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  1. I guess I kinda did a bad job wording that last part. I was surprised not because I wanted or expected it, but because in our litigation-happy world, I've seen businesses do tings like that to avoid getting sued by some of the more ignorant portions of the population. FOr example, my family had a truck stolen at the Henry Ford Museum and they offered us free tickets for life (which we refused). And with all the lawsuits Kings Island gets over things, *coughsonofbeastcough* I'm surprised that they didn't. And glad. Because if they were to be push overs like that, I could see a lot of fake complaints in an attempt to get free perks, and I don't want to see my favorite place in the whole world be abused like that. So maybe that makes that statement clearer? I don't know. Anyway, the MAIN point of this post was to point out how helpful some of the little-recognized parts of park staff are, and how you should never be afraid to call security if you feel threatened or otherwise unsafe. They are the most professional security/police force I have ever dealt with. And while I hope to never need to again, I know that I can rest assured that there is a professional team ready and willing to help should I ever need a security guard to help me feel safe.
  2. So, yesterday, I finally got to meet the park police. Now I know what you're thinking, but my group were not the people in the wrong, we were the victims. We were verbally assaulted and physically threatened by an elderly man after getting off The Beast. He thought someone in my group was yelling ethnic slurs during the ride (which we were not, and I'm not sure why someone WOULD on a ride anyway.). He even admitted to not being sure it was them. So, of course, we contacted park security. And long story short, I guess what I'm trying to get at is that KI's police are very professional and friendly. I felt much better after talking to them. And he actually allowed us to stick around and ask questions about his job and was very friendly there too. Overall, I just want to say, if you ever feel threatened, don't be afraid to call security. They are very professional and kind people and they will try their best to make your trip more enjoyable. Now for some other observances, I am just kind of... surprised (and strangely happy) that the park didn't offer some kind of "consolation package." In the past, when I've had incidents in other places, they'll offer a refund or whatever. Had they offered, I would have declined, and as weird as it is, I'm glad they didn't offer. To me, that shows confidence that they have a good staff who can help heal any wounds by themselves. But maybe I'm weird. Anyway, I'm sorry for this pointless ramble So to make for an interesting topic... Has anyone else ever dealt with normally "behind the scenes" parts of the park? And if so, how was it? Also, since I forgot to ask, is there a phone number for park security that I can keep in my phone in case this happens again, or do you need to talk to an employee?
  3. I should also warn you that there are strobe lights in the queue line for the Crypt.
  4. Too bad you weren't there for ERT. My girlfriend and I had an interesting experience on The Beast... Namely, the slowest ride ever. So slow, in fact, that we only cleared the last hill before the second chain lift by a hair. For a minute I was sure it was going to stall (and if not for the rollback protection on that hill, maybe roll back).
  5. Rides Associates are allowed to assist a guest in getting that last click. Trust me, I do it every day. How many clicks are required at minimum? A couple weeks ago, my girlfriend and I rode racer. She had clicked it 3-4 times and it was tight. The ride op then forced it down to that "one more click" and it was so tight, her legs ended up with giant bruises. We were not amused. Earlier that very day we had ridden The Racer with NO problem, so it CLEARLY wasn't a weight gain issue. In hindsight, I wish I had gotten that ride op's name. We really wanted to complain to guest services!
  6. I know I'm replying to a very old post, but that's nothing. Oh the things I learn in queue lines. Apparently Top Gun once had floorless inverted cars. But they took them off because they derailed and killed a whole train of people. And also, The Beast had a loop. But that also got taken out when someone who wasn't buckled in well fell out. I love the GP.
  7. That's exactly as I thought. The ripping will commence tomorrow. xD
  8. This girl in my class claims that she has rode this ride. She says that she works games and that since she works there that she gets to ride it before everyone else. She also said that she rode a two weeks ago. For one, i don't think it's even been cleared to the public to run. For two, serious testing just started yesterday. I know there is no way she has rode it... it's impossible... Obviously. But I just wanted to make sure that it is... Before i rip on her
  9. Those debuted last year when the license with BMW expired. Really? I guess that's my bad then. Although, last year was the first time I ever really went to Kings Island, and something still seemed... different. Did we have the all one-color trains last year too, or have I spent WAY too much time on the internet compared to actually being IN the park?
