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  1. One more thing...if they catch you holding hands on the photos, they will delete them, and turn you in to the moral authorities.
  2. I always find it quite cool how two different sets of people can have such vastly different experiences. For instance, I thought that the Hogwarts Express was super cool, rode back and forth on it 6 times in two days. That said, I am a HP geek, have seen every movie umpteen times. Great trip report! I would be happy just to spend my money, and never leave the two Harry Potter areas. Just amazingly well done. You are correct in the theming in the queue of Gringotts. The bank area is unlike anything I've seen, it is like being on the set of the movie. Did you get to try a Hogshead Brew? The actual beer? Great stuff. Maybe just the atmosphere, but my favorite day there was drinking ond of those in the park, by myself, at 9:12 am on a Tuesday morning, on the bridge looking at the castle. A few moments to myself, as I got in a few hours ahead of the family. You are not alone in your feeling on the Jurassic area. Needs some love, went there twice in the past few years, and had the same issue on the same ride. Seems like a missed opportunity to me. Shame that you didn't get to ride the Bilge-Rat Barges, since you were already wet. Such a fun ride, though Ripsaw Falls is so great too.
  3. Went to Coco Key one time, less than six months after the place opened. Not a real fan of indoor places like that, the chlorine smell just kills me. Nice enough, clean at the time, good deal on a bucket of beer. Had the place nearly to ourselves. Never been to Great Wolf, just seems way, way overpriced for what you get.
  4. I am also 6'6". I've ridden Wicked Twister multiple times on multiple trips, and never even been questioned. Same with Invertigo. Never tried to ride Delirium, which I know I am too tall for, but have no desire to ride, so I cannot attest one way or another. Rip Ride Rockit at Universal also has a height limit, ridden it multiple times as well without question.
  5. Bennett

    Would You?

    I would go. I would take Cohagen, Richter, Benny, Kuato, and Douglas Quaid. After all, you would have to give the people air...
  6. Perhaps a staffing/crowd size issue? I would state that those stands on slow days are not open, and the first weekend of Haunt would certainly qualify.
  7. Just saw on Inside The Magic Facebook page that the name will officially change to Disney Springs on September 29.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk I wonder how long it will take people to stop referring to it as Downtown Disney? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPSYWtcwUdU
  8. Bennett

    Dollar Days

    Yesterday was not KI's finest hour, for sure. Painfully understaffed. Woefully poor planning. I understand, with the heat, and being the last operating day for Soak City on a holiday that the water park would be a free for all, perhaps someone in staffing for the park might have been able to figure that one out as well? Add to that Dollar Day, which bring every mooch and freeloader out of the woodwork, and you have a recipe for a huge crowd. If I can figure it out, certainly someone making 5 cents more an hour than myself could. Perhaps not.
  9. As does the meal plan restaurants? People have to renew their plans, and also I'd be a betting man to say those concessions are only compensated when the meal plan is used at their restaurant. They don't get cash and credit card payments from others? They certainly don't from me. I didn't pay in advance, thus holding myself hostage a year at a time to whatever gruel slowly served they decide to let me have. The park has gates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUcPz2cuJCk
  10. Bingo. The value is just not there, even if the food was good. Would rather go to Quaker Steak and Lube, BW3, or Acapulco. Way better food, way better service, I can have a beer, and cost is the same.
  11. Food is mediocre at best, inedible at times, is very over priced, and service is terrible, to be kind. Frisch's never hits the radar anymore for us...and will not.
  12. With HS football hitting week one in Ohio, you could probably shoot a cannonball down the queues of most rides tonight and not touch anybody.
  13. I nearly ALWAYS end up being part of those type of rides/shows, be it Disaster, the old Backlot Tour at Disney, even when they had the "live" newscast in Hollywood Studios. Disaster was a cool ride, and I am glad that I was able to do it twice last year, and, was in the "show" both times. Being a foot taller than everyone else always gets me picked. Sad to see it go, wonder if it will be another "simulator"?
  14. Well, if that was my last ride on Racer as it currently sits, one in the pouring rain was a fitting end.
  15. Nothing there right now...by fruit stand
  16. Whatever happens tomorrow has to be the answer for why The Racer has been shown no love over the past few years. Looks a shambles of it's former self. I am calling for a re-do, new paint, new lights, new track, the works. Of course, that means they will bulldoze it...lol
  17. One such as myself hopes that Vortex gets some love in the very near future...along with new restraints. It is not rideable in it's current configuration.
  18. A safe stop, and a by the book evacuation is what SHOULD happen, and, should be applauded. Means that all the safety features were working as designed. See Alton Towers on how not to do it.
  19. Last thing they want in the middle of this is a bunch of people trying to get over there to see waht happened, and what is going on with the investigation. Let them do their job, then, re-open the park when that is done. This is bad, folks, as bad as it gets in this industry. Don't question that for a second. The ramifications from this will be forever, and, for every park in the world. Accidents like that just simply cannot happen.
  20. http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2015/jun/02/alton-towers-rollercoaster-accident-four-seriously-hurt-as-carriages-collide
  21. I am petrified of heights...and I find WindSeeker easy, though it makes me very, very nervous just due to the height. Short of that, very good ride, smooth as silk, and great views if you're lucky to get a fireworks ride!
  22. O'Terpy, dancing around the one room house, singing "I've got a golden ticket"... Would be a golden day indeed.
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