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  1. Out of curiosity, what character are you in NA?

  2. What did everyone think of Nightmare Alley? Im only asking because I work it and a lot of people were confused on what it was supposed to be and kept asking where it was. Just post what you thought of it.
  3. i had a much better time on Saturday and got A LOT of good scares.
  4. Haunt_Mouse i saw you a couple of times throughout the night
  5. tonight was a lot eassier and i got moved around some got lots of scares and now im a semi roamer in the back part of nightmare alley, a lot of people like taking pictures of me, and a guy i was talking with yesterday had quit. i hope it will be just like tonight every night
  6. a lot of people took their pictures with me, because im so tall T_T
  7. its funny how everyoine thought Mysteria was lame, when we went through it we thought it was cool but not scary
  8. I was working and it was a hard night at Nightmare Alley. People kept saying it sucked and I agree not a lot of effort was put into our section. I thought working there would be a dream job but right now i kinda regret getting the job. everyone was more instreted in lasers than our maze. A lot of people thought it was funny to mess with us. Also my supervisor wasnt any where near us when we needed her. She ended up pulling me over to tell me im supposed to be saying "Welcome to the freak show" when im the carnie not the barker. I was also in a lot of pain from yelling and when my supervisor pulled me over and asked me what was wrong, she took m,e behind the scenes, called me a whiner, and told me to come back tommorow for haunt. I also found that quite disrespectful. Just wanted top let you guys know how hard it is working haunt and not to mess with us
  9. im excited mostly for the Wall of Monsters its gonna be funny because my character wont really fit into it well
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