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  1. Doesn't mean they won't re-use the name like they did The Bat.
  2. Oh ok. I will also be passing by Michigan's adventure so Im going to plan that into my trip
  3. No brainer then since I'm going to Cedar Point this summer for 2 days. I also have dining plan.
  4. OK thanks. Looking to go to Cedar Point this summer. Will it get me into both Cedar Point and the water park there?
  5. I've searched and searched, couldn't find the answer. I have a 2019 gold pass. Would like to go platinum. Do I just pay the difference of $85 and upgrade, or do I have to do something different?
  6. If I buy a 2019 pass with meal deal (not renewal) can I use the meal deal in 2018?
  7. They had it at Soak City last year. Same event, just a new name. and the addition of the dog days.
  8. My brother said he got 2012 season passes for $49.99 at the GE employees day. He's is NOT a GE employee either.
  9. Someone mentioned some sort of musical attraction in its place. That's my guess. Seems pretty late in the season to get started on anything major.
  10. Hope this hasnt been posted yet. If so, I diddnt see it http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=530259127005845&set=a.450115751686850.107627.201668799864881&type=1&theater Its Jungle Jim looking up at the water tower in Action Zone. Looks as if its coming down and going on display at Jungle Jims Eastgate. Thoughts? Comments?
  11. I tried twice, sat on hold for 5 minutes before getting frustrated and hanging up. I'll try again.
  12. I did a renewal using buy now pay later back in December and I do have the vouchers. Guess I have to get them processed.
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