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  1. As a fan of both Harry Potter beers sold at Universal Studios Orlando, Hogs Head Brew being my favorite of them, I am excited for this! I'd rather spend $9 on something different...
  2. Perhaps Ivar the Boneless, or some of the other the sons of Ragnar have taken hold of the naming of rides and such.
  3. The only time that I have ever done the "Fast" pass type besides the old way at Disney was last year at Universal Orlando. Only reason for that was it was a perk of staying at one of the on site resorts. Did we enjoy the benefits of that for two full days in the parks? Yes. Was nice to have, saved us a bit of time, but, was not valid on the most popular rides there, Escape from Gringotts, and Forbidden Journey, which, I felt was more than fair. Did it save us a ton of time, not really. Did I ride things that I might not of because of the ability to skip the line? Yes. Was fun to marathon Ripsaw Falls and Popeye's Barges. That said, I plan our trips to places like that so we can go on Mondays, Tuesdays, etc in order to skip the busy, busy days. Would I pay money to buy Fast Lane at KI, CP, or any other Cedar Fair park? Never. Will I stay at a Universal resort in Orlando everytime we go in the future? You bet. NOt having to touch your car keys for three days is wonderful.
  4. I thought the exact same thing while walking around them. Not a very good location for them at all.
  5. You only live once...when else will you get a chance to go there? GO! Visit them all!
  6. Hmmm... Two very different parks. Not really fair, IMO, to say that one is better than the other. CP, for one, is certainly not trashy. I don't know how to begin to argue, other than to simply say that KI has CP beat as far as a family park is concerned, but, to really enjoy CP, you need to stay in Hotel Breakers a couple nights, and enjoy the resort feel of the whole island, something that you cannot do at KI.
  7. Where would I put it? Behind Congo Falls and Timberwolf, running onto the vast space still left from SOB. Tons of room in the park still.
  8. God is in his holy temple. Earthly thoughts, be silent now. While with rev'rence we assemble And before his presence bow He is with us now and ever When we call upon his name Aiding every good endeavor Guiding every upward aim
  9. Awesome! Love stuff like this, and at the same time, hate stuff like this. Glad you were able to get in and document it as it sits. Facility still looks very, very viable... Wife and I are staying at Hueston Woods Resort, a place I fell in love with while a student at Miami, with that same "alpine" feel. I hope that it does not fall victim to a similar fate.
  10. Maverick is getting new restraints? Good news indeed! For me, the current setup made a great coaster unbearable by the second ride.
  11. I pictured a roving band of 10-15 bad Elvis impersonators...Short Elvis, Fat Elvis, Vegas Elvis, El Vez, 6'11" Elvis, Korean Elvis, Satanic Hellvis, Tortelvis, Melvis, GI Blues Elvis, and some others. Would be good and terrible.
  12. The Larson set is as good a set as you can get, new. Short of getting "ours" back, this is the next best thing. Didn't seem that the CP operators were running it at full speed when I rode, but still snappable.
  13. 1985, hands down. You have, just off the top of my head: Mask The Breakfast Club Pee Wee's Big Adventure Wierd Science The Goonies Better Off Dead Rocky IV Teen Wolf National Lampoon's European Vacation A View To A Kill Clue Pale Rider And, my personal favorite, Commando. It just don't get no better...
  14. Goodbye Horses was the song for the tuck dance...
  15. Same as the past umpteen years. 1) Paint Racer 2) Paint Racer 3) See #1 and/or #2
  16. Always loved Winterfest back in the late 80's/early 90's. Odds are, though, that we will never see that again. Would not make $$.
  17. Love the "new" scooters, hate the location. The less time spent in the kid section, the better. Beats a sharp stick in the eye, I guess.
  18. Boy, the 2015 season is going to be a hard decision. Get passes again, or no. With high school and travel softball, we did not get to the park nearly as often as in years past, though, enough to make the pass worthwhile. This next season will be more of the same, though now I have taken on coaching duties on the summer team. Guess that I have a few weeks to comtemplate.
  19. Very nice! I remember many trips to KI with my GF when we were in high school...back when we wore leather helmets in football, and walked back and forth to school, uphill, both ways. Great memories for you! Congrats!
  20. I've been fortunate to be bombed on that "boat" twice...sad to see it go. That said, it was/is getting tired, and that park is ripe for expansion/something new.
  21. Did a front row Banshee ride last night. Wonderful, as always. The props and theme work in the back half of the ride really pop.
  22. Slaughterhouse will be/is the best haunt that they have. Even for the first night in the new building, was very well done. Only complaint that I have is that it was very, very hard to navigate. I turned the wrong way numerous times, and I have never, ever done that in any haunt anywhere. Great actors, great scenes, very well done. Kill Mart is a great concept with potential, a long haunt, very well put together, but, come on. Zombies does not equal scary, and, does not take talent to pull off. Went to way too much work to set up that haunt to have teenagers walking around like zombies. There are tons of places for scares in there, use them in the future, please.
  23. It's a long one...I don't spend nickels on the passes. Didn't need one tonight anyway, 10 minute wait for Kill Mart, none for most others. Dropping $90 or whatever it is for two for an extra room or two is, to me, the height of foolishness, and something I would never, ever do.
  24. Kill Mart was fun! A nice addition. Needs more scares, and less zombies, though. Slaughterhouse has great, great potential in its new home. Hard now to find your way thru. Great effects, though, far better than last year.
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