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  1. So I rode my 60th coaster yesterday, Kentucky Flyer, and I ranked them. I count dueling or racing coasters that have two different tracks as two coasters. I also consider Surf Dog a coaster because it does use gravity along with the motor. #53 was at a traveling carnival that was in the parking lot of River Falls Mall in Clarksville, IN in the late 90's. If anyone remembers it or has pictures, please post them because I can't find anything using google. Hopefully it isn't a figment of my imagination ! KI = Kings Island, KK = Kentucky Kingdom 60. Firehawk - KI 59. Dragon Wagon - fair 58. Sideshow Spin - Dollywood 57. Great Pumpkin Coaster - KI 56. Speedway Coaster - Nascar Speed Park 55. Howler - Holiday World 54. Flying Ace Aerial Chase - KI 53. Wooden Coaster - fair 52. Spinning Coaster - fair 51. Thunder Eagle - Race World 50. Son of Beast - KI 49. T3 - KK 48. Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Cedar Point 47. Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster 46. Blazing Fury - Dollywood 45. Corkscrew - Cedar Point 44. Roller Skater - KK 43. Firecracker - Holiday World 42. Wildcat - Cedar Point 41. Roadrunner Express - KK 40. Mantis - Cedar Point 39. Chang - KK 38. Invertigo - KI 37. The Vampire - KK 36. Disaster Transport - Cedar Point 35. Iron Dragon - Cedar Point 34. Woodstock Express - KI 33. Twisted Twins - red - KK 32. Twisted Twins - green - KK 31. Mean Streak - Cedar Point 30. Adventure Express - KK 29. Gemini - Left Side - Cedar Point 28. Blue Streak - Cedar Point 27. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Disney 26. Tennessee Tornado - Dollywood 25. The Vortex - KI 24. Thunder Run - KK 23. The Bat - KI 22. Surf Dog - KI 21. Wicked Twister - Cedar Point 20. Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point 19. Greezed Lightnin' - KK 18. Backlot Stunt Coaster - KI 17. The Racer - Forwards - KI 16. The Racer - Backwards - KI 15. The Beast - KI 14. The Raven - Holiday World 13. The Legend - Holiday World 12. Flight of Fear - KI 11. Lightning Run - KK 10. Storm Chaser - KK 9. Kentucky Flyer - KK 8. Thunderhead - Dollywood 7. Raptor - Cedar Point 6. Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point 5. The Voyage - Holiday World 4. Thunderbird - Holiday World 3. Banshee - KI 2. Diamondback - KI 1. Millennium Force - Cedar Point
  2. So I have a crazy idea that I'm sure is not going to happen, but here it is. What if the blueprints are 100% real, but just incomplete? What if where it connects with the break run it actually goes under the brake run and does an El Toro like finale in the unused portion of Firehawks space? I would think deleting a few hundred feet of track on a blueprint would be way easier and cheaper than faking a whole blueprint. Then right before the announcement, submit the updated plans to the city. I know the plans are genuine and this is most likely not going to happen, but it would be a nice twist if it did. Either way, I can't wait to ride.
  3. That's great! I love the look of these entrance signs.
  4. It doesn't look like they are making a "plaza" entrance with a sign from these prints. Maybe I am wrong and just don't see it.
  5. Would anyone be kind enough to point out which haunts are affected by this construction please? I have never been to haunt and only know about the one next to The Beast's station and the one in the crypt building. Im looking at haunt maps on Google, but park maps aren't very accurate. Thanks!
  6. I'm no engineer, but I think it means "25 feet from center, pier 2". So it's the 2nd pier and its 25 feet from the center of the structure.
  7. If this new spot by Racer is transfer shed, then the station would be over by it. This would prove the leaked plans to be fake.
  8. I would think the type of footers poured into the new pad between FOF and Racer would be an indication of what is being done there. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't a maintenance/haunt building have a different foundation than a transfer shed?
  9. Yes, this is a picture of Fury 325's transfer.
  10. I hope this is for transfer track and not a maintenance building. If they move the basketball games next to racer, they could make an excellent entrance plaza.
  11. I'm right there with you! I'm stuck at home recovering from ankle surgery and bored, so I'm refreshing the page constantly. Its driving me nuts that we have no one at coasterstock updating with pics.
  12. I really don't think the area between The Racer and Flight of Fear is a staging area. From a YouTube video, there are survey markers placed around there. Also, the only way to the main site is the little road that goes around FOF. If the leaked layout is correct, why use that space when half of Firehawk's old site won't be used for the new coaster? It could be a new maintenance building or the elusive bathrooms, but I doubt they would place survey markers if it was just for staging. With the work starting there, I have my doubts about the credibility of the leaked layout. It would be neat if the station and queue were in this spot and the lift and break run went over FOF's launch tunnel.
  13. I'm really torn between RMC or GCI. The only GCI I have ridden is Thunderhead at Dollywood, and it was awesome. So I would be perfectly happy with a medium sized coaster in the style of Thunderhead. On the other hand, I feel that not going with RMC takes away from some amazing moments when the train crosses the pond and WWC. Barrel rolls or top gun stalls over WWC would be outstanding. I am curious how the structure will look crossing the pond and the rapids ride. The only wood coaster I know of that uses a bridge is Ravine Flyer II, http://rcdb.com/3917.htm, but it was built by PTC. Has anyone ever seen a wooden coaster with a bridge similar to Ravine Flyer II? Not that GCI can't change their layout style, but the majority of GCI coasters are very twisted and compact, where this seems to be more of an out and back. The only GCI that seems to break their "style" is White Lightning, http://rcdb.com/10348.htm Either way I can't wait to watch the live stream tonight and see this thing revealed.
  14. Launched b and m wing coaster, Thunderbird EPIC!!
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