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  1. I am probably in the minority, but T-Bone is my favorite. Probably because I would love to drive it around, move things and have fun with it. But Artemis would scare the "you know what" out of me . . I would be terrified that thing toppling over. Zeus too.
  2. The points brought up in this video I could say I agree with . . definitely the one about coaster naming. I think Six Flags should keep their DC naming in the kiddie sections. But I am guessing they pay alot for naming rights so they are going to use them.
  3. Maybe I am just not seeing it, but is T-bone still gone? Maybe he's at the other end out of the camera shot moving/staging track pieces. Even if he's not down there it will be still interesting to see what or if any activity has gone on down closer to the turnaround.
  4. I suggested this before but why not install one of the smaller spinners that don't pull itself apart? Like what they have in Kings Dominion. The infrastructure is already there . . not sure how much of the mechanical stuff is still there like the power grid. Or how difficult to retrofit the smaller version. I never rode The Crypt in KD but I read some people thought it is more intense than our large spinner in KI. But I loved Tomb Raider when it originally opened.
  5. Plus it might be in use somewhere else or just finished up being used. So is in the process of being torn down and ready for shipment.
  6. If it's a coaster, would it be Invertigo? Since they have 12 chairs in the funeral visitation? Because it has been named Invertigo for 12 seasons . . I hope not but just speculating.
  7. Plus I am sure there is a manual backup mechanism that they are using right now. In the future the maint team would need a backup in case the motors or hydraulics fail.
  8. Yukon Striker Sinking? No, I really did not think it was sinking like The Vortex (haha) but this video has an engineering student explain a couple of (non) issues we see with supports. Anyway, I thought it was interesting so decided to share.
  9. In case anybody is interested but Stricker's Grove is open to the public on Monday. https://www.journal-news.com/news/local/private-butler-county-amusement-park-opening-monday-the-public/l04Gqdgqq6EhPqihlFYPJK/
  10. Assuming they will start laying track for the Station and Transfer . . how many days has it been for the those footers to cure? I believe someone said there is a 28-day time to cure??? Don't remember but curious.
  11. I got dibs on the "Rotor" poster.
  12. I'm going to predict the "Rotor" as the next poster. Just for the heck of it.
  13. I like "Flight of Fear" name too . . just speculating as to why they would register two names. I know there could be a dozen reasons why. I just see them wanting to re-theme the entire area to go along with the new Giga. Actually I would not like a re-theme inside FOF . . just fine how it is. You're right people will probably still call it "Flight of Fear". I still call "The Bat" "Top Gun" sometimes.
  14. I think this is where the Haunt attraction will be relocated to. Then the other building being built in the trees past the "Firehawk" trains will be the new maintenance building.
  15. I think the Giga will be "Polaris" because 323' will be hill drop (just my theory). Then they'll rename Flight of Fear to "Orion" so we'll have an all new space themed X-Base area. Kind of like how they renamed "Flight Deck" to "The Bat" when they put in "Banshee"
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