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  1. I used to have some similar pains when I was younger, and I took a break from riding coasters (for a few hours). These happened on wooden rides like the others have said, and typically in the bumpy seats on the coaster. Like Racer's back row, which I will never ride again.
  2. You could use it as a fast pass, but you had to get a ticket underneath from a booth near the Eiffel Tower. I used it once or twice, back in 05, 06?? Double ride applied to more rides and I think it lasted longer.
  3. Looks good. When I see it in person, I will judge whether it deserves being amazing.
  4. Site overload? 1,800 people. Crazy. Nice color scheme. Sure to stick out once it goes up.
  5. So world's steepest incline on an invert lift hill? 45 degrees, 210 ish feet assuming the station is not on the ground. Some loops, turns (7 inversions) 3,760.0 feet exactly Name: Banshee "Its too late once you hear the screams" (of those still in the giga/intamin camp tomorrow night)
  6. It seems like a blurry picture is coming into clarity. Whether this picture is an illusion, or a close representation, we are in exciting times. Exciting Times = Having to read 14 pages to catch up on the thread you read earlier this morning. Or perhaps, getting 8 reminders of updates in the time that it takes to write and proofread a message. (And most of the time many those posts say the same thing , usually when new info gets released) Enjoy. And please get some sleep. Clicking the update button every two minutes for four hours is not healthy!
  7. Everyone needs to lower their expectations. I expected this would happen, but at least I'm happy that something is happening.
  8. The Rumor is a lie, unless proven certain. Good thing, I'm not a solipcist.

  9. Interesting enough, Diamondback track arrived around a very similar time of the year. July 22 from what I came across. And today is July 23. Also a countdown to an announcement was already in the works. Hopefully we will get a repeat of last time?
  10. ^^ Seems like a catch-22 to me
  11. I honestly don't understand this continued debate over B&M and Intamin. Both are respected. Although some of us would like to be convinced, or desire one over the other, in the end, the ride is still going to be a new experience, that in many cases be a positive experience for the coaster riding community. Just take a breath, relax, enjoy this beautiful wet day, and be thankful that we have near certainty that this ride isn't being designed/produced by RCCA/PKI.
  12. Upside down and off the tracks?
  13. Did you use your official Ovaltien decoder ring? I did, and I made sure to drink my Ovaltine. Another possible sponsor perhaps... And the scarecrow... Batman. No. Wizard of Oz. No. Very Mysterious.
  14. Earlier Hint: NAPOLEON DYNAMITE 14 + 1 + 16 + 15 + 12 + 5 + 15 + 14 + 4 + 25 + 14 + 1 + 13 + 9 + 20 + 5 =179 feet. N A P O L E O N D Y N A M I T E 179 is not 500, nor 400, nor even 300. Sorry, but evidence is evidence.
  15. It seems that the location for the station is pretty established. Any guesses on the queue line and exit. Do they both attach to Action Zone, or do they put one or the other in Oktoberfest to relieve the pressure? Me, with my RCT imagining possibilities... edit: RCT mind=RCT
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