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  1. The Rivertown buffet is the best place, especially if you are doing an all day marathon visit. Eat bearkfast on the way to the park, do the rides, hit the waterpark around 11:30. Leave there around 2, head to the buffet to eat, cool off, and relax for an hour or so. Then finish the day. Plus, with the gold pass, it is relatively inexpensive, plus, I'd rather spend the little extra, and not have to leave, find a place to eat, and park and walk in all over again.
  2. I would imagine that the trims were put in place because of the roughness of the ride. Now that they have smoothed the ride so dramatically, hopefully they can remove at least the second trim, if not both.
  3. The new "reign" seems to be off the a great start, by all accounts. That said, if what we see here is indeed correct, if in fact a decision has been made, that the general public would be informed by the end of this operating season. Fans like us just want to know, one way or the other. Logic would say that a decision has indeed been made. Of course, this whole conversation could be good, old fashioned, horsepucky, but ,why would anyone subject themselves to the ridicule had it not taken place, and go to so much detail to do so?
  4. Been like that all year. Love the change.
  5. Sunday sucked out loud with crowds...even a substantial wait during ERT's for DB. But, there were busloads upon busloads of hungover after prom imbeciles in their matching t-shirts, clogging up the works pretty dramatically. Why we left at 11:30. When AE is lined up out to the sign that early, it is not a good day to get rides in.
  6. Best ride The Beast has given in 15 years, from row 2. As close to it's former glory as it's going to get. Smooth as silk.
  7. Sunday, yes. We did The Beast at 10am...best ride I've had on it in 15 years.
  8. Interesting...we got to the DB at 9:10ish, by 9:25, when we got back from first ride, was a good, long line already. A good 20 minute wait. A ton of people for ERT there yesterday, way more than I have ever seen. Line went past the pop machines, and around the first bend in the que... Therefore, only rode it once during ERT. We went over to Invertigo, and walked on it. Very odd the way they have Invertigo running all by itself, and DB and Planet Snoopy open. BTW, Drop Zone, Delirium, and WindSeeker were all closed at approx 11am. FOF was lined up out the door and snaked 4-5 times into the outdoor que (at least a 40 min wait), and Firehawk was at minimum a half hour wait at 10:30-11am. We left around 11:30. Were we at the same park at the same time???
  9. Fun little ride, if it's not a walk on, will not ride it. The effects were far better before. The restraints are fine, even at 6'6".
  10. With many of the food and drink places having monitors now instead of price boards, they can change the prices on items much easier.
  11. No food, just a beer. Played a couple cheap games, with the gold pass, you get 6 beer pong balls for a buck, and 4 basketballs for a buck to win some goofy toys my daughter likes. Two medium size dolls for two bucks seemed fair. Couple folks outside had burritos from Hanks. Looked pretty good, lot of food for less than $8. Enough for two.
  12. I certainly was forced to question the sanity of folks riding WWC and Congo Falls.
  13. Whether I agree with FL or not, why is it a merchant's responsibility to make sure all guests have the same experience? If I have the option of paying more, I deserve more (i.e. the previously mentioned first class seating). I have not seen where KI has guaranteed the same guest experience for everyone paying for park entry. I have not seen many comments in the TR for opening weekend concerning FL. Anyone have any thoughts? Other than forcing KI to make changes to line que layouts (Racer, Vortex), I don't think that Saturday gave any clues as to how this will work long term, because I probably didn't see more than 10-15 total using FL from 5:45 until close.
  14. SoB is only "collapsing" from FD, not AE. Nice TR! Other than you mentioned, any thoughts on FL? Who knows...hard to see how painlessly they can implement it on Saturday, as there was no one really using the FL. Whomever paid for it Saturday got ripped off. That said, I try my best not to go on busy days, long lines and I don't get along.
  15. Again, kudos to the park staff, all rides running smoothly during our stay for 4+ hours. Hopefully, they will do something more to try to hide the "Crapt" than barely covering the sign, and putting a photobomb booth in the front of the que.
