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  1. Just curious where do they take roller coasters and other rides for off season maintenance. As a casual observer I see they have buildings 1) up front by the gate, where they also have offices, merchandise warehouses, maint bldg’s?? 2) Buildings behind The Racer. 3) Buildings housing the trains. Not sure if anything else is maintained back there. Do coasters go to one area or do they maintain them by proximity? Does each coaster have it’s own building, or do they share the same building? Does the same crew do all the maint? Or do the specialize in woodies vs steel vs flats. Some of my favorite KI pictures or videos is seeing the off season maintenance of techs breaking down rides and rebuilding them. That would be an awesome off-season tour to see the maint buildings.
  2. Great news . . happy to see the The Racer continue getting more love.
  3. Just curious . . what food offerings do you get in the employee cafeteria?
  4. I remember looking at the compass was one of favorite parts of riding the Skyride. I was a strange kid.
  5. Bring back the "Enchanted Voyage". Seriously I know that would never happen. I just wish we can bring back more water features to the park. I feel like we have lost so many over the years and I know that sounds strange since we have a huge fountain in the front entrance.
  6. I know alot of people would say not to disturb the sanctity of The Beast. But I would love a skyride going back in the woods and even go over part of The Beast would be great. That also takes away from using the skyride to get from one end the park to the other. But hey, the skyride at Lesourdsville Lake just took you over the lake and back and it was fun.
  7. I would love for the mist to come back but I thought they removed it because it prematurely rusted out track. I guess they can use non-misting type of foggers but not sure how cost effective it would be for the long term. I love AE but I remember the year it opened and I went to ride the new coaster that year. I was loving every moment and then the final lift hill, the music, the statues with the arms swinging, the lava being dumped on the train. I think they even had droplets of water dripping on you (not sure about that one). The doors opened and I thought with this huge buildup we would be dropped in a deep dark tunnel or something. But no, the just opened back to the queue line. I thought "What the crap, that's it"!! Like I said I love the ride, rode it dozens of times. Just that first time I was expecting something amazing after the final lift hill.
  8. I think we will get the 48 person version like this one.
  9. Whatever coaster design is chosen it will be an already proven, reliable people eater. When Terp was still on the forum and Banshee was announced, he felt it some of KI's criteria going forward. I think by what we have seen that is still true today.
  10. Not 100% sure this is the same case but the Ohio High Court ruled Cedar Fair pass holders are not due refunds for COVID-shortened season. https://www.journal-news.com/local/ohio-high-court-cedar-point-pass-holders-not-due-refunds-for-covid-shortened-season/CBQIK6RP6BGMNF5UWR4POUAMTI/
  11. If it is yearly operation then in addition to weekends Jan-Mar, I would like them to remain daily operation through the month of August like CP. Mon-Thu can still be 10-8 or even 12-8 days. Also, would love to see a rehab of Boo Blasters. With the combination of 12 years of BB plus 50 years of the same building (for me), it feels like KI is lacking in the dark ride category.
  12. Here is park map from the Daily News-Texan newspaper from 1961. The 2nd park map was from 1960. I just find old park maps interesting. Source - https://www.rivershorecreative.com/blog/2020/7/21/six-flags-over-texas-early-park-ads-and-map-images?ss_source=sscampaigns&ss_campaign_id=632257616d5edc0d9a9deab3&ss_email_id=63498790259adc6a6cff4f13&ss_campaign_name=SFOT%3A+Early+Park+Ads+and+Map+Images&ss_campaign_sent_date=2022-10-14T16%3A00%3A19Z
  13. First I want to say I love KI and this is by no means park bashing. But for me, I was somewhat initially excited for the Prestige pass when I got the invitation to purchase. I came close to purchase it but honestly the VIP area was never that appealing to me. Maybe I would feel different if I actually went and and sat down, but I never felt like I wanted to spend extra money on it. And note, I am someone who does spend extra money on merchandise/Souvenirs because I want to support the park. I like the suggestion as others mentioned to have something similar to Busch Gardens. If KI had a VIP area like that I would have bought the Prestige pass. I know the park wants to feel out how well the VIP area sells before making that type of expenditure. But they are not going to sell the VIP/Prestige pass to kids or teenagers. More to people who has the means and expects more. This might sound bad but I feel like it would spending steak house prices for McDonald's value. Plus it would become a huge expense for me because I have to buy for wife and kids too. I just think what they currently have should be more a like free option minus the water and chips. Also no kids without adult supervision so things don't get destroyed. Maybe I am wrong and just need to test it out once next year for myself.
  14. That's how I felt about the arbor tunnel as a child . . a portal between two worlds. I loved walking thru it.
  15. This may sound strange since we have huge fountain in the front of the park. But I wish there were more water features around the park. Even bringing back the waterfall in TG. Or have The Beast water wheel still running . . I know the The Beast pond/lake would not come back, but the wheel could empty into a small pool and cycle back up to the top. Even a new Swan Lake area to walk around or sit and enjoy plant life or birds. I know most people go for the rides but I really do enjoy just walking around and taking in the park sounds and atmosphere. But I do love the rides too.
  16. Kinda wish they would do a 10-8 days like Cedar Point until the end of August. I just like knowing I can go over to the park anytime and take a long lunch, get a ride in to forget work for awhile. But I guess we start our season earlier than CP.
  17. Yes, it is always sad to see the closed hours on the calendar.
  18. I got a feeling this type of activity may have occurred many times over the years . . not necessarily on the Ferris Wheel. They just never got caught. I would think the employees may have had their version of "band camp" sometime over the years. idk, maybe
  19. I really enjoyed "Off the Rails" too. Both of these shows were a 'home run' for the park.
  20. I always wondered why parks kept secret the Haunts mazes, scare zones, houses etc. until the very end. Especially somewhere like Universal that starts HHN the first weekend of September. Then I thought maybe they don't want guests to get in the mindset to wait until the Haunt to come visit.
  21. Got to see the show one more time on Saturday. Me and my entire family loved this show and looking forward to it coming back next year. Do the KI performers still have their own Facebook or web page? I remember it years ago but cannot find it now.
  22. I saw in another resource outside of KIC that their only coaster addition is Aquaman. That addition is still a hold over from 2020. Not sure if that is true and I have not seen their normal attraction additions video.
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