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  1. I forgot to mention something from my trip from yesterday. While riding Drop Zone these kids sitting next to me, probably no older then 13, started to spit as we were almost to the top. I told them not too, I said if they get caught they could get kicked out of the park, or even face mistermenor charges. That it was against Ohio State law to drop anything or spit from the ride, same as the tower. They stopped after I told them that. Kids are so stupid sometimes.
  2. They had a License to be able to Use the James Bond name. Remember Outer Limits was also not a Paramount name, as the name was licensed to the park to use. That is why the ride is just called Fight of Fear now, i'm not sure on who's part, but for some reason the license was not re-newd for Outer Limits.
  3. Wow what a great day at PKI. Arrived at the park at about 11:45am, and stayed to about 6pm. First ride of the day was Son of Beast, rode in 1-1. I enjoyed the ride, but it seemed a little rougher from my first ride of the season. My knees kept hitting the grab bar. Delirium was up next, what can I say about this ride, has to be one of the best flat rides ever put into PKI. Loved it, only had to wait 1 cycle to get on. I went on Drop Zone for the first time this year, had about a 3 cycle wait. I hate those seat belts that are on there now, they are different from when they first put belts
  4. I say The Beast, cause it's still the Worlds Baddest Wooden Rollercoaster.
  5. You can also get season passes at Meijer. They are the same price at Meijer then they are at the park. If you buy them at Meijer you will save a step. If you buy them at Meijer all you have to do is go right to the season pass processing area. (if you buy at Meijer make sure you pick up the pamplet so you can fill out the information inside). If you buy at the park you will wait in line twice. Once to purchase your pass, and once again to process the pass. I have purchesed my pass at Meijer for the past 2 seasons, I kinda like that.
  6. I noticed when I was in the park on Sunday, that QTV no longer plays the same things anymore. Now on the TV's in the que lines, they play video's from VH1 and looks like I seen one of the shows they show on VH1 on there as well. Anyone else notice that?
  7. Well I finally made it to PKI for my first trip of the 2004 season. It was a pretty good day. First ride was on Son of Beast. Line was about 1/2 hour, ride in 6-2, it was an okay ride, I did feel a difference in the rose bowl. Others still have mixed feelings about this ride. Next we went to eat at Bubba's Gump. My next ride of the day was on Backwards Racer, wait was about 10 minutes. Great ride, seat belts didn't make any difference to me, the same ol ride. We then walked to the end of Coney Mall and I rode Vortex. Rode in my favorite seat 7-1. Great ride like always, it didn't beat
  8. The water for Congo and WTB are contained in a man made resevoirs. So they are no pond around Congo falls, or Wild Torn Berries. White Water Canyon water does come from the nearby pond.
  9. Thank you! But you won't have to worry about it anyway, as the park is closed to the public on Friday Oct 1st.
  10. The use to be an unofficial gay day at PKI. It was always the first Sunday in June. That's when the red shirt thing went on was the unofficial day. Now the park is always closed for a park sell out the first Sunday in June. I did some research and the first official gay pride night was held in September of 1998. So this year will be the 6th year of having an official gay pride night.
  11. PKI had their first official Pride Night last year. It was the day the sign fell. Umm no last year was not the first official gay night. PKI has been having an official gay night for quite a few years now. I'm not sure when it started Late 90's maybe. But I remember working on gay night in 1999, 2000 and 2001. For along time it was always the 3rd Friday in September. But in 2002 it was in August, the friday before Labor Day. And this year it's October.
  12. The Eiffel Tower is 32 years old. It opened with park in 1972.
  13. I'm sure everyone by now knows that PKI has a newsletter. I'm wondering if anyone entered the contest, to the name the newsletter? If you have what name did you suggest?
  14. I'm curious to know, why they are not any Pic's from Sneak Preview or Season pass day on this site? Not even too much talk about either day.
  15. Top Gun may not be the longest, tallest or even the fastest coaster in the park. But no rollercoaster is a waste. Top Gun delivers a good punch, and I love the way it makes you feel.
  16. I will never forget, in 2002 I was waiting in Line for TR:TR and these girls were spitting Icees thru there straws. Some of it got on my shirt, and boy was I mad. And I let them know it too. I think I scared them, it was kinda funny.
  17. T-shirts or Park memoribilia would be cool.
  18. Anyone ever notice the random picture of drop zone on the site? It looks like the bottom of the tower is bent? Kinda crazy hehehehe.
  19. No, PKI was the only park that had a PT.
  20. On Congo Falls, there's automated speil, that the operator can push that would say "Please remain seated and keep your hands inside the boat until the boat comes to a complete stop inside the station thank you"
  21. LOL, to be honest this was one of my favorite rides at PKI. It would probably show that, knowing the speil and all.
  22. Welcome back riders, we hope you enjoyed your ride, push down and pull up on the lap bars, exit to your right walk down the exit ramp and have a nice day at Paramount's Kings Island, uncoming riders, step into the seats directly in front of you, welcome to the Son of Beast, for your safety please secure all loose articles, please remain seated keeping your hands arms and legs inside the car at all times, now sit up straight hold on tight and enjoy your ride. Or how about Please secure all loose articles, loose articles are not permitted, you may hand articles to an attendant but we are not
  23. I want to Ride Vortex. Love that ride, been my favorite since day one, back in 1987
  24. In 1999 it was to roate all the way to the top, you would go all the way around twice. Drop Zone has experienced alot of problems with the roating. Sometimes it doesn't roate at all just goes up. So now that's why it only roates once. It's been doing that for atleast the last 2 seasons.
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