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  1. Looks like a great park . . I wish I could visit it. (POV) Delta Flyer| Sky Ride | View of California's Great America
  2. If they did tear it down, which I hope is not the case any time too soon. Do you build a new coaster on The Vortex site or The Bat site? I believe the next coaster will go at The Vortex site and the secluded The Bat site would go empty for several years.
  3. I heard some kids talking about they moved The Vortex to Carowinds and they will get to ride it again when they go on vacation.
  4. I was hoping it would be a good success for the park. Could be people are more concerned with buying gas/food. Perhaps after many years people still only think about Riverbend as the place for outdoor concerts. Maybe incentives could be added like half price tickets to the park? Dinner parties with the band at IR? Free parking with a concert ticket . . I am not sure of the current parking situation if you only have a concert ticket.
  5. Was that the nail in the coffin for Kings Island Inn? Was it just too expensive to update it? Or just low reservations?? Both??
  6. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask. But I am going to visit Universal Florida HHN this year. I was hoping someone can give me a recommendation for a good Fansite like KIC, that would be good source for information. thanks
  7. To me they found an issue or needed a new part that is hard to get for this older SlingShot ride. Also, with all national attention to FunTime rides, they decided it was in the best interest of the park to retire the ride. Even the newscast posted above had this underlining hint it was unsafe. No mention it had operated safely for 20 years. So I don't blame the park because if anything would happen to a rider, the news media and public would have blamed Kings Island. I just want to say I believe the park holds itself to a higher standard for rider safety and I always appreciated it. I think that is true across all Cedar Fair parks.
  8. Conspiracy Theory: Maybe our SlingShot was altered in the past to allow riders of larger size. And they want to get rid of the evidence.
  9. Still would have been a fun and unique campaign to tease or announce a new ride.
  10. I still feel they would not have painted it if they knew it was going to be removed. Maybe in testing for the season they found the footers or anchors had to be rebuilt?? idk
  11. I always wished there was an extra bunny hill or two in the long brake shed. When the trees are not full it is somewhat surprising to see how high you're actually off the ground. Yes, I know it's not extremely high by any means. But for how long it is and off the ground, it just seems like a good place for something extra. But I guess originally this brake zone was needed when they planned to run 4 trains . . maybe it still does.
  12. I agree with you, the more water features the better too me. Don't forget our dark ride use to be a water ride too. The Beast had a small lake and water wheel. We did add a water feature with Diamondback though. It definitely adds some excitement to the finish.
  13. It is coming to the Smokies and it's based on history-inspired storytelling in the form of shows and immersive experiences (no rides). The theme will be centered on the Cherokee Indians. The article states it drew the most visitors behind DisneyLand Park in France. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/money/2022/05/10/puy-du-fou-open-theme-park-cherokee-indians-smoky-mountains/9679895002/
  14. I would like to see a new dark ride. Also, some might disagree but a more thrilling water ride like Pulsar in Belgium. My ultimate desire would be a RMC. I know because of the structural issues it was impossible, but I always wanted the SOB to get the RMC treatment. I just really liked seeing the huge structure. I love Steel Vengeance and if I ever could visit Japan, I would like to ride Hakugei. But I am torn because that would mean we would not have gotten Banshee. So I guess it worked out for the best. But still would love a ground up RMC.
  15. Just more flats in general . . maybe a couple in the dead spots back behind the Eiffel Tower. Or the path across from the Diamondback pond. Right now I cannot picture if there is room there. Also, a nature trail to take a break from the crowds when you want one.
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