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  1. Went up Saturday night, got in the park at 10pm no problem...visited my daughter, and left at 11. Leaving there on a Saturday this time of year is a free for all. ERT Sunday at 10am was far less crowded than it was last month at the drop. Got my rides in on SV, Maverick, Valravn, and MF with ease before 11. Used my free FP plus, so really didn't wait for anything the rest of the day. Steel Vengeance never fails to put a big grin on my face. How they took a turd like Mean Streak and made such a great coaster out of it makes me sad for the decisions that KI made with SOB. The structure was so bad they had no choice, but had they gotten just that part right...
  2. It's just funny to watch guys with no business running unless something scary is chasing them, knowing exactly as you said, they will be one car ahead. I always go in the Breakers gate. I wonder, though, how they plan to police the half hour difference with gold pass vs platinum and resort guests.
  3. They had a sign up Sun/Mon stating that at the checkpoint, but there was no one policing it. More of a free for all. Grown adults sprinting full speed at 9am to ride a ride should be summarily tasered, and then thrown out of the park. The rest of us made it to Steel Vengeance without running just fine.
  4. Bennett

    Decoding 2020

    The ride before was not ridable for me at 6'6". The new restraints are awesome, and I can enjoy the coaster now without getting my brains beat in.
  5. We've done 5 cruises now, we love it! We enjoyed the Oasis class ship we did last year, but for whatever reason, we seem to like the Freedom class ships a little better, which we have done twice, the last on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston this May. Felt the Oasis was awesome with all the separate areas, especially the central park, but the sheer size made it tough to walk around to get anywhere, and having to pre-book shows with a large group was a pain. Freedom class ship, while a click smaller, just fits us better. I would highly recommend to anyone here to do a cruise.
  6. Just go. There is plenty to do, even if it rains a bit. Some of the best days in the park in my experiences have been on days that were supposed to be washouts. Have fun!
  7. Went up late Saturday for the first time this year with my daughter. International Street looks great, I think the fountain, once completed, will be an upgrade from what we had. We did our usual "sad coaster tour" of Racer, Adventure Express, and The Bat. Everything was actually working on AE, for the first time in 10 years it seemed! What a fun coaster in the dark! The Blue Racer was actually running? Yes! First time riding that one in years as well. Great ride again in the dark. The Bat was The Bat, still not worth the walk back. On another note, Mystic Timbers is such a great coaster, seemed faster in the rain/mist. I didn't get to get my Beast ride in the dark and rain, as it was down. Banshee might be taking over as best night time ride...
  8. I've tried twice now to take one more painful ride on this...been down both Sundays when I was back in that area. Goodbye, and good riddance to bad rubbish.
  9. All Vortex needs is to put in a modern restraint system, something along the lines of the way they redid Maverick at CP. Fun ride, but it was made a non-rider for me due to the uncomfortable old restraints. The way Vortex is, and being 6'6", it just beats me to death. I haven't ridden it in years, and won't until they modernize the cars.
  10. They were running three trains Sunday. What an incredible ride. Talk about making lemonade out of a lemon... Made me a bit sad riding it, though...wish the timing for a certain coaster in Kings Mills would have been a little different.
  11. They can have Lucy at the top pulling the football away from Charlie Brown...
  12. Man, I hope I am wrong...I have a funny feeling about this.
  13. I can tell you that Vortex just kills me now. The way that I fit in the cars, there is almost no way to keep my 6'6" frame from being punished. The only thing that will fix the ride for me will be new cars and restraints. I see the ride going away before being retrofitted.
  14. Perfect North does similar. That said, I have never seen anyone check your "time slot". Once you're in, you're in.
  15. Well, not exactly. As mentioned above, at Universal, you aren't getting in line for a coaster with a cell phone or keys in your pocket, zippered or not. I do agree that planning ahead can fix things most of the time. Correct. I was turned around on Dragon Challenge on our first day with only my phone in my zippered pocket. They don't, they don't, they don't mess around.
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