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  1. I think he and Mr. Kinzel got a little more than a taste of the nickels.
  2. Thanks for being the only person who actually read the Fast Lane page, HTCO. Much praise goes out to you.
  3. I'm sure they would do just that if it weren't for H.R. As we've seen with the 50 dollar price barrier break, you must be careful with raising the price of an item.
  4. ^ As most parks do, they'll proabably set a cap on the number of passes sold.
  5. Allow me to be the first suck up to say, welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy it.
  6. Usually I go to Kings Island every year. When I go though, I make sure to ask my family if they would like to come with me. More often than not they say no. Well, this year a few of them unexpectedly said yes. While I am happy they will be enjoying the day with me, I am worried about the crowds. In years past I was able to come on a weekday since I was on vacation and obviously work was not a problem. This year though, I will have to come on the Saturday before July 4th. What I would like from, you, the posters at KICentral.com, is to help me plan my trip. I already have a vague idea of which rides I want to hit up and when ,but I wish to know what type of crowds I should expect and of course any other help with my trip would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Am I the only one irritated by their choice to place an American country themed show in an area intended to hosts German attractions only?
  8. Excuse me?Please take no offense when I say this ,but I believe you're the one assuming material. I am registered by the state of Florida as a psychologist and know what I am talking about. When a company raises it's prices to $50 or above they are not only crossing a financial barrier ,but they are in addition crossing a major psychological barrier that must be crossed with care. Cedar Fair has not done so and consequently will see negative economic results.
  9. This is by no means smart marketing. As a psychologist I can tell you this was a bad decision. When any establishment breaks the $50 barrier they must do so with just reason. King's Island unfortunately, did not have just reason to do so. A regional theme park such as this is not worth $50. While many people such as myself might purchase their tickets at 35 dollars or even less (Krogers, 24.95) this decision will nonetheless infuriate the general public and create negative publicity for King's Island. By changing the cost of general admission, as Kings Island has, they are unjustly modifying an aspect of their system that will as a result anger it's consumer base, weaken revenue, and decrease attendance.
  10. Some of White Water Canyon's boat's still have the Paramount logo printed on the rear.
  11. Be it resolved that Kentucky Kingdom should be reopened with new public financing, due to it's economic benefits to both the state and it's tax payers. Loaning Mr. Hart the requested 17.5 million dollar loan will ensure the operation of a well proven amusement park. As seen in years prior the park can be successful. Some posters on this site have stated that the park was in fact not successful during it's original run with Mr. Hart, this is simply not true. If we look at Kentucky Kingdom's attendance figures, you will notice that not only did Mr. Hart's expert decisions bring in publicity for both the state and the park ,but in doing so he made Kentucky Kingdom the fastest growing amusement park in America. In closing, I want to remind everyone that the park is state owned. Mr. Hart is not asking to fund a private institution which will only generate revenue for himself, he is rather asking the state to loan him money to help operate a state owned institution that has time and again to be both positively beneficial to the state and it's taxpayers.
  12. I'm using Chrome and I've had zero errors so far.
  13. I have experienced no errors what so ever today, yesterday, or any day for that matter.
  14. The original poster was the man or woman who runs the, Save Son of Beast Facebook page.
  15. Are you and Ashers still working on the recreation?

  16. I see, so, is it safe to assume you have facts to back up your claim that much of the information provided in this thread is in fact false?
  17. Elmer Fudd, the rides and land are both currently owned by the commonwealth of Kentucky.
  18. Welcome to Limbo, http://www.bizjournals.com/louisville/news/2011/04/05/city-wont-fund-plan-to-open-kentucky.html
  19. Welcome to Limbo, http://www.bizjournals.com/louisville/news/2011/04/05/city-wont-fund-plan-to-open-kentucky.html
  20. Thanks so much, jcglobe3. Now, I can finally view the image!
  21. Thanks ,but all It displays is a tiny red x and the words, "posted image," beside it. Does anyone know how to fix this? Any help, at all, would be greatly appreciated.
  22. I am aware that picture number one was posted ,but picture number two is currently not loading. Does anyone have a digital copy that they wouldn't mind uploading. I would be very grateful to whoever uploaded the photo.
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