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  1. Yes, very classy. I don't remember any fatalities on any Intamin coasters do you? Their coasters aren't made by people like the Dinn Corporation who lots of wood riders used to think had a flawless safety record until that awful Texas Giant incident. You've got to be kidding me, right? Please name me one fatality on an Intamin coaster please? #crickets You asked for it. This list includes six deaths. Among other incidents. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intamin#Safety_incidents Yeah wikipedia is a great source since it can be edited. How about you get some real articles but i'm guessing that post won't come will it? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/09/james-hackemer-army-amputee-thrown-from-roller-coaster_n_893850.html Here's your reliable source of a death on an Intamin...
  2. I don't think it was big enough to be put online. Well, that's unfortunate.
  3. Would anyone know where one could watch this news broadcast? I live in Indy and am unable to have seen the news at the time...
  4. What's the name of this beaut?? Great Bear at Hershey Park. I've heard very differing views on the ride, some people like it others hate it.
  5. A Patriot is something that flies? I guess ya learn something new every day!
  6. ??? I don't know if I should mention the TOS here or not, is this a one word response? It seems like a zero word response... What else do you say in response to someone trying to argue with a unknowlegable reply? I believe he was asking if you meant the Superman:Ride of Steel clones or the Superman:Ultimate Flight clones, as TheCrypt said, there are significant differences between the two.
  7. ??? I don't know if I should mention the TOS here or not, is this a one word response? It seems like a zero word response...
  8. jeez, this site is gettin wild

  9. I haven't really posted much in this topic for many reasons but, I feel like I would like to point out how silly it is for you people to be fighting over Intamin vs B&M. They both make great coasters that can be enjoyed by so many different people! Isn't that one reason that we are part of this great website? Because of all the fun and enjoyment we get from amusement parks? I can't stand to see this wonderful community fall apart because of some silly arguments that have been part of this thread. Shouldn't we all just respect other people and their opinions? Now, I really don't like calling people out, especially on the internet but I feel like this needs to be said, YoungStud, you have very strong opinions and that is wonderful! I love it when people can feel good about what they love, in your case its Intamin coasters(and I also have a passion for Intamin) but maybe the reason people might not respect you on this site as much as they respect other posters is because you seem very close minded about what you believe and you seem very disrespectful toward other members when you don't agree with them. Can't we all just find a way to get along, even with some of the "trolls", I feel like this thread has gotten far out of hand for too long and I really don't want some of the attitudes that members possess to spread and be the down fall of this amazing site. DCM, trying to restore peace while enjoying a great Snickers Bar
  10. I'm sorry, but a new topic about 2014 every 10 minutes when someone thinks of something new is the opposite of what this site needs.
  11. Anyone else going to the Reds game tomorrow?

    1. ohiocolts


      As in, the May 24th game or the June 27th game?


  12. If the holes are that close together and are there for a cobra roll then we must be getting a clone of Dorney's Hydra. DCM, spreadin' some speculation...
  13. Congratulations on going to the park for the first time. My game plan is to usually start with Invertigo(a tradition since I've been tall enough to ride it) and then head to Diamondback and work my way counter-clockwise around the park. Lunch at Kings Island can actually be very interesting due to the amount of different options that they have at the park.
  14. Much like MDMC01 my favorite is Invertigo, unfortunately I haven't gotten to ride it yet this year.
  15. ^Hurler was garbage anyway, did the trims really kill it? or was it just bad to begin with?
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