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  1. I say let the past remain in the past and live in the now and keep moving forward.
  2. I heard next season may be the last for the Slingshot as it will be removed to make room for a new flat. Who knows?
  3. Looks cool to me, will be able to judge better next year. I like the concept, layout, new restraints and odds are the ride experience will be smooth as silk.
  4. Farenheight @ Hershey Park that is the only coaster other than SOB that has beat the crap outta me! I'm not sure if it was just where I sat on the train? There's a few areas on the circuit that needs attention for sure!
  5. Let them build away, it doesnt matter as we had the record first and we're the only ones that have The Beast!
  6. Very nice! This is not a Diamonback video, but here's one I made of the WindSeeker (available in 1080 HD) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf34GI_FqCE
  7. I feel sorry for the maintenance department.
  8. Here's a site that might sum it up, scroll down to the bottom of this link Ohio Dept. of Agriculture Rider Responsibility Rules A frind of mine was told to put his cell away while we was nearing to top of WindSeeker, electric eyes are everywhere and you never know who might be watching.
  9. That would only be fair if we could touch back, there were a few dancers in Club Blood I wanted to touch
  10. Yes, the Backyard BBQ is worth dropping $13.99 on. Me and my family took avantage of the meal this past 4th of July and was very pleased. Fried Chicken, Mac'N'Cheese, Baked beans, rolls, chips, Pulled Pork BBQ, unlimited soft drinks, Brownies and prizes for the kids. You can either buy a print at home Eticket HERE or you can buy them at the entrance to the picnic cove on the way to BB. ~Bon App├ętit~
  11. The lines are never that crowded to begin with! $50 is alot to drop just to hurry onto a ride. Although it's more revenue for the park, maybe all the money KI makes off the sales they will put it to use by doing something with SOB and The Crypt.
  12. Top spin, giant top spins they're all the same just different variations in one way or another prototypes or not. Huss website offers many variations of those rides and there are some scattered around the globe, to my knowledge TC is the only one of it's kind and that's true! True to the fact that it's boring and needs some serious TLC.
  13. TC was a good ride back in the TR era, but now it's a time waster if you ask me! The powers that be are gonna have to overhaul that hoopty like there's no tomorrow to get her back to delivering thrills, TC gives Top Spins a bad name.
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