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  1. I'm not wanting to get into the debate here, or stir up controversy. I just want to ask a question about the Fast Lane. I'm from Niagara Falls, I've got a big coaster road trip booked in just over a week and will be at Kings Island on the 23rd. I've got a Platinum Pass so I'm not worried about shelling out the extra $50 if it's going to be busy. How does KI have the entrances set up? Do the lines merge? Is there an entrance from the exit. ...I'm already going to be getting some dirty looks from a few because I'm a single rider, how much worse is getting one of these passes?
  2. Thank-you very much. At least it clears it up somewhat. My 2 Cents over the whole thing is that unless the dark clouds rushed in to cover up the Clear Blue Sky & he got zapped by lightening all within 3 seconds...then sorry. This was a garbage Lawsuit. I don't know what the weather was like, but the odds of less-then-dark clouds and this guy getting hit by the first bolt o' lightening from the storm is highly unlikely. Like others have mentioned, I'll bet the medical bills were really high, and he figured...why not sue? That doesn't make it right, but I guess it's worth a shot. T
  3. Yeah, I found the article, I was just curious if anyone knows if he won or not...
  4. I was just telling some co-workers about the guy who sued Kings Island way back in 2001, because he wasn't warned that going into a parkinglot during a thunderstorm could be dangerous. His car blew up or something while standing beside it. I can't find anything on the net that talks about the outcome. Does anyone know anything about it? I figure this has to be the best place to look.
  5. Thanks for the help. Time to start crunching the numbers. Perhaps we'll see you all in the Fall. Cheers.
  6. I realize this may seem a little odd to be asking this question now.... My friends and I are planning to do a coaster trip this summer, having not done one for a couple years. Our last trip took us to PKI and although I'd like to visit a new park, the opertunity of returning and riding The Beast during the Fall is something I think that is worth considering. I'm a really big fan of Fall Forests as well as Roller Coasters. My concern is that all the thrill rides may not be open due to the season. SFDL for instance has in the past closed entire sections of it's park during it's own version
  7. Hey all, it's been a while since I've posted here. I'm from Canada and before visting your park, found some valuable info on your site. I'm hopeing some one might be able to answer a question. I realize that the rules that govern may not permit you to, but I'm going to ask anyhow... There are rumors going around Thrillnetwork.com that SOB had a rollback after the loop. Can anyone here confirm that they saw this. As well, if it did happen, is there some sort've explanation. I didn't see any threads here that suggested this did happen, so I'm less the optimistic about it.
  8. To bad those figures weren't still there when I was at the park this past summer. After 3 1/2 days of constant walking, coaster riding, and fire side drinking, the train ride was a welcome change of pace. Being a fan of natural visual's (tis is why I made the big drive for The Beast), I felt so let down by this short, uneventful train experience.
  9. I dream every day of PKI being up here in Niagara Falls Canada.
  10. Here's a site with one picture of The Beast. I can't seem to anchor to the proper page, but it's rather easy navigate to. The picture is in the Ride Gallery, and I think it's worth the look for those who have never seen this before. The site itself is pretty cool too. http://www.coaster-net.com/
  11. I voted for The Beast. Front seat during the day is amazing, and of course, front seat at night time (watching all the lightning bugs...whew) is even better. There is a certain quality of respect and admiration about that ride that is unparalleled. It's then only coaster that I've ridden that when you come back into the station, those waiting in line applaud and cheer your return. There is a kind of magic surrounding this ride. It takes you deep into a forest to release The Beast within yourself, and when you come out, it's total Zen.
  12. Well, thanks to all for answering the question for me. The way I figure it, both of us win because we can now reminisce about the greatest (wooden) coaster in the whole wide world over a cold one.
  13. No beers yet. You're right though about the multiple posts. My friend and I are right back to were we started...although, I'd been inclined to believe <ahem> Dane, only because he appears to be in a better position to know...
  14. Actually, it was my friend whom lost the bet. It was only a beer. Like one really needs an excuse to by a drink for a friend anyhow. Thank's for the info. You inflated one of our ego's
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