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  1. I've ridden the ride many times throughout its lifecycle many years ago. I noticed the building it's in is no longer active. I've read that the ride was renamed to the Crypt and shortly shut down after. Is the ride still inside the garage? I really liked that ride and find it a shame they never tried to restore it. Very unique ride for its time.
  2. As I sit here rubbing my crystal ball, I predict that The Bat, formerly known as Top Gun will be the next coaster to leave the park. Why? Because It's in a weird part of the park with the strangest entrance and exit design ever made. It's also one of the least popular rides in the park. Mark my words.
  3. 2/5. Adventure Express has seen far better days. The ending tunnel needs a ton of work. I was looking at an old video and the sound and animatronics looked and felt a lot better back then. Riding it a week ago, I can say that it felt nothing like what the video showed at the end. Flight of Fear is also a lot worse than what it was many years ago. Just look up old videos of these rides and you can clearly see the difference. I also miss old rides like Tomb Raider which had its own theme throughout the entire ride and I really wish it would make a comeback. Cedar Fair can do much better when it comes to theming their rides and making them come to life.
  4. I'm just very introverted.. keep to myself most of the time while at the park with podcast and music when I go on the weekdays. I think it's ridiculous that every ride in the park now has a seat manager even when it's a walk-on for most rides when I go. I try to go for the empty rows but 9/10 times I get paired with someone (mostly kids) even when asking and there are empty rows. I don't think the Ride-ops care for the most part or they get to distracted to notice there's other empty rows available.
  5. I've taken multiple trips to the park and have had a great time by myself and while I'm usually always having a good time at the park, there is one issue I have with the way some of you micro-manage seating. As a single rider, it is sometimes uncomfortable to be seated next to someone (especially young kids and bigger adults). If there are empty seats available please let us single riders have the opportunity to take them. There's been multiple times where you try to micro-manage seating so much that you end up multiple rows of empty seating that single riders would love to have to themselves. I'm not sure if this is Kings Island policy to have it done this way but it seems counter-intuitive to the entire process and it just makes the experience less fun for us single riders. I have no issue sitting next to others if it's very busy but most of the time it's not, especially on the weekdays. Just a rant I wanted to put out there and hopefully some employees see this and take note. I remember many years back when we were allowed to pick any row of seating we liked and I don't remember that ever being an issue.
  6. I see. That's too bad but I agree Monday should have short wait times at most. I find it strange that the park has no Single line rider ques.
  7. I'm looking to make a trip to the park for the first time by myself. I've called guest services and they told me that there are no single rider line ques but I find that hard to believe since every other park I've been to has had some sort of single rider que in place, and if I remember correctly, Kings Island did have a single rider que a few years back. Can anyone give me insight on if there are single rider ques at all at the park? I'm planning on making a trip probably on Monday so I expect the park to not be as packed, but a single rider line would definitely be something I'd like to take advantage of.
  8. Hey all, I just set up an interview for this week for ride operations and im only 16. What type of questions do they ask you? Im in dire need of help!! Thanks
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