  16. Arrived around 5:45pm, had to work all day. Whomever decided to remove the detector stand from the front...BRAVO! Entrance looks a thousand times better. If they did nothing else over the off season, that would have been great. Will make the mornings much, much easier for everyone. First ride of the year was DB. Waited around 20 minutes, main thing I noticed was the utter lack of Fast Lane riders. Many cars left the station with 5-6 empty single seats. Rode front car, second row, as usual. Rode spectacularly. Headed towards The Beast. Did not feel the need to wait 45 minutes being a pass holder...went back 3-4 times over the course of the night, similar wait times all night long. Pass. Vortex next. Noticed the FP "bridge" to get in. Saw two riders come across it...three cycle wait. Rode great, seemed more fun that last year, I've learned to accept it for what it is. Just a matter of getting comfortable in the seat, being 6'6" makes it tough, but I've got my "posture" down. Made our way from there to Invertigo...again, too much wait. Paint job looks great, but no ride. Flight Deck was typical...longer to walk to it that the wait and ride combined. Front car, though, is a fab ride. From there, back to DB. Practically a walk on at that point. Raining at this point, man, that ride hurts in the rain. Back to Coney, to The Racer. Removing the fence inside was, again, a brilliant idea. Much less claustrophobic, makes the whole station look better. But, just filthy in there. I did honestly think that they would have spend some time, and the requisite dough to repaint the whole ride. While they did paint some areas in the station, the ride itself is one big paint peel. From there, off to let my daugher ride Delrium, whilst I has a Moerlein Maibock from Hanks bar. Revamped the beer selection (THANK YOU!!) for this year, again well done. Adventure Express...with all the arms working! Can't remember the last time that was. Great little ride, still one of my faves. Too dark to see the "collapsing" SOB...lol Another trip to DB, then to the Flight of Firehawk, as we call that area. Firehawk a walk on, rode the front car for the first time. A completely different ride there! With my tall, skinny self, that ride just kills my shoulders and shins, but, the front row makes it well worth it. FOF is so much better with the lighting effects! Always been a great ride, but the lighting takes it to the next level. New products in the shops, some cool t-shirts, etc. Did not sample any food, though the Hanks burrito shop seems to have a good selection of stuff, and as I said with the bar out back, much better selection than last year ( I have a particular hatred of beer for $7 + ending in "Eiser", or "IGHT", or "ite".) If I'm gonna get high grossed, I would at least like to enjoy something different.
  17. Much better opening effort this year from the KI staff. Everything running smoothly. The Bobcat in the dining hall made my daughter and I laugh for quite a while. Figured they might use it to scoop taters. Completely bummed that they didn't paint The Racer for it's 40th birthday. Red car seemed much, much slower, an extra brake in there before the turn around. Ride looks 40 years old, but nothing that a coat of paint couldn't fix.
  18. Bad company...they also harass folks at Reds games. Shame that KI would let them in the park.
  19. Be prepared to wait in line. A lot. Also, be prepared to have many rides shut down during the course of the day, some will have a sign out front, some will shut down whilst you are waiting. Kind of a crapshoot which rides it will be, but, in my experience, all of the coasters will need work during the day. So, if any of the above things bother you, don't go opening day. If you like the atmosphere, and don't plan to ride a ton of rides, you'll enjoy yourself.
  20. The question is...did they give it the paint job it so desperately needs?
  21. Eleventy billion posts. I do not see that as an option to vote for.
  22. You should not have any issue with Firehawk. DB probaly will not be a problem, they should still have the test seat out front. Beast may be a bit uncomfortable to squeeze into, but once in, just about anyone fits.
  23. WWC, always a fun time. Best was the KCKC.
  24. We were just at the Universal Parks, as well as Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Never on any of the rides did anyone there even attempt to keep anyone from taking photos of the ride pics. Not once in four days. So much so, that I started taking pics of most of them. The late 1930's era Germans in the DB ride photo area might want to take a page out of their "hospitality" book. Heard many people just berated there...over the top, IMO. Even if it is "banned", I don't need to hear riders being yelled at and threatened.
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