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  1. Only one more day to get in on Coasting for Kids! We've raised $85,000 so far. But, we need your help to try and push it over the $100,000 mark! Sign up now. www.coastingforkids.org
  2. We have about 3 weeks left and Coasting for Kids has raised over $45,000 so far. We still have a bit to go to beat last years total, which was over $60,000. If you can spare a few dollars, any amount would be great! Go to the Kings Island participant page here and pick a friend to donate to: http://www.firstgiving.com/gktw/KingsIsland/fundraisers Or, it would be even better if you could participate and get all your friends and family to donate too. Go here to sign up: www.coastingforkids.org
  3. Another week has passed and we're over $31,000. We're half way to beating last years total! Everyone keep up the good work. If you want to participate or donate, click the link below and go to your favorite park's page. www.coastingforkids.org
  4. Coasting for Kids fund raising went well for the parks this past weekend. We're now over $26K. We're closing in on the half way point to last years total. What we really need are more participants. So to sign up clicking here: http://coasingforkids.org If you can't participate but would like to still help out. Please make a donation to my page or any of the other wonderful participants.
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to say everyone is doing a great job with raising money for the Coasting for Kids event! All the parks combined are almost up to $20,000! We're hoping to raise a lot more. So, if anyone out there would love to get to ride a coaster all day for charity, check out the event page at the link below. If anyone is curious about how the fund raising works, I'd be happy to answer your questions. http://www.coastingforkids.org/
  6. As a group we're doing very good so far. We're a week in at right about at $12K! Keep up the good work guys.
  7. Almost a week in and we just about up to $10K! We've already got 11 Kings Island registrants. Let's see if we can get that number to skyrocket! :-) http://coastingforkids.org/ If you can't or don't want participateate, but would still like to help out, maybe you could make a donation to my page: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/jason-hammond/CedarPoint Or even one of the Kings Island participants: https://www.firstgiving.com/gktw/KingsIsland/fundraisers
  8. The Coasting for Kids - First Giving Pages are online https://www.firstgiving.com/gktw/
  9. I just got word that we should have some more information within the next week or so. Stay tuned.
  10. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. This years Coasting for Kids event at all the Cedar Fair parks will be on Sunday June 10th. I will let you know when more details become available.
  11. Across all of the parks, we are up to 110 participants who have raised a total of $13,941 so far. Keep up the good work guys. Our goal this year is $50,000.
  12. Less than a month to go guys! Get it in gear. http://givekidstheworld.org/coastingforkids/ So far 69 participants have raised $9,633
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