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  1. I've always been fond of the wooden coaster smell. I guess tha'ts the grease! AE has that smell too. I also like the chlorine smell by WWC. Those smells always make me smile.
  2. From Columbus to Kings Island, and if I go a steady 75 mph on I-71 south with minimal traffic, about an hour and twenty minutes. Give or take. Sometimes I like to step it up to 80 mph. Yeah, I'm a speeder.
  3. Try Millennium Force. I rode that friday as well. Wasn't the most pleasant.
  4. I wonder when RCDB will move SOB to the Defunct category?
  5. I think I would like to see a nice hybrid coaster like the Voyage at Holiday World. The only hybrid I have been on was Villian at Geauga Lake. Idk, just my opinion.
  6. Mine was the Sea Dragon at Wyandot Lake.
  7. Personally I think Kings Island lost a lot of beautiful ponds. I'd also like to see a ferris wheel return
  8. I would be curious to see what Six Flags would have done....or not have done.
  9. I recall having a Cedar Point application on my old iPod touch that let you update wait times for rides. Idk, if it's still obtainable but it was informative.
  10. 80 miles per hour? Only one corkscrew? Hmm
  11. I was there the 17th and 18th. Drop Tower was closed on the 17th but was testing in the evening. It was opened the 18th and I got a chance to ride it. Delirium was down both days with work being done throughout the day. Well most of the day on the 18th as it began to storm. Shake, Rattle and Roll was closed as well on both days. It was testing a lot though. Even Surf Dog had some work being done to it on the 17th.
  12. I love reading and seeing all the pictures other users post! I'm not a very active poster, but Im always checking and visiting this site hourly.
  13. Top Thrill Dragster always gets me. I've ridden numerous times. Just a heads up, if you ever ride it with me, I hope you don't have sensitive ears.
  14. Inside the park: Potato works in Rivertown, Outer Hanks, and LaRosa's. Outside the park: McDonalds (My girlfriend works there so I can get a discount on food), Burger King...really anywhere good.
  15. I would say the antique cars before they were removed. SOB with the loop and premier trains. Vortex of course. Then The Beast and finally the Miami Valley RR.
  16. I miss going on a weekday when not a lot of people are there. Being able to walk on almost any ride and then not having to worry about wasting time eating and taking a break while lines build up. Just relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere.
  17. I'm with you there. I miss the good mixture of Nickelodean and Hannah-Barbera themed areas. That and the movie themes. All that made the park for me. Sadly things change.
  18. Also any song played in the movie Top Gun. I remember making my own K'Nex and Lego Paramount park when I was younger and having the soundtrack playing as park music. Along with my own music I had laying around.
  19. AC/DC's Blow Up Your Video album. We listened to it the whole way from Columbus to Kings Island.
  20. I'm a little bummed that they took it out only to use the building as a haunt attraction. Idk about anyone else but I would have preferred to just try to reprogram it and maybe fix the theming rather than making an attraction that will only run for just over a month at the end of a season. Just seems like they're focusing too much on the haunt stuff. Don't get me wrong I love Halloween Haunt, just don't like the removal of a ride with potential for it. Probably cheaper to do this. Oh well, RIP Crypt.
  21. I think if you really wanted a piece...maybe hop a fence or two and shave off a piece from a wood support..that'd be fun to do.
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