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  1. I would be in favor of an extra hill at the long break shed. The one after the first drop and hill in the ravine.
  2. I guess the checkered boxes will be OK once everything is painted. Not really sure what to change them to. I just felt they looked tired and old . . out of place.
  3. Maybe it has to do with so many rides getting repainted this year??? Don't know but may have caused operational issues.
  4. I agree, get rid of the checkered pattern.
  5. Very exciting all the paint jobs getting done for next season. I am always very appreciative when the park does updates and keep things fresh and new. Love the new logo.
  6. Whatever goes in this spot, I would like for it to be part of Rivertown. They could theme it together with The Beast like they did with Orion/Flight of Fear.
  7. I would love to see the water feature come back to The Beast. I know there were issues with the pond/lake but maybe just enough to have to mill wheel run again. The sound of running water just makes things more interesting.
  8. I remember it well and rode it everytime we went to KI. The first year of operation our school did a field trip to ride it. I also remember a couple of exhibits at the entrance . . one side had Snow Leopards and the other side I cannot remember??
  9. How about adding a whole new attraction on top of the Eiffel Tower . . like the Macau Tower climb
  10. I would love a immersive dark 3D type of ride. I know KI cannot absorb the ongoing maint/operational costs . . but how much do you think a place like Universal spends every 30 days of operational costs to keep those type of rides running. Just curious because I really would have no idea. I don’t really know how much KI spends every 30 days to keep Boo Blasters running.
  11. I didn't see this posted so apologies if it is a double post. But some new track has been delivered to Universal's Epic Universe. See at the 1:26 mark.
  12. I understand why people would say The Beast. It does not have all the bells and whistles of new rides. The layout if not for the woods is a little boring. But if you lived thru the opening back in 1979, it was a marvel for it's time and just stuck in the enthusiast mindset to this day. Just think if Orion had opened in 1999 . . or some date 20-30 years ago. It would still be regarded as one of the best coasters ever built. But since it was built last year and number 7 (I think) of GIGAs built in the US. Most people regard it as a lesser of the GIGA's. Some argue it isn't a GIGA at all. It's just all perspective. For example, if the same BAT was built today most people would not give it much thought after riding a rickety coaster barely getting over 100ft tall. But back in the 80's it was the reason you went to KI and waited in line for 4+ hours. FYI . . I love The Beast and still see it thru my 12 yr old eyes. The best ride ever . . to my perspective.
  13. If they are handed this card then they cannot say they did not know the rules and consequences. And reinforces this in their minds. But I know some will disregard the rules not matter what they are told.
  14. Another update - https://www.journal-news.com/news/mason-identifies-kings-island-fight-suspects-park-implementing-additional-safety-protocols-to-protect-guests/7XE64ACQ7VEWBPKXNYHQENZQQY/ Maybe the park has been quiet pending the ongoing investigation.
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