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  1. I got a feeling this type of activity may have occurred many times over the years . . not necessarily on the Ferris Wheel. They just never got caught. I would think the employees may have had their version of "band camp" sometime over the years. idk, maybe
  2. I really enjoyed "Off the Rails" too. Both of these shows were a 'home run' for the park.
  3. I always wondered why parks kept secret the Haunts mazes, scare zones, houses etc. until the very end. Especially somewhere like Universal that starts HHN the first weekend of September. Then I thought maybe they don't want guests to get in the mindset to wait until the Haunt to come visit.
  4. Got to see the show one more time on Saturday. Me and my entire family loved this show and looking forward to it coming back next year. Do the KI performers still have their own Facebook or web page? I remember it years ago but cannot find it now.
  5. I saw in another resource outside of KIC that their only coaster addition is Aquaman. That addition is still a hold over from 2020. Not sure if that is true and I have not seen their normal attraction additions video.
  6. I think it strictly to raise revenue. It is a small enough price jump that will not discourage most renewals.
  7. Getting no new attractions for a few seasons is the reason why I don't understand in other posts people say "It's time to get rid of Congo Falls, Invertigo, The Bat, AE, etc.". We would just likely look at an empty spot for a few years like The Vortex area. I know The Vortex was removed for some unexpected EOL reasons. Since we are not getting new KI attractions, what are the 'improvements' you would like to see next season? Diamondback repaint would be my #1.
  8. Love it . . looks like a really fun ride!!
  9. 3 men were indicted for stealing from cars and bins at KI on July 6th https://www.journal-news.com/news/3-men-face-felonies-after-kings-island-crime-spree/CGZ4QKAF3ZDSZM34573UVBTA2M/
  10. I guess I just thought the orange rubbed off so we saw the black underneath. At least that is what I want to believe.
  11. I'm 6ft and 265lb and I can ride everything. The FOF and DropTower can be tight but my son-in-law who is 5'9" and 300lb was able to fit into FOF . . but it was a very tight fit. My biggest issue are the orange bars on The Beast and Racer. I have no problem getting the two clicks but those orange bars are painful. I wish just one car in those two rides could have the old cross bar restraint for larger riders only.
  12. The answer is an absolute NO line jumping policy for any reason. If you are caught line jumping for any reason , then you are escorted out of park with no refund. This girl in the story may have legitimately forgotten her phone and was trying to get back to her family. The problem is this is happening all day long, so you get to the point you do not believe "someone forgot their phone story". I experienced this last summer at Universal . . when you wait for 1.5+hr and just see people walking past you saying they need to catch up to their family. You just start getting more and more angry as the day goes on. Things are going to boil over and you feel like the line jumpers are daring you to say anything. The absolute NO line jumping policy should be very clear before either buying season passes, online or "at the gate" tickets. NO REFUND, expelled from the park. The only exception would be for Guest Services escorting you through line. Go to them if you need to join family members or some other reason to be brought forward in line. Signs should be posted in every line to report Line Jumpers and how to report them. The TV's/monitors should have announcements of the NO Line Jumping policy.
  13. The Rotor Loved it as a kid . . Not sure if my stomach could handle it now.
  14. There is a YouTube video showing the damaged wheel and track. I agree with the narrator of the video that most likely a bolt broke off the wheel. All other fail safe wheels still worked properly. A user in the comment section who was on the ride said it rode normally, only that they can see sparks coming from the car the wheel fell off. Not sure if I am allowed to link the video because the user said the pictures are not his own but it is under "Amusement Addicts" called "The Bat Incident Kings Island" dated June 24th.
  15. What are your feelings about the 11yr lease? Do we know what it entails? I know some have said they will start closing the park soon. But would it not make more sense to run normal operations 7-8 years and then do a 2 year slow down. With the final year of closing operations. Actually seeing how quickly they shutdown Geauga Lake, it seems they could run normal operations for 10 years. Then the question of moving roller coasters if they run another 10 years. Would most of them be at or nearing the end of their normal operational life cycle? Would it still make financial sense to move a coaster with only 5-10 years left to operate. I know the woodies can operate longer. But I always asked myself why didn't the Big Dipper get moved? Or The Screachin Eagle from Americana?? Too much money to move and get back in operational state? I know both were very old and would probably need alot of TLC. So would there be takers for Gold Striker or The Grizzly? I personally hope they get moved so more people get to enjoy them. Or is it better financial sense to close everything turn it into a parking lot??
  16. Looks like a great park . . I wish I could visit it. (POV) Delta Flyer| Sky Ride | View of California's Great America
  17. If they did tear it down, which I hope is not the case any time too soon. Do you build a new coaster on The Vortex site or The Bat site? I believe the next coaster will go at The Vortex site and the secluded The Bat site would go empty for several years.
  18. I heard some kids talking about they moved The Vortex to Carowinds and they will get to ride it again when they go on vacation.
  19. I was hoping it would be a good success for the park. Could be people are more concerned with buying gas/food. Perhaps after many years people still only think about Riverbend as the place for outdoor concerts. Maybe incentives could be added like half price tickets to the park? Dinner parties with the band at IR? Free parking with a concert ticket . . I am not sure of the current parking situation if you only have a concert ticket.
  20. Was that the nail in the coffin for Kings Island Inn? Was it just too expensive to update it? Or just low reservations?? Both??
  21. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask. But I am going to visit Universal Florida HHN this year. I was hoping someone can give me a recommendation for a good Fansite like KIC, that would be good source for information. thanks
  22. To me they found an issue or needed a new part that is hard to get for this older SlingShot ride. Also, with all national attention to FunTime rides, they decided it was in the best interest of the park to retire the ride. Even the newscast posted above had this underlining hint it was unsafe. No mention it had operated safely for 20 years. So I don't blame the park because if anything would happen to a rider, the news media and public would have blamed Kings Island. I just want to say I believe the park holds itself to a higher standard for rider safety and I always appreciated it. I think that is true across all Cedar Fair parks.
  23. Conspiracy Theory: Maybe our SlingShot was altered in the past to allow riders of larger size. And they want to get rid of the evidence.
  24. Still would have been a fun and unique campaign to tease or announce a new ride.
  25. I still feel they would not have painted it if they knew it was going to be removed. Maybe in testing for the season they found the footers or anchors had to be rebuilt?? idk
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