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  1. I like the sinking.... Good one haha Its just over sensitive, assumes a train blew a break run by like an inch and the ride automatically ride stops... its a safety feature not a news story...
  2. If I go on holiday weekends its usually for ERT , a couple more rides after the park opens maybe a show or two then leave (if its not hot enough for the water park)
  3. I saw the TV's on media day... Was afraid of something like this happening..... Who knows maybe it wont last and we can get our ride theme's back in the queue's... changing that is like removing the video from FOF or the under carrier from top gun... oh wait never mind
  4. Yes, It has always been there. I have been watching the webcam waiting to see it moved. Once its moved I'll be heading to KI!! I love coasters but can get motion sickness even with medication. So Ill take a few rides on Drop Tower and I'm all set for more coasters!! We do need to understand and remember Don has a job to do hence the PR at the end of his display name! He needs to protect the brand (Park). If there's a lot of false information on here (anything posted not in rumor or speculation form that's not true) WE the KIC community need to do our best to nip it in the but as soon as possi
  5. I am very grateful to Kings Island and all who were in the process of getting us into media day!! This was awesome!!
  6. I like when you try to explain stuff to people and they either shrug it off or ignore the fact that (as in this case) the item in question is directly in front of them... Why do you think the metal breaks go up after the train launches....
  7. To be fair until they changed the wheels it had a hum not a rattle after they changed the wheels half way through the season you felt and heard the "rattle"
  8. I am still stuck on the old names.... I Wish it could go back to Top Gun and Play Danger Zone in the queue.... Though if it needed renamed this was an Excellent name!!
  9. I doubt just getting outside will help most of us here!! We NEED Coasters!!
  10. Yea, tell me a better way than this to prep for Opening Day!! I haven't thought this hard about Coasters since before the WindSeeker announcement!!!
  11. Well that crushes my dreams of ever riding king cobra again!!! oh well
  12. I have been following the construction of WindSeeker fairly closely and i went through all the pics i could find... There are none that i can locate with those sections (i am still looking) But i was thinking it was the line for WindSeeker (maybe they wanted to avoid the Diamondback line that wrapped around the tower) then the "Teaser" happened and im at a loss!!
  13. Elmer i just found this thread, i did the same thing!! I feel every KIC member needs to have done this!! I would be elated if they re-opened this event!!!
  14. well lets think of the last coaster that went "SBNO" for two years (The Bat) It came down to make room for The Vortex and there wasn't any work before it came down then The Vortex went up!!
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