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  1. Two or three years ago, during the summer, it was not.
  2. When I saw Vegas, and strip wheel in the same topic title, this is not what I was expecting. On another note, that is a big Wheel.
  3. Why does it matter if he has been or not? He was just asking a question to start conversation about the two original Taft parks.
  4. ^^But yet you have a ride count of the amount of times you rode the water rides there last year? As others have said, there's no way to predict how busy the park will be, but my best guess would be a day on the slower side. The big coasters might see a half hour wait, but a lot of the other rides will probably be a station wait. The water park has a lot to offer, but does not have anything to completely wow you. They did receive a new wave pool this year that is supposed to produce larger waves, so if wave surfing is your thing, that might be something to do to go cool off for a little bit, especially with how hot it has been. But most importantly... Enjoy your first trip to Kings Island!!!
  5. ^^^ In the two(three?) years I have been on here, that is the first time I have seen your avatar change. Back on topic, when I was at the park on July 5th, the ride was closed when we arrived, they started testing it, proceeded by allowing people into the queues. But before anyone stepped on the ride, it was shutdown again for the rest of the day. I was a little bummed that it was not open, because when I was there last summer, my last day in Virginia was the day right before the soft opening of the ride. Two trips to BG; 0-2 on rides of Mach Tower. Verbolten was worth the trip though!
  6. I keep on waiting to see a comment from you in aforementioned thread. Alas, I have so far been disappointed.
  7. Gyk, I don't know where you happened to be last Friday, but it was anything but cool and Windy. Hot, Dry, and Stagnant would be better adjectives. But yeah, they had to physically push the train back into the ride station. It was an interesting thing to stand and watch. Mrs. Kingsrattler and I were in the front of the first train that re-launched... hoping it failed again. It did not.
  8. According to RCDB, you're right... Circumstantially. If the original poster is still lurking around unregistered, just know: our Stunt Coaster is by far in the best condition of the three. By far. Kings Dominion's Italian Job Turbo Coaster (that was really its name!) stops on the midcourse brakes where there are no flames, no sound effects, no helicopter, nothing. You just sit there and listen to the clicks where the pilot lights would normally plume. Wonderland's doesn't even stop on the midcourse brakes if it doesn't have to, cruising right on through (why should it stop, after all, when none of the effects work?). When I was there this past Friday, there were sound effects, along with the lights lighting up where the bullets are shot out of the helicopter. The only thing missing was the explosion. It also has a splashdown, whereas King Island's was taken out. But I did manage to see a roll-back on it at KD while I was there also. While, knowing that it is launched uphill and is completely possible, I had never seen it to be an issue. Have any of us here ever seen this happen at KI?
  9. Diamondback will be on the show next Sunday night, I believe. Waiting to see if the interview of my wife and I made it onto the show.
  10. Why would Cedar Fair want to spend money on a ride that has sat abandoned for 3 years?
  11. ^Because Kings Island does not own it, nor do I wager the Fair Board is looking to sell it.
  12. They must have some knowledge or foresight into why they are having it this day. It most likely wasn't picked because it is what some think will be "the busiest day of the year"
  13. The two most interested parties could not get deals done that would seem reasonable. Unless the ownership of the land was to change, I don't see KK ever opening as an amusement park again.
  14. In a word, yes. The park seems, happier, and livelier this year, even with the constant ride malfunctions that are plaguing this year. Oh, its so nice to be back to the forums, it has been a month or two since my last post. Hello Everyone!
  15. ^ In this day and age, people can sue all they want, but the act of suing doesn't mean they will win. I think what tggr is trying to say is sure, they can sue, but the guidelines and rules are written to avoid payout. As was the case with SOB, even following such guidelines, investigation has shown that people could still have gotten injured, so there is a case there (along with payout/settlement). in this case, there is no such proof.
  16. You must be going to the wrong Gas Stations: http://www.lexington...mond/index.aspx 3.73 for an average there too.
  17. That makes me sad, seeing how I got a Mac because I thought it was going to load big files faster. > Just because it is a Mac, does not make it a super computer. There are very different levels of Mac.. you have the macbook air, which while light and portable, has about the same specs as entry level pc's (with the added advantage of an SSD) the entry level macbook pro, which is like a mid-level pc, and then the high-end high 1000s-2000s macbook's, and imacs, that are very high-end, and usually can only be matched in the PC world by workstations and home-built pc's
  18. Its almost a 20 MB file.. probably the reason it is lagging on your computer (it is not on mine, but I have a developer workstation)
  19. So basically you are making a blanket statement about a large group of people, because the guy said something that may or may not be true (which is part of the reason for this forum)
  20. TWC must read our forum! They changed their forecast to not be such an anomaly!!
  21. Hate to break it to you, but you are the prime example of an Acer that has no idea of what they are talking about. He's a computer?
  22. Yep! Part of the 40th Anniversary Celebration.
  23. Full round of tests.. that included people riding it, haha.
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