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  1. You're welcome! The map that was included is how I remember all of the park's maps being up until around 2000 when they switched from brochures to the six-fold maps. Like I said, somewhere at my parents' house is treasure trove of those old map brochures. When I interviewed for my job at Guest Services, one of the questions was why do you want to work in Guest Services specifically. I told them that I'd been coming to the park for 30 years and have such a love for it, I wanted to share my knowledge and love with the guests. I also wanted to work there because it was in the A/C and I thought I'd have more of a chance to interface with Don, as I was really wanting to get into the media department. Also, here's another little treasure I have hanging in my basement. I can't believe it's been 18 years. I remember the day I got this poster so vividly. It was pouring down rain and my dad and I were sitting under an umbrella between what was then the glass blower shop and the soft serve pretzel stand.
  2. And here are the JPGs of the season pass renewal direct mail.
  3. For those of you having trouble downloading the PDFs, here are the JPGs of the Media Kit.
  4. @TombraiderTy Thanks for the heads up! I uploaded via my computer, and just tried downloading on my phone, and it worked. I've got to run an errand right now, but will try converting the 40 pages to JPGs when I get back.
  5. My dad used to work at a radio station in Indianapolis, and he always received media kits from Kings Island and other parks. For some reason, I've held on to the 1993 media kit for all of these years, possibly because it was the first year of Paramount's ownership. I scanned all of it, and thought I would share. I've also attached the 1994 season pass renewal direct mail, which was also tucked away in the media kit folder. The next time I'm visiting with my parents, I will look up all of our old maps as well. We have them dating back to the late '80s and early '90s, back when they were brochures. We also have some souvenir maps dating back to 1972. Enjoy! Kings Island 1993 Media Kit.pdf Kings Island 1994 Season Pass Presale.pdf
  6. Hi everyone, Long-time user, but seldom poster here. I'm an award winning, Emmy-nominated video producer. I've spent my entire career creating videos for a number of clients, and in an attempt to "get my foot in the door" at KI, I spent the 2017 season working in Guest Services. I met Alisha one day when she came in to guest services on her way in to the park. After my shift was done at 7pm, I went in to the park for a few hours before heading home, when I bumped in to Alisha in line for Diamondback. She began telling me about her love for KI and rollercoasters, and shared an amazing story about how her dad made her go on The Beast during it's debut season. That got my "producer mind" going, and I talked to Don about letting me create a video featuring Alisha and her story. The park was good enough to share it on its social media channels, although I was never 100% satisfied with how it turned out. Up until that point in my career, I had been editing exclusively on Avid Media Composer, and this was the first video I did in Premiere Pro. Not knowing my way around the software, I couldn't make it quite as polished as I was hoping. Two years later, and with some time on my hands due to COVID-19, I decided to revisit this story.
  7. THE_BEASTmaster, I am deeply sorry for my inaccessible link. I have corrected the issue, but to save you from scrolling back up, here is the link again. http://www.ksee24.co...-140604273.html As you have 160 more posts than I do, your words of "better luck next time" really inspire me to reach for the stars, as it were (although, I'd be unable to if I had ridden the roller coaster in question!), and I look forward to the day, with much anticipation, that I may have two dots under my Avatar as well. I just realized, once I post this, you'll only be up on me by 159! Look out!
  8. Here are another couple of (shorter) articles if you don't want to read the three page story. http://www.wave3.com...-summary-points http://www.wave3.com...alk-in-may-2013
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