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  1. unfortunately, we don't even have enough for the first payment right now.
  2. I won't be able to renew my pass by midnight, but I could do it by tuesday. I'm really depressed about this since I've had a pass since 2009. it's the same card, even. I remember at least one time in the past, seeing a commercial about them extending the period of time that you can buy a gold pass. do they typically do this? I hope they do this year :( yeah, I know i should have taken care of it sooner...
  3. whenever I am coming off Banshee and walking down the stairs, I try to let others in front of me, because for some reason I can't help but imagine being stuck in front of someone who couldn't handle the ride and they empty their stomach contents on me or my shoes. >_>
  4. lots of people on instagram comments went right to Vortex. could that be it? with the whole "the air is eerily calm" comment :s between Vortex and Firehawk I'd rather see Firehawk go since I don't get to ride it often since it requires a locker. but I don't want anything to leave ;'(
  5. I agree OP front seat on The Bat is very fun!! I love spotting a rainbow on the Diamondback splashdown (: I like cutting through the festhaus for the sights the smell of panda express (usually can't afford to eat in park...)
  6. I finally rode it yesterday during my first 2017 visit and I was giggling like a madwoman throughout the entire ride. I rode in the front seat on the left. I can't really say "I loved it" "it's my new favorite" or anything like that but it was definitely fun! the wait time was also a little deceiving, the line didn't look too bad from the front but we didn't notice how nested the queue is, lol
  7. when you read and watch media day reviews longingly and a little jealously. how do you guys manage to become a part of these things?? lol
  8. Hi all, I have a question and I hope it isn't an annoying one! I can see from the park's website that they are open 10am-10pm on opening day. I am wondering if they are letting gold pass holders in any earlier like they would on other regular days? Basically, just wondering what time I should aim to arrive at the park : ) (I am a gold pass holder) I am normally a bit of a night owl so I want to get the maximum amount of sleep that I can (if I can manage to get any sleep with the anticipation building!!)
  9. maybe it's because it's within view of Delirium, but the one time I rode the skyflyer, it felt like a vertical Delirium ride lol Delirium is possibly my favorite ride in the park so I quite enjoyed it! if you like Delirium I think there is a good chance you would enjoy the skyflyer.
  10. when an unseasonably nice day in february makes you think "today is great Kings Island weather!"
  11. I think it's time for me to find some good cargo shorts i've also seen people mention running belts as a good way to store keys, wallet etc.
  12. I'm disappointed. I rarely ride anything that requires lockers. if they were free of charge, sure.
  13. I'm sorry if this has been discussed before. Do you guys think there will be bins in the station at mystic timbers? Also, will there be first rider shirts on public opening day?
  14. It'll almost definitely be mystic timbers! any other time, my first ride is Diamondback.
  15. How is it today? Sundays in the fall are my favorite time to go and I haven't been, I'm itching to go. lol
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