything. You might want to
  7. 1. Not ideal, but it really doesn't render the mask useless as the purpose of a mask is to reduce the travel of respiratory droplets. It doesn't cease being able to do that the instant it's touched. What happens when you touch your mask is that your hands may become contaminated, however, the moment you wash or sanitize your hands, it's effectively as if you never touched your mask at all. 2. Obviously that's not ideal, but it still effectively stops respiratory droplets that exit via the mouth in this situation, and becomes completely effective once again the instant it's placed back abo
  8. Unfortunately, only two such seats are available this year, which makes it very difficult to get a "good" ride.
  9. It's up in the top left, but it is ONLY visible when images from multiple dates exist from that spot. If there is only one, then it will not appear. I'm on a desktop web browser so I have no idea if it's different on a mobile device.
  10. Is Diamondback running at half capacity or full? The way they were doing seating for Orion yesterday was very similar to how Diamondback's train is naturally designed (inner two seats in odd rows, outer two seats in evens) so I'm curious if they are just letting DB use its full capacity since that's basically the same thing. Also curious if Banshee is being filled in the same way as Orion.
  11. Old street view images are archived. When multiple photos exist, there will be a clock icon you can select to change the image date
  12. If we assume that having and recovering from the virus results in immunity (anecdotally, this seems to be the case, but there haven't been any controlled, peer reviewed studies yet so we don't know for sure) then places where it was already widespread would be at little risk for a second peak. Take L.A. County, where potentially half the county or more tested positive for antibodies if you extrapolate the random samples. If having the virus brings immunity, then logically, they couldn't have much of a second peak as potentially half of their population has already had it. It's also tough
  13. I think there are a number of reasons to believe that they won't become the *permanent* new normal. One concern is accessibility. People wearing masks is very difficult for the deaf community where people rely on lip reading and facial expression as a critical part of their communication. Which means in all likelihood, the deaf community will be among the first to ditch masks. Then the folks who don't like them, but are wearing them anyway will probably be next because, hey, if they can ditch them we can too. Then community by community, masks will start to disappear. I predict this will happe
  14. I definitely think it would be good business for the fuel industries to dabble in other markets right now, considering the abysmal state that it's in at the moment. Perhaps, with oil prices through the floor, we could take government action to temporarily redirect the ethanol subsidies currently going toward fuel and instead direct them to sanitization products. The demand for ethanol-based fuels at this current moment has to be pretty close to an all-time low with how cheap oil-based fuels are right now. Certainly that might get some pushback from the environmental lobby, but as a tempor
  15. There are some factors that can help with this. First is that, beg and plead and scream as the parks might, not everyone will use it. That's just a fact of life. Unfortunate, but it lessens the amount needed. Second is that they should avoid putting hand sanitizer stations immediately next to restrooms. Encourage people to use soap and water at the sink instead. Soap and water is both more readily available and also more effective than hand sanitizer anyway. When it's an option, hand washing should be the preferred method of sanitizing. Use this opportunity to upgrade to touchless si
  16. I don't know how the parks all plan to handle the pandemic, but one thing do I anticipate seeing at all of them is hand sanitizer. This is how I think that will look: Holiday World will add hand sanitizer stations at every existing sunscreen and soft drink location. They will be free of charge and refilled religiously so no customer ever uses a dispenser to find it empty. There will be regular reminders over the PA system for customers to please wash or sanitize their hands whenever possible. Kentucky Kingdom will do the same, but solely because they feel compelled to match what Holi
  17. The problem with that is, how much good will with customers would it cost them? You'd think passholders would be thrilled they get to come at all since they've already been given a 2021 pass. But we all know that there are certain customers who feel entitled to have their cake and eat it too. I don't see them doing that. I could be wrong of course as I have no insider knowledge of their plans. It's a tricky situation. They definitely won't be able to make everyone happy. And unfortunately, there will be no action that can please those who believe this is all a mainstream media fearmongeri
  18. ^ This entire pandemic is a series of no-win scenarios for businesses. A vaccine is still many months away. Frankly, we've never had great success at coming up with effective vaccines for other coronaviruses, so there's no guarantees that a vaccine will ever exist at all. Basically all theme parks will have to open up for business in a world with no vaccine or go out of business. Even a park as big as Kings Island would struggle to financially survive more than one cancelled season. Companies just don't keep multiple years' worth of operating costs in their war chests. As staying closed u
  19. It is true that it is up to an individual to protect themselves to the extent that they can. In softball or baseball, you can avoid being hit by the ball by being vigilant, but that doesn't mean it's okay for a pitcher to aim for the head. If that happened and someone told that person, "welp, that's just part of the game", then the person saying that is a word that I won't use on a public forum. The only athletes who deserves to be hit in the head with a baseball are members of the 2017-2018 Houston Astros. Personally, when I can do something that requires literally zero effort or sacrifi
  20. This is how some people look with the way they talk about the mere suggestion of being asked to wear a mask for the benefit of others: I can't believe Cedar Point makes me wear a strap on my glasses to ride their roller coasters. If that's going to be the policy, they should provide them for free. Under the ADA they can't make arbitrary rules that uniquely affect me and my disability. It's my constitutional right as an American to ride any roller coaster I want without a glasses strap and I don't care if they could fly off and kill someone. The bin of broken glasses and phones in the line
  21. Much like Thanos, it was inevitable. John Husted said yesterday that unemployment would become insolvent at the current pace by June 1st. And under Ohio law, we have to balance the budget, which rules out borrowing money. Getting tax money coming in and reducing the amount of unemployment going out is the only way we can really fix that, so to an extent, the restrictions had to be let up somewhat by that point in order to not have people starving to death due to running out of food and money. If people are not working AND unemployment has no money to give out, people WILL starve. And while gam
  22. During today's Covid-19 update from Governor DeWine (and Dr. Acton and Lt. Governor Husted), there was a brief aside from John Husted that may be of particular importance for Kings Island and Cedar Point. Essentially what he said is that even after they start opening businesses back up, the social distancing requirements (6 feet between people, etc) will remain in place for a while longer to make sure we don't create a second spike. Obviously, it is not exactly possible for amusement parks to operate under those stipulations, so I would expect KI and CP to be among the last businesse
  23. Your home park is whatever you want it to be. In general, the park that you visit the most would be the most reasonable thing to call your home park. If your home park is the park closest to you, many people on this forum (myself included) would have Stricker's Grove as their home park. I'm pretty sure that if you polled the entire forum, nobody on this forum would unironically call Stricker's Grove their home park.
  24. I think it would be a good buy for Six Flags. Hear me out. First off, if they bought it, they should NOT "flag" the park (as in, put "Six Flags" in the park's name). Having "Six Flags" in the name of a park implies that there will be high-thrill rides, licensed characters, Flash Pass, etc. If it's owned by them, but does not bear the name, then the expectations are tempered a bit (see Great Escape, Frontier City and former SIX parks such as Wyandot Lake which did not bear the brand name). Not putting "Six Flags" in the name gives them some license to operate and market the park differentl
  25. Sadly, I don't think there is any hope of saving the Woodies. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain is weird and unreliable. The other two share a support structure in multiple places and would almost have to be relocated together. Steel Hawg will find a home. It's modern, compact, and still highly marketable at a smaller park. Until Thunderbird opened, it was the only inverting coaster in the state. Tig'rr scares me though. I don't want to lose another Schwarzkopf, but I just don't imagine who's going to spend the money on a nearly 50 year old Jet Star.
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