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  1. A KI blog post covered the meanings of the license plates and the homage to the Zodiac on the new antique cars ride. One thing I was surprised that it did not mention was that the name "Peters" on one of the advertisements is a reference to the former Peters Cartridge factory located just outside the park.
  2. Yeah about that...apparently the guy who shot these originally was a bit of a creep and liked to film girls. I've been informed that girls are pretty much the only thing on the Coney reel. Not worth bothering with! As for the KI footage, you'll be seeing it soon enough in the upcoming #ki50movie.
  3. Not stuck inside - both films are intact. The problem was that the projector needed a new drive belt, and our replacement belt ended up partially melting and eventually broke from the heat of the lamp.
  4. Resurrecting this thread...I still have both reels and am preparing to get them digitized. Unfortunately more than half of the Coney reel is filled with St. Patrick's Day Parade and family picnic stuff. Whoever the camera operator in question was sure had a thing for mini skirts. Kind of creepy actually. Unfortunately, due to a belt-related incident involving my projector, I still haven't been able to see the rest of it. Who knows how much actual Coney footage is on there. The KI reel, however, is well worth checking out. Stay tuned...
  5. Pretty sure I visited a Kiddie Hawk in North Carolina one time.
  6. Every roller coaster is to be renamed Little Bill's Giggle Coaster. The parking lot is to be renamed Top Cat's Taxi Jam. That's all.
  7. From what I've heard about the condition of the Grand Carousel, that part of the video where vines overgrow the horses and such might actually happen.
  8. Announcement this week?? Choo choo, all aboard Johnny's Little Red Hype Choo-Choo Train.
  9. A bit late to this topic. The arcade/midway area has been re-arranged, with several games removed - Bowler Roller, Poster Dart, and Balloon Dart if memory serves - and others taking their place. Notably, the number of Skee Ball machines has been halved, but they are now more visible (facing the restrooms/Scrambler in the middle of the midway). Presumably this was due to the poor reliability that the machines experienced last season. Many complaints were voiced about missing balls, undispensed tickets, and eaten tokens. But hopefully that is all better now. Additionally, there's a large inflatable ride/game in the middle of the arcade game section (the covered area where picnic tables are/were). I'm not entirely sure how it works but it seems to involve jumping over an inflatable arm and not falling. I'm not sure what the official name for it is, but the games trailer known by some as "The Pit" now features a second Duck Pond game, as I was told. The original one in the midway was a HUGE hit with younger kids, so I hope that this other location succeeds as well.
  10. It's a rare occurrence that a trespasser armed with nothing but a camera will be given jail time. I have heard of a few tickets being given out, but those are rare as well. 95% of the time, police and security do not care about someone who is doing no harm to their property. Thank you (and Terpy too) for the legal advice. I'll pass the advice along to fellow UER folk.
  11. As is disobeying the speed limit, among other things. If you (or anyone else) does that on the way up to KI, then you're just as much of a no-good dirty criminal as I am. Now, back on topic...
  12. If they care at all about their property, then it really should be their job to prevent people from coming in and scrapping, vandalizing, spray-painting, partaking of drugs in, setting fire to, shooting guns at, or otherwise destroying their property. One fence in front of a driveway, with no additional security measures whatsoever (not even fencing around the rest of it!), shows that they do not give a hoot about the property. I brought a camera and not power tools, spray paint, drugs, matches, or weapons. There are bigger fish to fry. The singular "No Trespassing" sign on a single length of fence across the driveway means about this much: Sure, I did trespass. No use in denying that. I also knew that no one cared.
  13. Correct. I shouldn't have been able to do so.
  14. Went in there a few months ago (there is absolutely no security apart from the small section of fence blocking cars from entering). Not terribly much to see apart from generic torn-up hotel detritus. I have held onto the photos I took for now but might post them in the near future.
  15. Just curious here - what remnants of pre-1972 Coney Island are still present in the park (whether being used as intended or not)? I am aware that Moonlite Pavilion is the former Dodgems/Cuddle Up ride building. Moonlite Gardens and Sunlite Pool are still around, of course. The theatre/candy shop/Backstage Grill appears to be a survivor as well, but what was it originally built as? I have heard that the arcade building started life as a bath house. Is this true? If not, what was it originally?
  16. In theory, one could cause the other (but not the other way around).
  17. Working the ticket redemption counter - right around the corner from the arcade games, in plain sight - at Coney on the evening of July 3. Lady: "How do you get those prizes back there?" Me: "You can get them by redeeming tickets from the games." She looks around confusedly for a moment. Lady: "Where are the games?" Me: "...They are right around the corner there." Asking for things like an ATM or the token machine is an everyday occurrence. But, to date, she is the only customer of the summer to ask where the games were in the arcade.
  18. According to half of the customers at Coney's ring fling game, the bottle for the major prize is blue. According to half of the customers at Coney's ring fling game, the bottle for the major prize is green. I still can't figure which one it is. I usually refer to it as "the Colored Bottle" so that it does not arouse any arguments.
  19. I have to apologize for the prior misinformation. Very sorry about that. Scrambler is spinning as usual with a shiny new coat of paint and a lack of Eli Bridge decals. You know it's going to be a fun season when the power goes out on the second day of the year. It was a big surprise to everyone there - luckily everything was safe and orderly. As always, check out the midway when you come. We've spent lots of hard work making it vibrant and fun to all parkgoers. Have A Fun Day!
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