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  1. IMO Patriot's layout looks like what I think we will be getting for 2014..
  2. 1. BoddaH1994 (Ryan) 2. Beastie1980 3. jcgoble3 (Jonathan) 4. NoChickens 5.Mrs.NoChickens 6. faeriewench (+2) 7. IndyGuy4KI 8. Avatar (Jesse) 9. malem (Matthew) 10. Jrose530 (James)
  3. Did Diamondbacks tag have “country of origin USA” printed on it? If you ask me looks like this track is going to be shipped out of the country.
  4. Any one on this forum know what rides will be open for ERT? Try to search with no luck, also tried to make this post terp proof
  5. https://www.facebook...=1&l=56f71ccfde Best I can do as I'm driving home.
  6. I think it's neat that a season park is doing this!! I just bought tickets A lot of people don't realize just how much time and money goes into something like this.
  7. Same here! My whole family is coming over to watch it. LOL
  8. Funny thing that on July 4, 2007 SOB reopened, and if your telling us somthing is going to happen on a Wednesday!! Well July 4, is on a Wednesday.. But I think that I putting too much thought into this
  9. LMFAO!! Thank you, Completely agree with Gordon Bombay.. I understand that this is the rumor forum but the bull Sh** is starting to build up too high.
  10. Works fine for me!!! I all ready have 3 offers, 1. free popcorn 2. free cotton candy 3. free ride on go carts. I'm saving for The Beast tour.
  11. I have always had problems with the front car to. I just sit in the back now! But I feel like there is a big difference in size between the front and back
  12. Looks like the new park map is up!!! http://www.visitkingsisland.com/images/uploads/file/2012_KI_park_map_2.pdf
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