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  1. As I have said before things just don't add up. Corkscrew is older than Vortex, there are several Arrows that are out there that are older than Vortex and deal with more weathering than Vortex, so how is it that our Arrow is the one that's at the end of its life cycle? I think that there's more than what we are told, an iconic ride like Vortex at Kings Island isn't just sent off into the sunset like KI did, Mantis got new trains and made into a new ride, Mean Streak got an RMC overhaul. Who's to say there's not something in the works. There's nothing in the works to replace it sure, that's the parks way of getting around us coaster geeks, but maybe it comes back in a way with something better. New track, new trains, new layout, we shall see.
  2. I really don’t see this being the end of Vortex, but rather an upgrade. I could be wrong, however we have rides similar to Vortex and older than Vortex still in operation, Loch Ness for example, Corkscrew, Viper, Demon, I’m not sure that the ride is at the end of its cycle, I think there’s something going on.
  3. Cedar Fair hasn’t properly paid any respect to any ride that they’ve retired in my opinion other than the ones they’ve retired at Cedar Point. Last year they did what they did for Firehawk so as to raise buzz for what was coming in it’s place. Volcano got no notice, and we can even go back to Geauga Lake there was no notice that the Amusement Park side would never reopen even though they had put season passes on sale. I took my niece and nephew this year to Kings Island, both were very much intimidated to ride Vortex but they also loved it, more than some of the newer rides in the park. My nephew sent me a text after learning that Vortex was leaving and his appreciation that he got the courage to ride it, but then also his disappointment that it was leaving. We knew Mean Streak was leaving well in advance, we knew Mantis was changing well in advance, Disaster Transport and Space Spiral well in advance, even Demon Drop we knew was going. I hope that this is some type of modification to the ride (new layout, track, trains, rmc, etc) other than just a blank plot of land for a couple years to come. I’m my mind Orion won’t really fill the void of Vortex, and Firehawk, 2 unique rides for something that’s just Taller and Longer than Diamondback.
  4. I was at the park today and there was nothing new, however towards the end of the day, around 630-645 (park closed at 8) there was 6 at first then on our way back from The Bat like 10 trucks lining up on the service road under Banshees main drop. Almost like they were waiting, I can also say the rides in Action Zone promptly closed at 8, I’ve been in the park at close before and never noticed them shutting things down as quick as they did.
  5. Millennium Falcon, I vote for Millennium Falcon and it be a Winged Giga. I know that won’t happen but that would be awesome!
  6. Hahaha I just find it funny that under Cedar Fair we are getting these rides 20 years later, it could be a total coincidence but maybe it is insight into the future. Also Banshee was originally to be used as the name for Mantis so maybe the name has already been trademarked but not used.
  7. Does anyone else find it funny or coincidental that Kings Island gets major coaster installs 20yrs after Cedar Point? Magnum 1989(hyper) Diamondback 2009(hyper), Raptor 1994 (full circuit invert) Banshee 2014 (full circuit invert), Millennium Force 2000 (Giga) and our Potential Giga 2020
  8. Wait a minute I have you both beat! I live and also work in Canal lol
  9. I’m curious still and I kind of feel like we are jumping to conclusions, the blueprints and calculations don’t add up to 300+ ft. The blueprints do give us a footer layout and electrical work which needs to be done prior to building said Coaster. Is it possible that the track layout given on submitted blueprints could be to fill in for the Supports and Electrical to start vertical construction? Maybe just maybe we are getting something other than a Giga with the same footer and support placement but different track and elements. If they knew MTs layout was leaked due to filing for proper permits then they held off on track and all elements until the new attraction was announced. They have teased us with a Wing Coaster, in the past, just food for thought.
  10. We have an ax and a blue truck all representing a lumberjack. I'm going with River Rat a slang term for a lumber jack, it's a large flume or a water coaster. Just putting a different idea out there.
  11. Long time reader, not very much of a poster, with that said. While I like the idea of a Giga, but given the size of the area that's been cleared thus far I will put my $.02 in. I am thinking a floorless. Its something that would be unique to the park and remembering how fond I was of Dominator I think it would be a great addition.
  12. @ goodyellowkorn182 I see the tie-in that you are talking about, however barb-wire fencing and landing zones sound very close to what most of us know as Jurassic Park. I know that Kings Island is no longer Paramount nor doing movie based themes if any themes at all, but this does make sense to me seeing how there is still plenty of unused and cleared land near the Outer Limits Building. Has anyone placed the outlined area around the X-base area?
  13. Hi everyone long time reader first time poster. I have been reading over all the posts about the announcement since day one, and I am curious has anyone thought that this could actually be a re-theme of the entire X-base area? A way for them to work some new rides and attractions to an area that has a roller coaster themed to aliens(Outer Limits) and a bird(Firehawk)? Seeing how next year is a BIG anniversary for the park they could easily and cheaply work in this years addition of the dinosaurs with some new attractions into next years BIG Birthday for the park.. Just thinking out of the box a little.
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