  10. Not sure if it's been mentioned, or even if it's new for this year (I think it is) but we seem to have lost our Minis on Backlot. It would appear we have the Dominion style trains now.
  11. It may. Then again, it could be that it would just be really hard to illustrate, or that that section of the map was done before they knew they would add it.
  12. And of course, the single biggest error on the map... The absence of Son of Beast... (end sarcasm) But seriously, the biggest error, the lack of loop on Invertigo. Should it bug me as much as it does? No, probably not. But I just have to wonder how that slipped through...
  13. I have another pass-related question (I'm a first-time pass buyer). Is it possible to upgrade a pass to the next level, say, a gold pass to a platinum pass (without just buying another pass)? I ask because I bought a gold pass, but then something came up which will land me in Sandusky for a couple of days. So if I could feasably upgrade to a platinum, I'd obviously want to do that.
  14. ^ Is that a facepalm at my SoB related comment, or the lack of loop on Invertigo?
  15. Anyone else notice that Invertigo seems to have gotten the Son of Beast 2006 treatment?
  16. Submitted for your approval, taken right out of the Math and Science Days workbook:
  17. I have a real easy question. I'm a first time pass buyer, and I was curious how long I can expect to wait in line to process my Gold pass on a day which the park is open. I ask because I want to go to the park my first saturday home from school, but I don't want to drive from Fairfield two days in a row unless I can expect really bad lines.
  18. That is true! If you saw the play, it was the very same chandelier that was rigged to crash down toward the stage on a zipline just before the intermission.
  19. We may know a little bit about it sooner than April 30th. IE, when the new map is released. If Son of Beast appears on it, that is probably a good indicator that it will run at some point in the season, but FAR from a guarantee. If it is not on the map, as Terp has said, it means nothing has changed. In the event they release a map without it and clear it to run midway through the season, maps are only paper, and they could print off new ones in a matter of days, maybe even hours if maps are printed on-site (which is unlikely). But the release of the park map will likely be the first RELIABLE indicator of any changes of fate.
  20. From the perspective of a Vortex-lover: While I love Vortex and it is my favorite ride in the park, I still don't get the decision to drop Beast and Diamondback (if that is what they do). Those rides usually have longer lines, while Vortex... well, I was there on a saturday of Haunt and was able to ride it 7 times in an hour. So while we may not see the logic in the decision, maybe they're trying to get Vortex more riders. And for those who enjoy the ride, this may not be so bad. After all, the more people like it, the longer it'll be before they decide to tear it down. Maybe this move could add 5 or even 10 years to Vortex's life. And no, I'm not one of the loonies who thinks it's going away soon at all but it will eventually.
  21. You know, I've always (well, not always. I guess it's only been a couple years) wondered why it is that they didn't put seatbelts in Diamondback. Because I'll be really honest, I'm incredibly nervous whenever I ride that thing. I guess I have trouble trusting JUST the lap bar.
  22. I know they used to be in the FoF building, but lookie what I saw on Bing maps...
  23. So I was playing around with Google Earth and I found some interesting things. In these pics: Pic 1 Pic 2 I'm not sure what's in Pic 1 and my guesses are probably way off. In Pic 2, I'm 90% sure those are spongebob and Patrick. Any ideas what those may be? And if any other cool goodies are visible on Google Earth (Besides SOB's trains, I learned about those in another topic)?
  24. So my girlfriend and I, who are both very obsessed with Kings Island for many reasons, were having a discussion about removed or demolished rides, and where they stood when they existed. We all know that Antique Cars were where Backlot is now... That's easy. And King Cobra was where Delirium was, or more specifically, King Cobra's helix was precisely where Delirium's disc sits. (I checked Google Earth on that, plus I, unlike her, have been to the park at a time when King Cobra still stood, although I was too short to ride it). My question pertains to Bavarian Beetle and Screamin' Demon. Comparing 1972 map scans online with current maps leads me to believe that the Paramount theater (or whatever they changed it to) is where Bavarian Beetle stood. What about Screamin' Demon? Online photos and her father's recollection dictate that it was about where Invertigo stands, but that could be a horribly wrong estimate. If anyone knows, would they like to delve into this subject? I love history, I love Kings Island, and I love to combine them. So any knowledge of this sort that anyone knows would be very interesting to me.
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