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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. i think The Kinzel Coaster could become a reality!!! this is exciting!
  2. thats the beautiful thing! those who dont fit the targeted audience of the ride. What the operators will consider "undesirables" will be removed from the Q.
  3. can't wait to see KI in the spring..i can smell the theme park food, hear the screams on the coasters, and hear the trains climbing the hills already *sigh* end of April seems so far away....
  4. its the pieces to the new roller coaster at KI the Kinzel Coaster! NEW FOR 2011! RIDE THE CORPORATE LADDER FOR YOURSELF!
  5. ^ a lot like the ride ops for the Haunted House at Camden Park in Huntington WV who push the cars to get them started and catch them to make'em stop...tough job when its 90+ outside (i've done it..tough job)
  6. i went to KI only once this year but the memories are amazing. Making the trip with just my wife and I, watching the Half-Pint Brawlers, riding The Beast at night, walking thru the park while its a little chilly outside.. *sigh* i miss you Kings Island..
  7. during my visit to KI 10/8/10 my fiance and I ate in Festhaus, I had a Bacon Cheeseburger (half a strip of bacon mind you), fries, and a drink, my fiance had a grilled chicken sandwich, fries, and a drink our total came to $38.00 i was very shocked, the food wasn't very good either. :angry:
  8. lol probably wouldn't hurt it if they did.

  9. yep..north..my bad harhar..

  10. this was on 10/8/10..waiting in line to get in the park you could see they were doing some test runs on Invertigo..this guy in front my fiance and myself said "i heard that someone jumped off Invertigo in the loop and landed all the way over here at the gates"
  11. You know, it really bothers me, the people who are saying this. There could have been problems. There still might be problems. Had Cedar Fair not handled this event so well, problems of some sort would have been inevitable. For nothing, indeed? lol seriously i bet if this was anything but wrestling this whole thing wouldn't be an issue..i got a great idea..KI should bring Miley Cyrus next year for HH..no..wait can't do that..she's gone all whore..might bring in the wrong crowd *sarcasm*...LET....IT....GO.
  12. this whole thread is a bit silly..i'm very religious (a strict Roman Catholic)..and i dont see a single thing wrong with Halloween Haunt..i just think maybe Raptorguy was being a troll. i had a great time at HH, and will probably go again next year..some people who have a problem with HH just need to realize its a show..nothing more, nothing less..
  13. yep! about 30 mins south of Huntington

  14. too bad it doesn't mean Please Save (my) Kid...would be awesome to have Son of Beast back..but..i doubt we'll ever get him back.
  15. i seen the HPB show on Oct 8th..nothing was out of the way about it. it was entertaining and the crowd seemed really into it and was not rowdy at all.. all the worry and complaining was for nothing.
  16. Day started leaving from Ashton West Virginia (outside Huntington), drove to Mason Ohio with no problems made great time. My fiance and I got to the hotel and checked in. At around 5:30pm we went to to line up at Kings Island. There was already a nice little crowd gathered. Seen some fellow West Virginians and spoke to a A.C.E member. I was very impressed with how KI opened the gates, a large number of scare-actors came running from the gates toward the crowd it was amazing, the chainsaw guys were awesome. after getting our tickets scanned our first activity was Adventure Express, we got ride
  17. the way i see it..if you dont like what they do..dont go.
  18. I recieved this email from someone involved in planning Wild Escape after i sent an email asking about the park. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Josh, The entertainment campus is in final design. As soon as that is approved, construction will be underway. Thank you for your interest in Wild Escape. Regards, Steve Minard ________________________________________________________________________________________________ hopefully this is a good thing.
  19. thanks for the report..i'm going Oct 8th...can't wait!!
  20. I kinda figured that's how it'd be..Honestly do you think they could do the hardcore blood thing 4 or 5 times a day every weekend? Then again..its what they are paid to do..
  21. i just spent a great deal of time reading every page of this..i'm glad the debate is over but i still wonder if the same fuss woud have been thrown if it was WWE or TNA considering they are much less hardcore..
  22. i used to have a horrible fear of roller coasters...reason being i'm a big guy 6'1" 320lbs..i was always afraid my restraints would snap lol..but after riding for awhile i began to realize..the restraints fit just fine and if i was too big they wouldn't let me ride..and the fear went away.
  23. Hmmm..i'm from WV and i never heard that WV was supposed to open a new park..do you have any details?
  24. counting down the days till my Halloween Haunt visit..Oct 8th can't come soon enough

  25. i know its off topic but..i live about 35 mins from Camden Park..that place has all the potential in the world.but in its current state..its a very depressing park..
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