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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. What a disaster this season would have been if they had kept the rides.
  2. Not a good idea. It was in the same non-operating condition as it was when I tested it out five years ago. They stashed it back into the loft, then tried to put a $500 price tag on it at the sale. You could get a fully working game in better shape for around the same price.
  3. While everyone is still sad, here are a few photos I never posted from the summer of 2015. What a shame it was to see the Trabant in this condition. Coney Island - Trabant by Harvestman Man, on Flickr Coney Island - Trabant (6) by Harvestman Man, on Flickr Coney Island - Trabant (5) by Harvestman Man, on Flickr Coney Island - Trabant (4) by Harvestman Man, on Flickr Coney Island - Trabant (3) by Harvestman Man, on Flickr Coney Island - Trabant (2) by Harvestman Man, on Flickr
  4. Really hoping it's not curtains for both The Beach and Coney...
  5. I got up bright and early and headed to the sale this morning. Souvenir hunters, former employees and amusement park aficionados were all over the place. As my favorite game in the arcade was Skee-Ball, I gladly forked over $100 for a piece of Coney history. Now I have to figure out what to do with it. A smaller sign with the old Coney logo was only $20. DSCN9619 by Harvestman Man, on Flickr DSCN9620 by Harvestman Man, on Flickr Here were some of the other items on offer. Most of the signs were snapped up quickly, but the remainders will likely be found on Facebook Marketpl
  6. Huh. I never knew the Python was that old. Was it relocated from somewhere else? Also - has anyone heard mention of auctioning off any of the other park assets? I remember there was an old Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet languishing in the attic of the games building along with lots of spare parts for Skee-Ball, etc. Could be a veritable gold mine for someone in that line of work.
  7. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere yet: the removal of Thunder Alley was disappointing for me (and probably no one else). As far as I know it was the last gas-powered go-kart attraction in the Cincinnati area after Eastgate Adventures closed several years ago.
  8. A KI blog post covered the meanings of the license plates and the homage to the Zodiac on the new antique cars ride. One thing I was surprised that it did not mention was that the name "Peters" on one of the advertisements is a reference to the former Peters Cartridge factory located just outside the park.
  9. Yeah about that...apparently the guy who shot these originally was a bit of a creep and liked to film girls. I've been informed that girls are pretty much the only thing on the Coney reel. Not worth bothering with! As for the KI footage, you'll be seeing it soon enough in the upcoming #ki50movie.
  10. Not stuck inside - both films are intact. The problem was that the projector needed a new drive belt, and our replacement belt ended up partially melting and eventually broke from the heat of the lamp.
  11. Resurrecting this thread...I still have both reels and am preparing to get them digitized. Unfortunately more than half of the Coney reel is filled with St. Patrick's Day Parade and family picnic stuff. Whoever the camera operator in question was sure had a thing for mini skirts. Kind of creepy actually. Unfortunately, due to a belt-related incident involving my projector, I still haven't been able to see the rest of it. Who knows how much actual Coney footage is on there. The KI reel, however, is well worth checking out. Stay tuned...
  12. Pretty sure I visited a Kiddie Hawk in North Carolina one time.
  13. Every roller coaster is to be renamed Little Bill's Giggle Coaster. The parking lot is to be renamed Top Cat's Taxi Jam. That's all.
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