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  1. I'll be there Tuesday GYK! It's really the only day I have off lol I was spoiled a couple weeks ago when my friend and I didn't wait in line once (leading to 13 rides on Diamondback ). Anyway, we shall see...my thoughts are that people (school groups included) more or less go on the weekends still.
  2. Wow...it's been a long week lol Thanks, man.
  3. That's pretty nifty. Where did you come across that?
  4. Phenomenal video...and honestly, some of the most incredible footage of Drop Tower there at the end.
  5. Absolutely. I couldn't have said it better. I've been a lurker on the site for a long time (probably 4 or 5 years), but I finally made a profile and such this year when I knew that a Gold Pass was in my future. I know that I'm still relatively new to the board and most likely a stranger to many of you, but coming to this site is just as nice as hanging out with old friends. I hope to meet up with some of you guys this season so I can share some genuine enthusiasm for the park! Let's make '11 the best Kings Island season yet.
  6. Agreed. The way I see it is that the crew did the best they could despite the unfavorable weather conditions. These things happen...let's not forget that we're still getting a stellar attraction!
  7. Nice to see Vortex getting some testing in Also, it was worth the wait for Webcam 2 to be revived now that we can enjoy some nice Kings Island green canopy to go along with our new addition. I'm getting more and more excited, guys.
  8. The skyline is a bit different now This is beautiful though.
  9. I'll never forget riding Delirium just as the fireworks were taking off with the perfect mix of friends, great weather, and an unforgettable atmosphere. I'm going to try getting on Backlot during the night though. Sounds like quite the experience Nothing will ever beat my Beast night rides though...I always come back into the station in a perpetual daze.
  10. Great footage man! And excellent quality too...I apologize if this has already been asked, but what kind of camera are you using?
  11. Great photos, Paul. In the midst of University midterms, it's always the bright spot in my day I really wish I could have seen the Wild Animal Safari area of the park, as well as Adventure Village before it became the Action Zone. That being said, I really have fond memories of Action Zone, and I always found that it was clever how they tied Son of Beast into that region of the park. SOB really would have been amazing in Rivertown now that I think about it...hm.
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