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  1. I've been twice since Tuesday, both days a 100% no go.
  2. All I am stating is that when on back to back days where winds on the ground are 10-15 MPH, and the ride is closed due to high wind, that does not bode well for the future of the ride. The other part of me says that certainly this crossed someones mind before investing millions... Hopefully the policy will change, and, maybe they are taking baby steps with it. Time will tell.
  3. Just bad PR. If it is as wind speed issue, again, SAY SO. Post a wind gage at the top, which I'm sure is there, as well as a readout at the bottom of the ride. If it is above XX mph, it stays closed. If it is 20 mph, which I've been told, or 25, or whatever, just put it in the open. I am thinking that they are not saying because the speed is low enough where you'll have a ride closed just as often as it is open, just as The Bat was. And, CVG is the best closest gage to measure at, similar ground. Lunken is too sheltered. No discernable meteorological difference.
  4. Do you know of any conflicting information which would show the wind speed was 25 mph or less at an elevation of 300+ feet yesterday? Yesterdays MAX wind speed at CVG was 23 mph...average wind speed was 11mph... http://www.wundergro...ilyHistory.html Again, if wind is why it is closed, SAY SO! It's not a difficult concept. Also, Tuesday's MAX wind speed at CVG was 31 mph. Was open.
  5. If it is indeed 25mph, why was it not running yesterday?
  6. I am of the mind that they have built another "Bat", but without the mechanical and physical breakage. If it will not run in winds over 10 mph, then why build it in this climate? Winds here are more than 10 mph on the majority of days... I went yesterday afternoon, got to the park at 4:30ish, noticed it wasn't running while we were in Boomerang Bay. Went to main park 7ish, they were moving it a bit, but not running. I figured that it was because of the storms that were forecast for yesterday. If indeed it won't operate with 10 mph winds or better, they have built a major disappointment, and will be a PR disaster, IMHO.
  7. Odd, I found The Beast nearly unridable last season. Had to shame my 12 year old into riding it again this year...and, whatever work they did this offseason really did smooth things out, we've rode it at least 8 times this season so far, and find it much smoother, but, very much slower than it was 8-15 years ago.
  8. Or, you just get there early, park in the front row at Boomerang Bay, and use your car as your locker. Works great for drinks, food, sunscreen, etc. Just take a key and my passes. A bit longer walk to get in the main entrance for ERT, but worth it come swim time.
  9. Agreed on Diamondback...there is one train in particular that the wheels rattle terribly, feels like the whole thing is going to come apart. Kid and I went Tues at 5pm, left at 7:30, everything was a walk on. Did Diamondback 4 times, Beast, Invertigo, Flight of Fear, Firehawk, Italian Job twice. Beast was much improved over last year, as was Flight of Fear.
  10. What an opening day....went with my daughter, arrived 5:30 or so. Had to be an embarrasing day for the KI folks. Ride after ride breaking down. Adventure Express went belly up while we were waiting in line, Congo Falls (seriously!!) went kaput while we were in the flume waiting to go up the hill, Delirium went on the fritz while in line for it as well... Three in a row. Blowed up. Swell... That said, they did get the red Racer running, where we saw that Firehawk was down as well....but, after 8:45, that, Flight Deck, and Adventure Express turned into walk ons, so we wore those three out. WindSeeker looks awesome from The Racer, can't wait to give it a go. Never been on an opening day, can say with certainly that I never will again. Glad I have passes, as I would have been furious to have paid for that day only. Long lines for walk ons, silly lines for the good rides...when they didn't break down.
  11. Going up this afternoon after 4pm...hopefully, they will have some of the bugs worked out. This is our first year for family season passes, a beautiful day to go!
  12. They offered me a hundred grand...but, you know something? When they told me I'd get my hands on you, I told them I'd do it for nothing.

  13. The fine folks behind the counter like to yell and holler if you do that...one needs to be stealth.
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