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  1. I understand some people's frustration. But what was the park to do? What was the chain to do?? The chaperone policy was put in place for a reason. Too many incidents and I know I started to think I didn't want to come out HH anymore. Not wanting to inadvertently get in the middle of a brawl. I'm sorry if that offends but I am sure other people were thinking the same thing. Maybe I am wrong . . idk.
  2. Whatever became of Jimbo and Jenny. Did they move on to bigger shows? Or retire peaceably to an aquarium in more a sunny environment??
  3. I've said this before but the last thing I want to see is two empty lots to stare at for a few years in AZ like we have in The Vortex spot. Hopefully they both can be replaced as a planned project to fully update the AZ area. I have been happy with the Adventure Port updates this year and Camp Snoopy next year.
  4. What/where would the park be today if both Paramount and CF never bought it?
  5. I'm sure somebody has noted this before but I spot checked some of the other CF parks. And they are all opened this week. What's the deal with KI?? I expected CP, Carowinds, Knotts, Great American to be open and most regional parks closed. But it looks like they are all open except KI.
  6. I guess it's not "too practical" but I would love to see the train go more around the entire park instead of just the back. Something that would serve to move the GP from one side of the park to the other like the SkyRide use to. Even go by the front gate somehow without disrupting IS. Something more practical is the return of "The Rotor". I loved that ride as a kid but my 50+ year old body probably would not like it more than once a year now.
  7. I know this is an unpopular opinion. While KI has a world class line of roller coasters and Orion fits that category. We were just not going to get something the exceeded MF. Sorry, it is just how I see it . . right or wrong.
  8. What is the meaning of name Craig? rock, rocky Origin:Scottish. Meaning:rock, rocky. Craig is a masculine name of Scottish, Gaelic, and Welsh origins. Coming from the Gaelic word creag, this name translates to “rock” or “rocky.” It also comes from the word “crag,” which describes a steep, rugged cliff that makes for a stunning sight on the Scottish coast.
  9. I definitely agree with the Swan Lake removal . . although I love Diamondback. So I thought the return of Swan Lake in The Vortex spot would be nice. Theming with a flat or two, restaurant, shops like they have done with Adventure Port. Not sure of the theming but something to match Rivertown. Then concentrate the next new coaster to be in front with the replacement of Invertigo, Congo Falls, etc if they are close to retirement. Trust me I'd love to have a new coaster in The Vortex spot. But I think some year soon that Invertigo will not pass inspection and be SBNO. I don't think they can build two coasters in both The Vortex and Invertigo spots quickly. Then we'll be looking at another empty area for a few years again.
  10. Just gotta say I was able to visit the park on Friday for my first time this year. Obviously I missed the opening of a couple rides this weekend. Got to see Drop Tower start new cycles late in day. But I really love all the updates done so far. The park looks great and I lover the atmosphere. Cannot wait until everything opens up and the remaining theming is complete . . referring to Adventure Port. But just all areas of the park look great. Had the Pub Burger at the Brewhouse and it was very good. Stayed away from Grain and Grill until those issues iron out from comments here on KIC. But love the new updated street front of that building. I know some may disagree but I think the next theming upgrade should be the kids area. Starting to look a little dated . . just my opinion. I do not have small kids anymore so great stake on my part. We mostly go there because my wife likes buying all things Snoopy in the Boutique over there. I want to support the park in buying food and merchandise. Love my home park.
  11. If the budget had to go into theming, then I am fine with the 24-seater. Maybe they expect lines to be lower after the initial opening. Plus we do know how much of the budget is going to AE. I am anxious to see what improvements they made with it.
  12. I had thought we already decided or confirmed months ago it was the 48-seat model. I just really hope the article listed above was a misquote. KI always installed the larger people eater rides in the past. Like our giant spinner that pulled itself apart.
  13. This is a "Happy Day" when you see the Calendar showing daily operations.
  14. Charlotte gets everything. First our "Flying Eagles" and now our "W&S Tennis Tournament".
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