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  1. Being French it is pronounced Faye - tal. Faye rhyming with day and tal with pal
  2. Prayers to the family. I know what it feels like to lose someone to such an unfair disease, one of my friends just passed away three days ago after a battling cancer throughout high school. He was only 17 and I can tell you, people with cancer are stronger than anything else on this earth. Their courage is unreal. I can only hope that one day cancer is just a zodiac sign...
  3. Would you please differentiate whether or not this is always done? A few people have said they had assigned seating on other rides, and I later went through when there were not seperators. They are assigning sets but they'll pretty much let you go where you want if you ask. Just say "hey can we go up front?!" and they'll say "uh.....yeah"
  4. From google earth, It also looks like back there in the grass, There are 2 old ride signs? One is green and blue, And the other is red and yellow. I can't really tell what they say or what ride they were from.....Any hints? The green one is the giant circular shaped sign that says Nickelodeon Universe
  5. Are you insane? My gold pass was $70 last year
  6. They seem pretty confiden in the program. They heavily advertise it throughout the park with banners, signs, and a small building dedicated JUST for the program. I think they plan on keeping it around for a while. And on a side note, does anyone else laugh every time you see that crazy girl on the signs?!
  7. Well that was easy to figure out haha! Thanks
  8. While I'm pretty sure our individual accounts will cary over, wether or not the earning and rewards part of it does, the park has a lot of potential to improve on the system next year. So I feel that it will work well next year wether we do or do not get to keep out star status.
  9. Does anyone know if Funperks will roll over into the next season? Will we need to register all over again and will we start back at level 1? Will we keep any rewards we have earned? Any answers?
  10. If a new attraction was placed in the station that formerly housed Son of Beast, it wouldn't be a confusing mess. The reason not many know where Flight Deck is is because of the lack of a beacon that draws the crowd that way. When Son of Beast operated, you would find a train cresting the towering wooden lift hill, with the perilous riders screaming "Hey! A ride's over here! Come over! And you might find a little something next to it!" But now, that area of Action Zone is dead because the GP who only visit the park once a year assume it is just a dead end. Another thing about that area, it seems like they true to hide flight decks sign. Unless you walk past x-treme sky flyer, you can't even see the sign, let alone the ride itself. They need to make sure the guests know "HEY THERE'S A RIDE OVER HERE!" and one sure fire way to not do that is to tuck the sign of the only ride back there into a little corner. And that sign would have to be one of my favorites in the park:) shame
  11. Yesterday while I was in line for Firehawk I saw some people staring at something so I turned around and sur enough there were 2 men on the roof of Flight of Fear and one was lowering something down with a rope. They were on the roof of the building containing the UFO
  12. You can literally see metal siding hanging off the building and plywood underneath.
  13. Yesterday on Flight of Fear I couldn't see any daylight... At 2 pm
  14. Dill

    New Giga what?

    Darndest* sorry, I just had to:)
  15. Could be very true! I saw them setting up cornstalkers in paramount story today. Do you think the crates contain something new? They looked brand new
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