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  1. Cedar Point originally said Space Spiral would remain open until Labor Day Weekend. We all know that didn't happen, so I wonder when it will be demolished? At the Gatekeeper event they said they wouldn't be gentle with it, so I want to see the demolition. I hope someone films it!
  2. The animation makes it look like it goes 90mph . A great coaster nonetheless!
  3. I hate to dig this thread back up, but the last bits of Disaster Transport are coming down. http://pointbuzz.com/Photos/Gallery.aspx?id=699
  4. A Soak City expansion sounds likely. Maybe they'll get the world's largest Tornado slide or something like that.
  5. 1.Voyage 2. Top Thrill Dragster 3. Millennium Force 4. Beast 5. Raging Bull 6. Diamondback 7.Gemini 8. Raptor 9. Magnum XL-200 10.Invertigo/Maverick/Wicked Twister/Flight Deck
  6. The best thing I am noticing is the constant speed. I haven't been on a wing coaster yet, but from watching X-Flight testing in May and online POVs, they all seem to have pacing issues (awesome first drop, 'meh' rest.) Gatekeeper appears to go fast through the keyholes as well, which isn't something Chicago can say.
  7. A towering idle wooden coaster, faded pavement, faded signs, Delirium barely working half the time, Invertigo and its spotty operation. THAT area is pretty spooky, too!
  8. I do hope that Gatekeeper is just a code name. That doesn't sound like the name of a big bad coaster. They might as well call it the hedgetrimmer, or the janitor. Gravekeeper on the other hand would be cool, with black track and a scary theme.
  9. No. It's second. http://www.rcdb.com/rhr.htm?t=2 Oh. My bad I thought Colossus was the fastest.
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