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  1. Rode it Friday night, twice in a row. Seeing all that had been undone gave me a bad sinking feeling about it for next year. I'm probably worked up over nothing, but the rush of nostalgia from memories of the ride as a kid every time I go back there finally hit me. I guess I'd gotten complacent with it always being there, and once that complacency was interrupted (not saying its going anywhere, just a what if situation), it made me appreciate the ride so much more. I feel like any ride you think could even have a chance of going byebye quickly and quietly you should try and enjoy. You can never know which ride will be your last. TG still packs a punch (especially below 40)
  2. closed while we were in line a few minutes ago, around 5
  3. If I had to pick one place in the park to eat on opening day 2013, i'm definitely getting a burrito from hanks and kickin it next to the pond. See you guys there!
  4. Chrome or Firefox are almost always better options for browsing than Internet Explorer. I work in IT at my University and IE 6, 7, 8, and 9 are my worst enemies.
  5. ^ If it helps put those of you at ease who are still waiting on a call and a charge, the lady I spoke to on the phone told me I was the first one to order one. I'm sure you'll be getting your call and package sometime soon. They are rather heavy so I'd assume packing them isn't fun.
  6. I received my piece of track today after they called yesterday. Here are what they look like. I got No. 15 out of the 250. Comes with a nice Certificate of Authenticity signed by Greg Scheid.
  7. Good to see someone putting so much effort into their job, even so late in the year.
  8. I contacted the park about it earlier this afternoon and the track pieces are shipped via UPS. The woman on the phone said it would be about 12 dollars for shipping on top of the cost for the plaque.
  9. Good call. I don't know why i assumed it would be open. Thanks!
  10. Burgtoad67

    KIC enthusiast

    This is perfect. It totally describes me as well, down to the rides even. As I grew up through the 90's and 2000's, I made tons of memories riding and doing things that I thought would always be there. Phantom Theater, King Cobra, and the Antique Cars were huge hits in the childhood when they were removed. You can't replace memories like that. Son of Beast is the biggest blow for me, being that that ride was my coaster "moment" (when I knew i was hooked, haha) It really does give you a new perspective of the park. You create new memories every time you go, and you have to appreciate every moment you get there because you never know what won't be there next time you come. Hearing my parents tell me about The Bat, Flight Commander, and other rides of legend makes me wonder what I'll tell my kids about one day.
  11. I attended the Haunt on 9/21 (Friday). I must say, although the new Madame Fatale Haunt was rather great (even on opening night!), something felt sort of missing. My sister and girlfriend (both longtime attendees as well) both noticed it as well. It could have been the lack of the Fog smell we are now so used to, or the fact that there wasn't very much fog at all. The past few years Coney Mall has been something you can barely see in when walking, which I always thought added to the atmosphere of the night. To add to that, the combo of the fog and the scare actors is a fundamental of a good Haunt night. I think I saw maybe 10 scare actors around the park the whole night, and when they were around, they were either talking to each other or walking (not scaring). Everything else looked great. Action Zone had some life in it for the first time in years, and the decor around the park (music included) was awesome (Phantom Theater characters made me happy/sad to see). I'll chalk the lack of scaring the crap out of my 13 year old cousin up to being the first night, but hopefully someone or something gets us next time. Rides ran great! I'll be going back this Friday so I'll update then. Also planning on next Sunday (the 30th), and maybe the KIC Haunt night on the 5th.
  12. Just in case anyone was wondering, snapped this pic today. Seems to be getting worse. Daylight visible from within the ride.
  13. I can confirm the speculation on three things here. My girlfriend and I both witnessed 1 - the outside building damage (rode Adventure Express to see; it's quite obvious once you see it. Insulation hanging out and all) 2 - There IS sunlight visible from inside the ride (again, you have to look for it, but once you see it you can't unsee it) and 3 - the ride did glide through the MCBR. It was about the 3rd from the last ride of the night tonight (8-13-2012). I'd have pics but I was riding haha
  14. As a longtime fanboy of the ride, I am obviously disappointed. Sadly, the realist in me has known this was coming. Let me be the first to echo the sentiments of those willing to pay for a piece of history; It would be a fantastic souvenir and an awesome keepsake to have to remember my favorite attraction at KI
  15. Cut Your Wait Time On Fight of Fear. ^ I love fighting fear
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