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  1. Has anyone seen Sarah?

  2. Ahh, the old "higher-ups"/"upper management" bomb... love that one. This doesn't read like it was someone making an educated guess. AZ was defending his post. And AZ is correct. He is the guy who would know. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be if you saw people on here posting made up thoughts as if they were "in the know?"
  3. Experiences would vary with the ride operator. I'd pay for lunch with Gordon Bombay.
  4. Diamondback's atmostphere? Do you mean the grassy valley with a couple of meticulously placed placed maintenance roads?
  5. I think some Antique Cars and Flying Eagles would be a nice replacement.
  6. Simple Enough? Why would it be inappropriate for people on this site to speculate? Don Helbig isn't a moderator or admin on this site. So, no, it's not "simple enough." Last time I checked, this topic was in the "Rumors" section. As for me, I believe that SOB's days are numbered. CF needs to cut their losses.
  7. Isn't that why they have tensioners?
  8. What do you mean, you people? Had to...
  9. There is no denying that the differences between Coney and KI are vast and have been well documented. Operating costs have nothing to do with value to the customer. I can't build a point based on the value to the customer (as the value is varies among demographics), so I went with something that is more easily quantified and agreed upon. This goes without saying, Kings Island (or maybe more specifically Cedar Fair) is a company. Overcoming operating expenses is essential to being a successful company, so pricing based on operating expenses is reasonable.
  10. It's not as far fetched as you think. How do you think they get power to the motors? Someone has to feed the wire.
  11. You make it sound like it's news that Coney Island is cheaper than Kings Island... Or maybe it's just an excuse to talk about Coney Island again? We get it, you work(ed) there and think it's great. But to respond to this point, what Kings Island offers is more expensive to run and maintain. If you wanted to do a breakdown on operating costs alone, I think you would find that Kings Island is a much better value. Or maybe your rose tinted glasses won't let you look at that logically.
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