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  1. I may have misheard but I'm pretty sure they said that the cemetary dated the plant and that none of the graves were from people that worked at the plant.
  2. Thanks for posting these pictures! It looks like you put a lot of hard work into that collection of photographs. I never got to ride SOB since I hadn't conquered my fear of roller coasters before it closed but I really enjoyed seeing these.
  3. Not so sure they need to be replaced any time soon. Race for Your Life Charlie Brown is really the only water ride that smaller children can ride and it would be a shame to see that go unless it would be replaced with a similar ride. Sometimes newer doesn't always mean better.
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing a haunted school or camp themed maze
  5. Very sad to hear this. Condolences go out to her family and friends. Hearing something like this makes you put things in perspective since she was very young.
  6. Just entered, good luck to everyone! If I can't win I hope it's some one else on here that loves Kings Island as much as I do.
  7. Very nice footage it turned out great!! Thanks for posting this!
  8. I already renewed my gold pass but this is a good thing for families not having to pay before Christmas as they can give the pass as a gift and still afford other gifts.
  9. I thought it was a great year! Went to the park about 7 times and already renewed my pass for next year!
  10. Ya, looking back, that was a bit of a harsh criticism of the ride ops and that chafes some of the hardcore KIC fans. The thing broke and the workers walk around like zombies. It's their right to withhold information from the guests, but they seem befuddled by how the thing operates. It's sensors, motors, wires, computers and physics that makes the thing work. It's not an animal that wakes up at 7PM. When the ride is down 45 minutes and there's ten workers standing around, it's upsetting not to get a straight answer from any of them. I'm blaming this on ignorance, not malice. It's this i
  11. Maybe it's just because I'm a college student and don't have a ton of money but that seems like an expensive night.
  12. Those would have to be some exceptional haunted houses to charge $25-$30 to get in and then pay another $8-12 for each haunted house.
  13. Along with the the park entrance price?
  14. Went through Mysteria, Cut Throat Cove, Cornstalkers, Tombstone, Holiday Horror and CarnEvil. My two favorites were Tombstone and Holiday, not because they were the scariest but because I found their themes very interesting.
  15. I agree. From all the reviews I read on it, I wasn't expecting much at all but it was kind of creepy seeing the shadows of the actors in the fog. Much better than I was expecting although I felt like the actors didn't try to scare me very much.
  16. Went last night and the longest wait we had was about 40 minutes for Mysteria and about 45 for The Beast. The other five mazes we did had an average wait of about 10-15 minutes a piece. We didn't start the mazes until after 10 though.
  17. I liked Nightmare Alley very much. It would be very cool if they added a few more areas like this on other walking paths throughout the park during haunt.
  18. Thanks for sharing this! I plan on taking my little cousins to trick or treat with the dinos in a few weeks.
  19. A little disappointed with the announcement but if it happens to draw more people to the wet park and makes my waits shorter in the dry park then I won't be disappointed lol.
  20. I didn't process mine this year until the first weekend the park was open. If you wait you may have to wait in a looooong line to get it. If you have any doubts your best bet would be to call the park and ask them personally so they can clear up the confusion.
  21. Made that mistake this year and I'm glad I just have to renew mine for next year online.
  22. I would love to see a non-inverting loop coaster at Kings Island. Obviously with different theming than Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit but it looks like a lot of fun to ride.
  23. Your first post I commented on mentioned prices and those have been announced.
  24. As for the topic. I don't visit the water park that much so I will be a bit disappointed but Kings Island pays people to do decide on what is needed. If it makes the park better then I will be happy no matter what we get.
  25. Everyone has their own opinions. It would be a pretty boring world if everyone had the exact same thoughts on everything.
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