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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Today they were checking them with the restraints already down.
  2. Was only inside the main queue for FoF for a quick minute opening day, but there are new TV screens that replaced the old monitors for the video. Not positive if it was the same video that played before, but I'm pretty positive. Definitely wasn't the typical FUN TV material.
  3. I have to say Banshee is at my #2 spot for now, inching to try and take Millennium for #1. These are the only 2 rides that leave me speechless after each ride. Rows 7 and 8 for the first drop are absolutely AMAZING. Can't wait for future visits to ride the new star of the park.
  4. This has been the best weekend in months! It'll be hard to go back to the cold for a couple days.
  5. I can't wait for the entire thing, but I'm super excited for the dive loop. I can just imagine the quick upside down view at the top. Can't believe Friday is just around the corner!
  6. That is what I was thinking I would gladly assist in the "paint drying" process!
  7. Diamondback for me was 1 1/2 with the line stretching close to the Reds Hall of Fame Grill. I didn't even attempt to ride The Beast, queue was full with the line stretching to the Rivertown "midway." Operations were sadly a bit slow for Diamondback, but that is about expected on opening day.
  8. I'm always amazed when I hear all the work they do to keep the rides running. Its absolutely something I take for granted.
  9. I'm really curious about seeing AZ. I believe its going to feel really empty with 2 ride removals and no more water tower. I'm also very curious as to whats left with the SOB queue area.
  10. That rumor is absolutely false, but no I haven't heard it. I have of course been argued on people dying on SOB, and then there was a 30 minute spiel given to me by a GP in the Backlot queue.
  11. I think this looks great. I really love these type of "path improvements." It really brings some freshness to areas.
  12. It has been quite awhile since posting on here, but my visit to KI has fueled the fire in my love for KI and amusement parks in general. I hope these photos will entertain a few people, or give spectators some views they have missed! This "trip report" will be of course VERY small and the phtos were all taken with an iPhone, but again hopefully a few will enjoy! Now on to the pictures! IMG_0438[1] by DamienConnelley, on Flickr Even though this photo does not do any justice, I love seeing the Eiffel Tower while driving down Tylersville rd. I think it really represents how much of an influen
  13. The picnic pavilions left of the entrance are still shown after 1 :25 for less then after it completes the turnaround.
  14. Would they possibly keep the same products at the same parks? (ex-paramount Coke, and the rest Pepsi) It's strange as the Coke Freestyles are new and seem to be popular, but the flagships new show is sponsored by Pepsi.
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