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  1. Would The Crypt building be an option to create a new dark ride? Can it be converted where it makes sense monetarily ??
  2. I agree . . it will have to be an already proven, very reliable type of coaster with high capacity. Something like a B&M dive or wing would fit that bill perfectly. But I still would love a Maverick or Copperhead Strike. How reliable are these coasters? Capacity?? I would also love a ground up RMC. I think it would look great if they could make it part of the Rivertown and put the queue closer near Larosas Pizza.
  3. Besides Shoot the Rapids and Top Thrill Dragster . . were there other rides the spoiled the relationship between Cedar Fair and Intamin? If so, is that relationship really beyond repair?
  4. Yes, I agree we need more thrilling and family flats. But I guess there is only so much budget to go around as far as maintaining and having trained crews. Not 100% sure, but I think it was a concentrated effort to have a world class kids section instead of a more full flat lineup. Not that there is anything wrong with the flats we have . . definitely top of the line rides. Just a smaller lineup compared to some other parks. I am not trying to dish on KI, I think its definitely one of the best regional park anywhere. I just walk around and think right here or there would be a great place for a flat. Also, I think KI is the most clean and well run park I have ever visited. The staff across the board is second to none.
  5. Nice history video of The Beast. I didn't know they had to rebuild the helix to make it larger. It was the reason it was not enclosed the 1st season.
  6. Not sure if anyone has brought this up before but got me thinking with The Vortex removal. If there were still seats available or they could order new ones . . do you think it would be a popular attraction again if they did POV's of defunct roller coasters. We could have one for Vortex, SOB, King Cobra, etc.. Maybe even POV's from other parks like MF, Fury, etc.. I would like it but don't know if it's even possible to retrofit Action Theatre to do those types of POV's. Or how hard it is to program the ride for multiple coasters. Cause I think people would get tired if it was the same coaster all season long.
  7. I guess I would like an RMC like this one. The one is a 200ft coaster so we can still get a good size one with the inversions RMC offers. I like the looks of it too . . still miss seeing the large wooden structure of SOB. So I think it would look great back there and maybe move the entrance down by LaRosa's so it can be part of Rivertown. Just a thought.
  8. Bring back the canoe ride. It was a central theme in the Brady Bunch episode. I think there was even a hiking trail that went back behind the lake. I don't remember exactly. But seriously I would like something like Copperhead Strike. But a B&M Dive is more in line of being a proven people eater that King's Island seems to go after. I would like either one.
  9. I am pretty sure this has been posted before somewhere on KIC but I love it. Thought maybe some new folks has never seen it before. But here is a video by Dane Thomas of KIC . . it just came up on my Recommended YouTube list today. I wonder if they'll change any effects for the new Area 72 experience inside the spaghetti bowl. But I think this video is really cool.
  10. I remember how empty the park looked (and map) when SOB was taken down. The Banshee filled that void but the back of the park will just feel empty until something is built in its place. But it will be very hard to fill The Vortex void. I say just concentrate on what is new and filling the skyline with ORION. We have much to excited about for the coming season. And excitement for speculation of what will replace The Vortex.
  11. I stood in the line going all the way back to the underpass when it first opened. I don't remember how long I waited but it seemed like around 3 hours. The queue inside/under the station was really neat when you could see all the control rooms for an aircraft carrier. Always looked for a video of the that queue but never found one.
  12. I know the 2006 accident for Son of Beast and it's demise has been talked about probably more than any other topic. But I found this recent video about the 2006 accident and what led to it. I just wonder if there was any time for the operators to stop the 3rd train after possibly hearing any complaints from riders. About a bump from the previous two trains that gave riders a jolt. Did anyone complain and was ignored? Or was it simply too late to stop the train that came to a complete sudden stop from the dip in the track. I was at the park 3 days before it closed forever in 2009. I always kind of wished I rode it one last time that day. But the truth was I didn't want to ride it because it hurt my thighs too much in the helix's. Felt like someone was pounding me with a club or something.
  13. Not sure if anyone posted this video but it show the loading station at the 6:20 mark.
  14. I might be in the minority but my favorite part was the bunny hills . . they were just fun. But I remember the announcements and the first day of operation being on the radio.
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