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  1. Just curious if who remembers what was on this piece of land before The Bat was built? Was it just trees? Or part of the lake/canoe ride?
  2. I love Adventure Express even though it's a little painful at times. But I remember riding my first time when it opened. And going up the final lift seeing the moving statues and lava and my anticipation was building . . just to come out into the station. And I thought "That's it"!! Would have been cool to come down into a helix and then back into the station. But still a fun ride and I enjoy it. I do like the idea of adding a tunnel on the first lift hill.
  3. I enjoy the walk back there too. I still remember that line being queued up to the midway when it first opened. I just always wished it was longer and little higher drop. Would have been nice if it had a double lift hill like the original Bat. But there is that thing about costs, maintenance, capacity per hour, etc..
  4. I'd wouldn't mind to see a TRex or any type of launch coaster. But for KI and the direction CedarFair has gone in this park, the B&M Dive makes sense because it's a people eater and low downtime. But I would like seeing some other manufacturer this time just to change things up. What does anybody think would most closely match an Arrow Looper?
  5. That angle on the drop is insane. Can't imagine the whip you will get in the last row. I remember the first time on DB I rode in the back seat the whip over caught me by surprise . . I thought I was being launched out of my seat.
  6. Here's a new concept ride from S&S called an Axis. Looks fun but maybe alot of downtime.
  7. Hope this is not too for off topic . . but here is some aerial footage of The Beast a year after construction and the land next to The Racer where ORION is being built. The subject of the video says 1979 but as someone pointed out in the comments they do not see the SkyRide which was removed after 1979. So the video is most likely from 1980. Can see some of maint building that ORION is going to ride over. I guess back then even The Racer felt like you were going back into the woods on the turnaround.
  8. I'm no engineer but does the fact FOF is indoors, does it have a longer "end of service life" than most steels? Since obviously it's protected from the elements.
  9. And the Eiffel Tower still stands tall over everything. This probably has already been covered but . . I think I remember "The Terp" saying years ago that there is a height limit for Kings Island due to a local airport. That KI will never get anything taller than the ET. It that still true, or was true? If so has new laws/rules changed for the height limit? Or is it still '"in effect"?
  10. Just curious of all the talk of original users . . when did this site start? who were the original designers/mods? are they still around? And not to knock on other sites, but why didn't a more "extreme" forum take off like this one? It seems like for a very good forum too, just not much posting there. For me, I discovered this forum when I wanted to find out what the heck was going on with SOB back in 2009. I just remember going earlier that year and SOB was running, and then just stopped with no announcements. So I wanted to know why . . I guess that is still a record breaking forum.
  11. I don't know what the issue really is but I do work in IT for large corporations. If some type of upgrade caused an outage, then you work to get the most critical systems online first. I am sure the webcams are closer to the bottom of that list. It also could have been an outage that prompted them to attempt a long standing upgrade and has not gone as planned or hoped. They could have been spending most of their week trying to get systems back online for more critical business systems. Or they did start a planned upgrade that had issues but then another more critical system had an outage that the IT guys have to focus on. Unless there is some legal reason they don't want the lift hill construction to be online and visible. It has to be some similar scenario of an IT upgrade or outage they are experiencing.
  12. Here's a video from Amusement Insiders . . they also said that Outlaw is 'On Hold' or maybe even canceled. But I could not find any stories to confirm that.
  13. Michael Spanos Appointed New President and Chief Executive Officer of Six Flags https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191024005924/en/Michael-Spanos-Appointed-New-President-Chief-Executive
  14. I am probably in the minority, but T-Bone is my favorite. Probably because I would love to drive it around, move things and have fun with it. But Artemis would scare the "you know what" out of me . . I would be terrified that thing toppling over. Zeus too.
  15. The points brought up in this video I could say I agree with . . definitely the one about coaster naming. I think Six Flags should keep their DC naming in the kiddie sections. But I am guessing they pay alot for naming rights so they are going to use them.
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