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  1. In case this hasn't been posted, Stricker's Grove will be open on August 14th. This is one of only a few times a year that the park opens. For those who haven't visited this park yet, here is a chance to see how a small park thrives in the shadow of PKI.
  2. School of Rock is a fun movie and I do not even like most modern rock. I think it will fit well with PKI. Yes, PKI needs a Star Trek ride. I am somewhat shocked it hasn't happened yet. I think a Star Trek Inverted Coaster form B&M would be neat or they could go with Star Trek: Flight of Fear.
  3. The Scrambler isn't going anywhere, in fact, according to one of the owners of Stricker's Grove, the state of Ohio ordered modifications to be made to update all Scramblers in the state. I forget the modifications that were required, but PKI refurbished their scrambler after last season. It isn't going any where. It usually has a pretty decent line and compared to rides like the Eagles and Drop Zone, it is somewhat of a high capacity ride.
  4. PKI will catch Cedar Point in the coaster count eventually. I think that IJ:ST will be successful and will be followed by another coaster within a year or two.
  5. I tried posting this earlier and messed it up. This isn't meant to be a prediction of any ride removals at the park.
  6. Vortex Scrambler Monster Congo Falls Top Gun Adventure Express Scooby's Ghoster Coaster Wave Swinger Fight of Fear White Water Canyon
  7. I do not see Vortex, Top Gun or Adventure Express leaving the park. The only coaster they might remove would be Scooby's Ghoster Coaster, which will not be taken out because they hold the record for the most kiddie/family coasters. The only thing I see them removing would be Congo Falls(Kings Dominion took out a similar ride).
  8. Wow! This poll turned out exactly like I thought it would-a tie between Beast and Racer(so far). The Beast will always be the greatest ride in the history of PKI, but my own opinion is that without the success of The Racer, the focus on new rides at the park would have turned away from coasters and the skyline at PKI today would be very different. The park could have turned out to be an attraction park like the Orlando theme parks if The Racer hadn't caught attention.
  9. What do you think is the most important coaster in PKI's long history? I am not asking what your favorite is. I am asking you which ride is the one that means the most. I know many people will say The Beast, but my choice is The Racer. The building of The Racer renewed America's interest in coasters and was the first large theme park woodie. Most of the major coasters at PKI either held records or broke new ground in the amusement park industry when they opened.
  10. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Phantom Theater's soundtrack?
  11. I was very happy to see the Usher and Maestro from Phantom Theater when I went to the park yesterday. The Dracula film is an embarassment-even worse than Days of Thunder. Maybe PKI can bring back the old PT characters on a permanent basis since they still have them. I also love hearing PT's soundtrack. Have the usher to direct guests into the Paramount FX Theater was a nice touch.
  12. I keep the launch and the inversions on Flight of Fear a secret from first time riders that I bring to the park. I tell everyone that it is a family dark ride and I am always believed. Even after they see the launch while waiting in line, they always believe that there are no loops.
  13. One more thing about camera rules in Asia. I have been to Japan and Korea(I love Lotte World) and I can vouch that parks do allow cameras on the rides in these countries. In fact, I know of a few parks that actually encourage it.
  14. Of course, there is nothing wrong with on ride photography as long as it isn't against park policy. Thanks for sharing the photos!
  15. I am posting this for fun-not to cause a debate. Ohio is lucky to have so many wonderful parks to choose from. I know everyone here is a PKI fan, but what is your favorite park in Ohio? Once again, this is meant for fun, so do not take this the wrong way.
  16. The only way The Bat would work is with banked turns. I do not see it happening though since the park has Top Gun.
  17. I am not sure if anyone has posted this or not, but I thought I would post this poll. If anyone has already posted something like this, just consider this another take on the subject.
  18. No, there never has been an elevator on the Demon/Thunderbolt Express. The Demon was the second Arrow shuttle loop(actually the first to open). The original Arrow shuttle loop is now at Fun Spot in Indiana. It had an elevator at one time in it's original home(I think it was in Florida), but that was later removed before it went to Fun Spot. The one at Fun Spot is reported to be the only Arrow shuttle with an elevator at one time. Yes, these rides are more exciting than they look and they take up so little space. The Demon/Thunderbolt Express has been closed and some of the supports are missing. I doubt it will ever run again. It was supposed to be renovated for 2002, but that didn't happen. Now, I believe it has been taken off of Camden's map and removed from the website.
  19. Folks, I hate to have to say this, but the problem with enthusiasts is far greater than what many of us think it is. Unfortunately, I think the parks are getting tired of enthusiasts going into the parks, disobeying the rules and then expecting the parks to sign the deed to the property over to the enthusiasts. PKI gives ACE members a daily walk back to The Beast. Let's hope this treat isn't taken away.
  20. I m not sure if this has been posted yet, but I say let's all take a guess as to what is coming for next year and see who is right. I think a major coaster is off for next year. The reason I say this is because of the lack of land clearing. If anything big was coming, we would have noticed a great deal of land clearing by now. Think about it. It is almost August and the season starts next April. I say if a coaster is coming next year, it will be a Wild Mouse. I also think there may be something done to Waterworks. This is just my guess. All of you holding out for a B&M for next year may have to wait a little longer.
  21. I agree that someone shouldn't say a ride is dumb just because it is old. The Scheechin' Eagle at Lesourdsville Lake was built in 1927 and it is a fantastic ride. SE is considered to be one of the best coasters in Ohio. PT wasn't a dumb ride. PT was a work of art. Those characters appeared to be so lifelike compared to the Scooby ride.
  22. Ryan, I agree with you. I was at PKI this past Sunday and my sister had to ride Scooby Doo and the Haunted Crapper. I went on it with her. It was just as I expected. The characters are mostly 2-D, instead of the 3-D characters PT had. I thought PT was a wonderful ride and all of those PT characters were full of life. PT is my favorite non-coaster ride ever at PKI. Nothing will truly replace it. I do not forsee myself riding SD&HC that much. As for Scooby, I imagine there will not be a lot of people crying in ten years when this puppy gets put to sleep!
  23. I have exciting news for everyone! I am sure everyone remembers The Bat suspended coaster. You either got to ride it, saw it on tv, or saw it in person on a day it wasn't running. I am happy to report that The Bat will indeed make a return to PKI in 2004! The ride will feature modifications to fix the problems it had when it first ran at the park. The Bat will be placed in behind the Paramount FX Theater and should be ready by opening day 2004! Top Gun will be removed as it is being sold to Kennywood where it will be placed on the hillside over looking the river. The station will be located over the hill close to the river and the coaster will be renamed Phantom Phlyer at its new home in Pittsburgh! It will also intertwine with Phantom's Revenge and the Thunderbolt! Remember folks, this is official news that you have read here on APRIL FOOLS day!
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