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  1. Dipping dots guy might be right. Crap. Jk hype train!
  2. Dipping dots guy might be right. Crap. Jk hype train!
  3. How long has the trains been at the park?
  4. Dipping dots guy says it's The Return of the son of The Beast part 1. He said it's going to be a giga water log flume ride with 2 inversions and 250 ft drop at 90 degrees at about 40 mph
  5. Woot! See you all next year!! DECODED!
  6. haha. * uncovers silver dome* Whooooo Meat---I mean Eye balls.
  7. Wow, that fog is going mad now.
  8. hahahahahahahaha~!~!!! They're getting to us!! I think they're here... HELP ME. Maybe we're getting both!
  9. I think we'll get blue supports with a purple track!!!i wander if the colors at night in tge grave yard have any relation!
  10. Thanks Kat!! Looks like a funeral and Dons the priest.
  11. I think I see a news van on site. Via: Webcam Never mind it's gone.
  12. I hope it's The Bat or a retheme bat coaster or a wing coaster later on. Ill be just as happy with a Banshee and or a bowlin ball.
  13. I agree with you. It bothers me really. I was hoping for a rollercoaster to dive into tombs and shoot throw hills of gravesAdded: Don't get me wrong we could get features like this but I'm just saying in general it would be nice.
  14. Well we always will have a son/daughter thread of thoughts on the 2014 coaster. At least KICentral has gained more members and the family has grown even more. Also sooner or later Don will be teasing us again even better then before. XD
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