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  1. I would love something like Calico but definitely would come with a huge price tag. I feel like they need to redo Boo Blasters but maybe because I still wish it was The Phantom Theater. I understand how everyone feels the Crypt building is an eyesore but the building itself is a huge investment just to throw away. I am still trying to think outside the box (no pun intended) that is financially feasible. Would turning it into another Festhaus make sense? Of course different theming/shows/food. Or is that just too much for KI to have two in the park??
  2. Just thinking out loud . . for the Crypt building, why not revamp the queue line and retrofit it for the smaller top spin ride that doesn't pull itself apart?? Then we could have the more exciting spinning cycle that we loved when it first opened. idk
  3. I would be in favor of an extra hill at the long break shed. The one after the first drop and hill in the ravine.
  4. I guess the checkered boxes will be OK once everything is painted. Not really sure what to change them to. I just felt they looked tired and old . . out of place.
  5. Maybe it has to do with so many rides getting repainted this year??? Don't know but may have caused operational issues.
  6. I agree, get rid of the checkered pattern.
  7. Very exciting all the paint jobs getting done for next season. I am always very appreciative when the park does updates and keep things fresh and new. Love the new logo.
  8. Whatever goes in this spot, I would like for it to be part of Rivertown. They could theme it together with The Beast like they did with Orion/Flight of Fear.
  9. I would love to see the water feature come back to The Beast. I know there were issues with the pond/lake but maybe just enough to have to mill wheel run again. The sound of running water just makes things more interesting.
  10. I remember it well and rode it everytime we went to KI. The first year of operation our school did a field trip to ride it. I also remember a couple of exhibits at the entrance . . one side had Snow Leopards and the other side I cannot remember??
  11. How about adding a whole new attraction on top of the Eiffel Tower . . like the Macau Tower climb
  12. I would love a immersive dark 3D type of ride. I know KI cannot absorb the ongoing maint/operational costs . . but how much do you think a place like Universal spends every 30 days of operational costs to keep those type of rides running. Just curious because I really would have no idea. I don’t really know how much KI spends every 30 days to keep Boo Blasters running.
  13. I didn't see this posted so apologies if it is a double post. But some new track has been delivered to Universal's Epic Universe. See at the 1:26 mark.
  14. I understand why people would say The Beast. It does not have all the bells and whistles of new rides. The layout if not for the woods is a little boring. But if you lived thru the opening back in 1979, it was a marvel for it's time and just stuck in the enthusiast mindset to this day. Just think if Orion had opened in 1999 . . or some date 20-30 years ago. It would still be regarded as one of the best coasters ever built. But since it was built last year and number 7 (I think) of GIGAs built in the US. Most people regard it as a lesser of the GIGA's. Some argue it isn't a GIGA at all. It's just all perspective. For example, if the same BAT was built today most people would not give it much thought after riding a rickety coaster barely getting over 100ft tall. But back in the 80's it was the reason you went to KI and waited in line for 4+ hours. FYI . . I love The Beast and still see it thru my 12 yr old eyes. The best ride ever . . to my perspective.
  15. If they are handed this card then they cannot say they did not know the rules and consequences. And reinforces this in their minds. But I know some will disregard the rules not matter what they are told.
  16. Another update - https://www.journal-news.com/news/mason-identifies-kings-island-fight-suspects-park-implementing-additional-safety-protocols-to-protect-guests/7XE64ACQ7VEWBPKXNYHQENZQQY/ Maybe the park has been quiet pending the ongoing investigation.
  17. I agree. Honestly, who would want to be a security guard or even a police officer in today's political environment. I also agree with other posters that if the park is understaffed then they probably should limit how many patrons can enter the park.
  18. Should have built the Shooting Star instead of The Beast.
  19. I have watched several videos and read many reviews and thought it would interesting to see what everyone thought were the most painful roller coasters by manufacturer. I admit I have not rode all these rides. So mostly by hearsay for me. What do you think of this list? Arrow Dynamics - Desparado @ Buffalo Bills Resort/Casino B&M - Scream @ Six Flags Magic Mountain CCI - The Legend @ Holiday World Dinn - Predator @ Six Flags Darien Lake GCI - Roar @ Six Flags America Gerstlauer - TMNT Shellraiser @ Nickelodeon Universe - American Dream Meadowlands Intamin - Skyrush @ Hershey Park - due to the lapbar Mack - Coast Rider @ Kott's Berry Farm - due to shin guards Maurer - Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit @ Universal Studios Premier Rides - Sky Rocket II models in Sea World chains - due to Neck comfort restraints PTC - Great American Scream Machine @ Six Flags Over Georgia RMC - Outlaw Run @ Silver Dollar City S&S - El Loco @ Adventuredome Schwarzkopf - New Revolution w/ overhead restraints @ Six Flags Magic Mountain Skyline - Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom The Gravity Group - Mine Blower @ Fun Spot America TOGO - The Big Apple @ NewYork-NewYork Hotel/Casino Vekoma - T3 @ KEntucky Kingdom Zamperla - Time Warp @ Canada's Wonderland
  20. Just a thought . . I think it would be great if they played popular songs in queue lines as when the ride opened. Good classic rock in the The Beast line from the early 80's. for example.
  21. Got my email notification it was shipped . . can't wait!!
  22. With the longer trains would this make these coasters more attractive to KI? Or still not dependable enough?? Because I believe KI only puts in proven, dependable, people eater designs. Gone are the days to put in unproven prototypes like original The Bat, SOB, TR:TR, etc..
  23. Interesting to see what music was playing at the park back in the early 2000's. Seems most people wanted Heavy Metal or RAP music played in the queue lines back then. I think Cedar Fair has done a good job with the music atmosphere around the park. What do you think? What music would you like in the different park sections and queue lines?
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